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A New Muse

30 Jun

A new muse

M.F. Husain

EVERY artist has a muse. May be not in such quick succession as M.F. Husain, who after his obsession with actress Madhuri Dixit, has got himself a new one. As if in explanation Husain said, “Madhuri is an illusion while Tabu is reality.” Just as with Dixit to whom Husain’s final paen was a painfully long film, “Gaja Gamini”, so with Tabu will the 86-year-old painter round off his work by casting her in a film titled “A Tale of three Cities.” It has Tabu in a double role and the film will be shot in Hyderabad, Prague and Jaisalmer.


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Ajay Devgan Is Hot Property

24 Jun

Ajay Devgan is hot property

AJAY DEVGAN’S much appreciated performances in “Company” and “The Legend of Bhagat Singh” have made Bollywood feel hopeful about his starrers. “Chori Chori”, which had been kept on hold following the death of one of its producers, Raju Narullah, is currently being dusted up for early release. According to Milan Luthria, the film’s director, it is slated for a late July release. The teaser campaign of the film generated a lot of excitement when it began on the satellite channels. More interesting teasers are expected before the release. “Really sit up and notice these,” says the director.

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The Survivor

13 Jun

The survivor

ANIL KAPOOR has been Bollywood’s biggest survivor for nearly two decades. At a time when most of his contemporaries have shifted gear and ventured into the character artiste mould, Anil still runs around with girls half his age doing the routine song and dance numbers. It is an open secret in the industry that Anil Kapoor films are mainly remakes of Tamil and Telugu hits. But his last remake of Shankar’s “Muthalvan” titled “Nayak’ went awry and collapsed at the box-office. So this time, for his new film “Badhai Ho Badhai”, Anil is said to have taken the Eddie Murphy “Nutty Professor” character and garnished it with a lot of ‘desi’ sentiment.

Kapoor wanted the “Nutty Professor” look, which he managed with the help of Mathew Muryle, the make-up man of “Schindler’s List”, who transformed him into the nearly 200-kilo Raja. So far, only Kamalhassan has dared to do something different like this before in films like “Apoorva Sahodarargal” and “Avvai Shanmughi”. Speaking over the phone from Mumbai, Anil Kapoor said, “I have co-produced “Badhai Ho Badhai” with director Satish Kaushik. It is being marketed by Muktha Arts. It is an entertainer, a feel-good film about a man who spreads happiness and love wherever he goes. The film also talks about serious issues such as communalism”. Anil is confident that ‘Fatso’ Raja will pull his weight at the box-office, this Friday.


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