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Women's Day Special

10 Mar

Women’s Day special

JENNIFER LOPEZ is back as “The Maid in Manhattan”, which is being promoted by Columbia Tristar in India as its Women’s Day (March 8) special.

The film that follows the Cinderella concept is mixed with scenes lifted straight out of Julia Roberts “Pretty Woman”. If you like glossy, feel-good romantic comedies, go for “Maid In Manhattan”.

In the film, Lopez stars as Marisa Ventura, a hard working, intelligent, and determined single mother who dreams of a better life while struggling as a chambermaid at a Manhattan hotel.

She meets a sophisticated politician, played by Ralph Fiennes, who might be her Prince Charming.

Last week, at the London premiere of the film, Lopez told her fans who lined Leicester Square, “I started out in Bronx (downmarket New York suburb), I know what it is like to get on a train everyday and work from nine to five and to have dreams and aspirations.

I definitely see a lot of me in the character that I played in the film”. Cut the jargon J Lo, we believe you.


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