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Answer To The Young World Quiz (May 31, 2003)

31 May

Answer to the Young World Quiz (May 31, 2003)



1. Clint Eastwood;

2. It was the first home computer with a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

3. Cosmology

4. Grizzlies

5. 20

6. Frog

7. Ernest Rutherford;

8. Tomcat and Fighting Falcon

9. Air conditioning

10. Leaflets

11. Vinod Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha

12. Audio Video Interleave

13. Nebula (nebulae)

14. Four

15. Fa Hien

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She's A Blonde Now

31 May

She’s a blonde now

WASHINGTON: She turned into a brunette for a while but now she is back to blonde. Britney Spears has got her hair bleached. The U.S. pop princess is currently holidaying with friends in the Bahamas. “Britney was just chilling out; she looked happy being blonde again,” an onlooker was quoted as saying by The Sun. — ANI

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Tattoos Do Not Bind

30 May

Tattoos do not bind

LOS ANGELES: The marriage of Oscar-winning movie stars Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, once sealed with tattoos and vials of blood, is officially over, divorce papers showed. The union that collapsed in a glare of publicity last July was formally dissolved in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday. Jolie (27), the daughter of film star Jon Voight, let five-times-married Thornton off the hook and waived her rights to spousal support payments in the uncontested divorce settlement.


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The Romance Is Over

30 May

The romance is over

WASHINGTON: It’s official. Julia Roberts’ 10-month-old marriage to cameraman Danny Moder is over. The couple will soon be meeting their respective lawyers to begin divorce proceedings. “This marriage is history, it is definitely over,” Danny told a German newspaper in an interview. The Oscar-winning U.S. actress met Danny on the set of her film The Mexican and promptly started an affair with him, even though he was still married. After Danny divorced his wife, he and Julia tied the knot in a midnight ceremony in the grounds of her New Mexico ranch.


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Kournikova Advances

9 May

Kournikova advances

SEA ISLAND (Georgia) May 8. Russia’s Anna Kournikova began preparations for the French Open and put her injured side to a test in a first-round victory on Wednesday in the Cloister Cup.

Kournikova, recovering from a tear in her left abductor muscle April 9 at the Family Circle Cup in South Carolina, beat Maria Fernanda Alves of Brazil 4-6, 6-4, 3-0. Alves retired after injuring her left thigh in the third set.

“It’s not the best match I’ve played,” said Kournikova, who needs the work to get set for the French Open later this month. “That’s why I’m here. I need to play as many matches as I can.”

Kournikova was rusty from the month-long layoff. She double-faulted seven times and survived a lacklustre performance to advance to the second round, against Slovakia’s Gabriela Volekova.

Down 4-1 in the first set, the Russian battled back to within 5-4, but lost the next game in deuce to drop the first set. Kournikova lost the first two games of the second set, then rallied to tie it at 4-4 before winning the final two games.

She took the first three games of the third set with ease, as Alves tried to play through her injury.

Kournikova argued several line calls. Given a warning for delay of game after going up 5-4 in the second set, she responded by saying, “I’m scared.”


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Analyse This

3 May

Analyse this

WASHINGTON: Winona Ryder and Al Pacino (in picture) recently starred in the film Simone and now the two are reportedly a couple in real life too. The troubled U.S. actress and the Oscar-winning screen legend recently attended a screening of the new John Malkovich film, The Dancer Upstairs, together. “They were arm-in-arm, and looking very friendly,” an onlooker told London’s Evening Standard newspaper. — ANI

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