9 Jun


RAMGOPAL VARMA is an innovative director and a risk-taker, willing to experiment with unconventional plots. Varma is back with “Bhoot” a ghost thriller that is shot slickly. The lead players sport a new look — Ajay Devgan with a French beard, Urmila in her new hairstyle, Fardeen with a stubble. Rekha, Victor Banerjee and Tanuja make special appearances.

Varma says that the story of “Bhoot” is about the fears of the human mind. Ajay Devgan plays Vishal, a stock analyst who moves into the 12th floor of an apartment complex in Mumbai along with his wife Swathi played by Urmila.

The flat is haunted, as the previous occupant, a young woman had plunged to death from the balcony, but Ajay keeps it a secret from his wife. However, after the couple move in, Urmila starts hearing strange voices and sees weird things happening. Soon they realise the presence of some supernatural power, which is sure to give spine-chilling moments to the audience.

Last week, Amitabh Bachchan saw a preview of the film and at the end of the 105-minute film sans songs, he told Varma, “The film is so eerie that it scared the daylights out of me.” But can Varma’s “Bhoot” bring the audience to the cinemas?


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