Elite Zone Appeals Most

30 Jan

Elite Zone appeals most


JAN. 30.

Elite Zone, who is in great heart, appeals most in the Golconda Derby Stakes (2,400m), the star attraction of this afternoon’s meeting.

There will be no false rails.

1 12-30 Affable Plate (D.II)

1,100m, Cat. II, Md. 3/y/o only (Terms)

1*300Artist (Deshmukh) A. Joshi3 55.0

2*032Cannon Target (Raju) D. Singh5 55.0

3*00Greeku Veerudu (Vatsalya) Ritesh8 55.0

4— Muscat Ranger (Rafaat) M. Narredu4 55.0

5— Shikra (Netto) A. Imran Khan7 55.0

6*03Achernar (L. D’Silva) Christopher2 53.5

7*00Blazing Rhythm (Prasad) B. Shinde10 53.5

8*00Favourable Terms (Vatsalya) Harish9 53.5

9*32Freak Fantasy (Prasad) Rutherford6 53.5

10*0Pure And Simple (Satheesh) B. Prakash1 53.5

CANNON TARGET: Found Mirbat Battle too good over 1,100m in his last start; working well. MUSCAT RANGER: First run; sharpened up well. ACHERNAR: Comes into the reckoning on her third to Punjab Regiment (1,100m). FREAK FANTASY: As a favourite ran Albuquerque to 1-1/4 lengths over 1,100m; sporting blinkers now and should be given another chance.

1. Muscat Ranger, 2. Freak Fantasy, 3. Achernar

2 1-00 Affable Plate (D.I)

1,100m, Cat. II, Md. 3/y/o only (Terms)

1*04Adoring Star (Satheesh) B. Prakash7 55.0

2*000Australis (Vatsalya) N. Rawal3 55.0

3— Gallant Commander (Deshmukh) Aadesh9 55.0

4*000Money Care (Shamsuddin) A. Imran Khan2 55.0

5*000Royal Bond (Prasad) Rutherford10 55.0

6— Wind Breaker (Prasad) B. Shinde4 55.0

7— Fille La Belle (Netto) Sequeira5 53.5

8*00High Lands (Raju) D. Singh6 53.5

9*0Thrust Two (Rao) Jagdale1 53.5

10*0War Blue (Netto) Anil8 53.5

ADORING STAR: Has come to hand after his fourth to Albuquerque (1,100m); now running with tongue strap on. GALLANT COMMANDER: First run; looks fit enough. MONEY CARE: Unplaced in all the three starts; tracking well. ROYAL BOND: Runs with an upsetting chance.

1. Adoring Star, 2. Money Care,

3. Gallant Commander

3 1-30 Deccan Prince Cup (D. II)

1,400m, Cat. II, 4/y/o & over, rated up to 75

1*004Native Glory (Satheesh) Nishanth2 60.0

21*14Exclusive Run (Prasad) Rutherford5 59.0

3*002Red Key Point (Deshmukh) Srinath4 58.0

4*043Rock Breaker (Prasad) R.B. Shinde7 57.5

5*224Secret Champ (Shamsuddin) Harish1 55.0

6*030Manchester Babe (Vatsalya) M. Narredu8 52.5

71*00Rare Insight (Netto) A. Imran Khan3 51.5

8*044Shannon (L. D’Silva) Christopher6 50.0

EXCLUSIVE RUN: After winning a 1,200m, comfortably finished fourth to Camarero over 1,200m; in fine nick. RED KEY POINT: Warming up in the last 200m finished an impressive second to Classical Song over 1,400m; in fine fettle. MANCHESTER BABE: Ignore her last run. SHANNON: Finished fourth in her last two starts; at a tidy weight.

1. Shannon, 2. Red Key Point, 3. Manchester Babe

4 2-00 Deccan Prince Cup (D. I)

1,400m, Cat. II, 4/y/o & over, rated up to 75

1*200Miami Gold (L. D’Silva) Joseph4 60.0

2*002Bon Vivant (S. Abbas) Chauhan9 58.0

3*003Famous Tribute (Vatsalya) Aadesh5 57.0

4*030True Blue (Srinivas) B. V. Krishnan7 56.5

5*002Royal Shine (Faisal) Harish6 55.5

60*10Fashion For Ever (Netto) A. Imran Khan1 52.0

7*334Ashatamasha (Srinagesh) R.B. Shinde3 49.5

8*031Simply Fabulous (Habibullah) Sk. Sharookh2 49.5

9*000Cosmic Run (Prasad) N. Rawal8 48.0

FAMOUS TRIBUTE: Has come on after her third to Belper (1,400m). TRUE BLUE: Did not reach the frame in Awesome Win’s 1,400m; earlier finished a close third to Great Combination over 1,400m; in fine condition. ASHATAMASHA: A consistent runner; continues to shine in the trials. COSMIC RUN: Appeals on weights.

1. True Blue, 2. Cosmic Run, 2. Ashatamasha

5 2-30 Godolphin Barb Stakes

1,400m, 3/y/o only (Terms)

1*410Star Kid (Satheesh) Gallagher4 54.0

212Yes Es Yes Ses (Deshmukh) Srinath7 54.0

3*313Adams Madame (Srinagesh) Aadesh1 52.5

41Glorious Breaker (Darius) Harish5 52.5

5*1Muir Of Ord (Rafaat) M. Narredu3 52.5

6*21Trade Fair (L. D’Silva) Christopher6 52.5

7*42Citi Storm (Habibullah) D. Singh2 50.0

YES ES YES SES: An impressive second to Velvet Rope (second win) over 1,400m in his last start at Mumbai; in great heart. GLORIOUS BREAKER: A fluent winner over 1,100m at Bangalore; in fine trim. MUIR OF ORD: Justified the favouritism by winning a 1,200m in a facile manner; retains form. TRADE FAIR: Came out of the maiden ranks in a resolute manner over 1,200m; may score again.

1. Yes Es Yes Ses, 2. Muir Of Ord, 3. Trade Fair

6 3-00 Squanderer Cup

1,600m, Cat. II, 4/y/o & over, rated up to 75

111*0Irish Nip (Prasad) B. Shinde1 60.0

2*014Copenhagen (L. D’Silva) Joseph6 59.5

3*244King Challenger (Laxman S.) Ritesh9 59.5

4*112Running Fantasy (Habibullah) Abhinay5 57.5

5*403Brown Star (Satheesh) Ravinder2 54.5

64*30Suryarath (Prasad) Rutherford7 54.5

7*023Diesel (Vatsalya) Harish3 50.5

8*011Flying Knight (Netto) A. Imran Khan4 50.5

9*030Virennele (L. D’Silva) Laxmikanth10 49.5

10*003Lady At Peace (Silvester) Chary8 47.0

COPENHAGEN: A failed favourite in Cannon Reef’s 1,600m; should be given another chance. BROWN STAR: Has improved since his third to Wellhams (1,800m). FLYING KNIGHT: Poised for a hat-trick. VIRENNELE: A handicap possibility.

1. Brown Star, 2. Flying Knight, 3. Virennele

7 3-40 Aristocrat Cup (D. I)

1,600m, Cat. III, 5/y/o & over, rated up to 50

1*400First Crush (Netto) Joseph13 60.0

20*01Neo Opinion (Shamsuddin) Sk. Sharookh3 59.0

3*021Rare Gift (Habibullah) D. Singh9 58.5

4*000Divine Perfection (Prasad) Rutherford11 58.0

5*000Intonation (Rao) Chary10 57.0

6*000Intercity (Faisal) G. Sandeep6 56.0

7*300Ferrari (Rafaat) B. V. Krishnan4 55.0

8*002Starry Eyes (Satheesh) Gallagher1 52.5

9*013Bukhara (Srinivas) Christopher7 51.5

10*004Zulu Dance (Vatsalya) Aadesh5 50.5

11*400Gran Canaria (Sk. Kassam) Joshi2 49.5

1200*0Mahseer (Deshmukh) Harish12 49.5

13*000Secret Archives (Silvester) N. Rawal8 48.5

NEO OPINION: Won well over 1,600m in his last start; retains form. DIVINE PERFECTION: Working well; may spring a surprise. STARRY EYES: A good second to Neo Opinion; in fine nick. ZULU DANCE: Deserves following on his fourth to Sincerity (third win) over 2,200m.

1. Starry Eyes, 2. Zulu Dance, 3. Divine Perfection

8 4-10 R.W.I.T.C. Cup

1,200m, Cat. I, 4/y/o & over

14*33Picture Me (Netto) Joseph8 61.0

2*323Classic Ten (Raju) D. Singh1 55.5

3*211Master Prospect (Prasad) Rutherford4 54.5

4*000Raise The Prize (Prasad) G.B. Khade5 52.0

5*402Cool Deal (Satheesh) Gallagher10 51.5

6*040Blue Falcon (Shamsuddin) Ritesh2 51.0

7*042Bruno Magli (Faiyaz) B. Shinde7 50.5

8*000Treasure Gift (Rao) Aadesh6 50.5

9*140Fire Brigade (Sk. Kassam) Harish9 48.5

10*403Burjo Fire (Prasad) N. Rawal3 47.5

CLASSIC TEN: A consistent performer; should be persisted with. MASTER PROSPECT: Won his last two starts impressively in lower class; may make it three in a row. COOL DEAL: With a late run finished a game second to Shakira (first win) over 1,200m; well tuned. BRUNO MAGLI: A fair second to Onnu Onnu Onnu (second win) over 1,200m; moving attractively in the morning trials.

1. Cool Deal, 2. Master Prospect, 3. Classic Ten

9 4-40 Golconda Derby Stakes

2,400m, 4/y/o only (Terms)

10Ardmore (I.A. Sait) C. Alford3 57.0

2410Connaught Square (Darius) Badel1 57.0

313Elite Zone (Ganapathy) B. Prakash7 57.0

4*020Elusive Prince (Vatsalya) Rutherford2 57.0

5*241Friendly Fire (L. D’Silva) A. Imran Khan5 57.0

6244Smart N Noble (Ganapathy) Gallagher6 57.0

711Staranzano (Dhariwal) O’Donoghue10 57.0

8*133State City (Vatsalya) Harish9 57.0

90*12Aryanoush (Rafaat) M. Narredu4 55.5

10*400Luxury Cruise (Satheesh) Ravinder8 55.5

ELITE ZONE: Third To Full Speed in the Harvins Bangalore 2000 Guineas; in pink of condition. SMART N NOBLE: Fourth to Bollinger over 2,000m in his last start at Bangalore; well prepared. STARANZANO: Made every post a winning one over 1,600m in his last start at Bangalore; maintains form. ARYANOUSH: An eye-catching second to Yutai in the Colconda Oaks (2,400m); may trouble the best.

1. Elite Zone, 2. Smart N Noble, 3. Aryanoush

10 5-15 Aristocrat Cup (D. II)

1,600m, Cat. III, 5/y/o & over, rated up to 50

1*140Golden Waltz (Prasad) Rutherford12 60.0

23*04Prerna (Laxman S.) O’Donoghue6 58.5

3*000Royal Guest (Faisal) Ritesh5 58.5

4*013Sky Heights (Srinivas) B.V. Krishnan1 57.5

5*000Maid For Eachother (Deshmukh) Aadesh4 56.5

6*302Dancing Butterfly (S. Abbas) Ramana7 55.5

7*000Royal Hollo Way (Sk. Kassam) Christopher11 53.0

8*001Racing Is Fun (Shamsuddin) Harish2 52.5

910*1Noble Empress (Thompson) B. Shinde9 51.5

10*000Port Royal (Silvester) G. Sandeep10 49.5

11*000Royal Dream (Faiyaz) Sk. Sharookh3 49.0

12*030Fantasy Girl (Vatsalya) N. Rawal8 47.0

GOLDEN WALTZ: Her run in Cannon Hope’s 1,400m is best ignored; the extra 200m may suit her well. ROYAL GUEST: If she takes a level start may upset the calculations. SKY HEIGHTS: After winning a 1,400m, finished a close third to Chickluckchic over 1,400m; in fine fettle. RACING IS FUN: A gutsy winner over 1,600m; retains form.

1. Racing Is Fun, 2. Sky Heights, 3. Golden Waltz

Day’s best: Elite Zone

Double: Yes Es Yes Ses — Cool Deal

Jkt: 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10. Treble (i): 2, 3 & 4; (ii): 5, 6 & 7; (iii): 8, 9 & 10. Tanala: All races.

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