Vivek Oberoi To Adopt Karaikal Village

16 Feb

Vivek Oberoi to adopt Karaikal village

By Our Staff Reporter


FEB. 15.

After Cuddalore it is Pattinacherry in Karaikal to benefit from actor Vivek Oberoi’s munificence.

The Pondicherry Chief Minister, N. Rangasamy, today told The Hindu that the actor planned to adopt the village, which was badly affected by the tsunami.

The actor was in Pondicherry this evening and went around various locations, including the Pondicherry beach, the new beach area, the French War Memorial and the Kargil memorial.

The Lt. Governor, M.M. Lakhera and Mr. Rangasamy took him around to various locations.

Mr. Lakhera said “he is planning to help in reconstruction of the village and wants to set up a mini hospital, a computer centre and do something for their (fishermen’s) livelihood. We will be going to Karaikal tomorrow to see the place and discuss everything.

They were today looking for a location for a tsunami memorial”.

Mr. Vivek Oberoi said he wanted to do something for Pondicherry State, but refused to divulge further details.

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