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MediaCorp-RTM Mega-Show To Feature Big Names

14 Apr

SINGAPORE: It’s going to be a duet between two countries, two major broadcasters and two rising stars who were crowned Idols in their home countries.

Singapore’s MediaCorp TV 12’s Suria and Malaysia’s RTM TV1 are organising a mega-show which will feature Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah and his Malaysian counterpart Jaclyn Victor.

Artistes like Suhaimi Yusof and veteran Ramli Sarip as well as regional sensation Siti Nurhaliza will also perform in the show.

The show, titled Muzika Ekstravaganza, will be aired on Suria and RTM TV1 at 8:30pm on 23 April.

Besides the Malays, the show also hopes to reach a non-Malay and younger audience.

So, personalities like Gurmit Singh – who plays the iconic Phua Chu Kang – and four Singapore Idol finalists including Christopher Lee and Jeassea Thyidor will also be on the stage.

Suria’s programming director, Mohamed Ali, said: “I think this is a fantastic opportunity for talents to meet, and when talents meet wonderful things happen. I think this Music Ekstravaganza will be one such platform.”

“We’re certainly hoping for an annual television event and it’s our hope that our partners will host us next year in Malaysia. It is my personal wish that this will become a tradition between Suria and RTM,” he added.

This is not the first time the two stations are collaborating.

Some Singaporeans and Malaysians may remember Rampaisari, the former annual show co-produced by the two broadcasting stations.

It was last held some eight years ago.

Producers promise that Muzika Ekstravaganza will be a much more elaborate and colourful show.

Suhaimi Jais, controller of EagleVision, said: “We’ve decided to import a lot of influence from Morocco, the Mediterranean, Bollywood, Hollywood as well as Singapore and Malaysia, so that we can improvise these elements.”

Rap band Triple Noize will also be meeting their Malaysian counterparts Ruffedge during the two-hour show. – CNA/ir

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Colourful Collection

9 Apr

Colourful collection

RECENTLY A website listed the 10 most popular Holi songs in Hindi films. A Holi song was a must number in the 1970s and 1980s. Who can forget “Holi ke din… ” from the Sholay or “Rang barse … ” from Silsila?

Among the songs listed was the Holi number from the yet-to-be-released Waqt, featuring the current hot pair Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra along with Amitabh Bachchan. Remo has choreographed this rocking Holi number “Do me a favour… Let’s play Holi… ” sung by Anu Malik and Sunidhi Chauhan. Anu Malik packs a punch into the song, which was played at all Holi parties in Delhi and Mumbai.

The buzz is that the intimate scenes between Akshay and Priyanka in the film nearly destroyed Akshay’s marriage to Twinkle Khanna.

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Spice Up Your Life

9 Apr

Spice up your life

A new eatery that offers an interesting blend of the exotic and the familiar

Photo: D. Gopalakrishnan

CONTEMPORARY TELUGU cuisine, the board proclaims and that sets you thinking. The ambience does not hit one on the head with its native flavour – there are no earth colours, nor are there any muggus, instead there are some interesting dokra wall hangings and art works combining terracotta and acrylic.

Interesting you tell yourself as you look around the spacious interiors – it is a fifty-seater that thankfully believes that people have movable body parts that need space. “The minute we say Andhra, the immediate connotation is coastal,” says managing partner Ramana. “We have included cuisine of all the three regions – Rayalseema, Telangana and coastal Andhra.”

The “contemporary” bit is cleared and you settle down to business at hand – the food. Three chefs representing the three regions with the chef from Nellore (traditionally the best chefs come from there) being the centre of focus assure you of authentic taste.

So you have the copra base and predominantly seafood from the coastal areas, while the other two regions have their onion, tomato, groundnut base. It all boils down to availability my dear Watson.

While there are many who would hesitate to try seafood on the grounds of how fresh it would be, Ramana assures us that “all seafood except for prawns is brought in daily from Kakinada.” And the speciality of the house according to him is the Nellore Fish Curry and the Bommidalu Fish Curry. The fun thing is to do is have stuff like dosas – the khara dosa with garlic and red chilli is a tongue tingler while the palak dosa is a delightful combination of the crisp and chewy – with Kheema or chicken curry or the simply amazing Tamara Phool Makhani (lotus flower).

Where is the rice you say? Choose from Kunda Biryani or Kushka (literally coloured rice!) or tread where not many have gone before and try out the Ragi Sangati – which tastes like a close cousin of the Karnataka Ragi Mudde. Douse it with gravy and it rocks.

Since traditionally dessert is not a part of Telugu culture – it is elevated to the status of a stand-alone meal and not dismissed as an afterthought – the sweet side just has a couple of payasams and ice creams. Double ka meetha and company, the Nizamian influence, would be making their presence felt by and by, Ramana assures us.

A nice meal in a quiet ambience is all one sometimes needs to achieve instant nirvana!

* * *

What: Black Pepper

Where: Road No 7, Banjara Hills, (Ph: 55844100)

When: 1 p.m. to 3.30 p.m, 7.30 p.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Tariff (meal for two) Rs. 200


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Vivek Oberoi Garnered Publicity: Jayalalithaa

5 Apr

Vivek Oberoi garnered publicity: Jayalalithaa

By Our Special Correspondent



The Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, today accused the Bollywood star, Vivek Oberoi, of garnering publicity out of the relief and rehabilitation measures launched by the State Government in tsunami-hit areas.

Responding to a special mention by the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) leader, G.K. Mani, she said that in the case of Mr. Oberoi, much had been said for publicity but in actuality, much less had been done.

Even in areas, where the filmstar had taken up relief work, the Government had extended all assistance to the tsunami victims as announced by it. On the whole, the Government had extended 90 per cent of the assistance while only the remaining came from Mr. Oberoi, the Chief Minister said.

The actor himself had told the Press that he was unable to continue the relief work in the State, as donors had backed out, she said.

Earlier, Mr. Mani said that Mr. Oberoi had planned to construct 300 houses at a cost of Rs. 11 crores at Thevanampattinam in Cuddalore district from his personal contribution and funds mobilised through non-government organisations. But he had to shift the project to Pattinacherry in Karaikal, owing to the State administration’s failure to earmark land for constructing the houses, he said.

Intervening, the Finance Minister, C. Ponnaiyan, said the temporary shelters for the tsunami victims had been put up on the land allotted by the Government at Thevanampattinam. However, Mr. Oberoi had not approached the administration with any demand for alternative site to construct permanent houses. The actor had shifted to Karaikal in connection with a new rehabilitation programme, he said.

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