Half A Million Viewers Tune In To Channel NewsAsia's 'Live' IOC Coverage

8 Jul

SINGAPORE : Nearly half a million viewers tuned in to Channel NewsAsia’s ‘live’ coverage of the 117th International Olympic Committee sessions.

170,000 people tuned in to find out which city gets host the 2012 Olympic Games.

While over 240,000 viewers watched the opening show on Tuesday.

And for many, it was probably the next best thing to being there – as they remain glued to MediaCorp’s Channel NewsAsia.

One viewer said, “David Beckham, his wife and the Queen of Spain…I tune(d) in because I found that interesting, that they came to our city Singapore, and Channel NewsAsia covered that and gave me a feel, even though I didn’t see them in person.”

Another commented, “The coverage was very nice, very exciting, all the people were watching, they really like it.”

A third noted, “I was glued to CNA the whole day and I wanted to know who will win.”

“I felt excited when the results came out and I like the presenters,” said one viewer.

Another added, “They are pretty professional, pretty extensive live coverage.”

“What CNA did do….was show a lot of depth and try to get on site interviews which I thought were well done,” said one viewer.

Ong Hee Yah, Managing Director, Programming, Channel NewsAsia,
“Kudos to the entire production team who spent weeks working on the show as they do for most of our big news event. It’s very gratifying to know that whatever we produced is watched by so many throughout the day and they were all tuning in to CNA; that’s a very nice feeling to have.”

MediaCorp’s two-day ‘live’ coverage of the IOC Sessions was also the preferred choice for foreign delegates as well as viewers in the region. – CNA/ms

Channel News Asia

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