On The Garden Path

22 Jul

On the garden path

After Kaliyon Ka Chamanand Hawas, Meghna Naidu carries on her scorcher act with Mashooka, released this past week. Directed by Afzal Khan, Meghna is cast opposite popular model Aditya Bal. A triangle with Vidya Malwade completing the third angle the storyline deals with jealousy in love where Meghna portrays shades of grey. “The film is about the deep love between Sanjana and Vicky but Vicky has a past. “I am playing Sanjana who is very possessive about things in life. She has got everything that she has asked for in life. When she discovers that there was a girl in Vicky’s life she turns obsessive and violent.” Meghna says the film ultimately turns into a romantic thriller. “It also shows how youth should tackle issues in romance.” Besides Jackpot, a suspense thriller with Himanshu Malik, which is due for release Meghna is also working in Ishq Deewana. Here for a change she is playing “the mother of a four-year-old.” Some one who wants to work with Salman Khan, Meghna is also playing a glamorous model-turned-singer role in Bekarar. Talking about her journey to the profession Meghna says she came from a middle class and has yet to cross a “hundred miles before she reaches her destination.” On the more obvious journey, Meghna shares she loves to be in the U.S. at least once a year and can’t do without her mobile phone and credit card.

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