Health Ambassador Juhi

21 Aug

Health Ambassador Juhi


SOME actors make the transition from films to politics. Others take to directing films and some just retire. But JUHI CHAWLA has gone one step ahead and signed up as an ambassador for a rather unusual product. Chawla, who is actively campaigning for children who require cochlear implant surgery — an operation that cures deafness, said that it was high time people lent a helping hand to such causes. So Chawla and her tiny band of foot soldiers — all hearing impaired — are busy getting together a play titled “The silence to sound” in an effort to raise money for the transplants that will help these children hear. With Rael Padamsee as director, Chawla is sure to strike the right chord. Said a determined Chawla, “What can be a better platform than a play by the victims themselves? We are going to make every effort to change the awareness level about deafness,” she added, while the youngsters, smitten as much by her and the popular dance numbers, swayed in happy unison.


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