How Slim Has Funnyman Moses Lim Become?

21 Jul

Popular, award-winning Singapore actor and comedian Moses Lim has thrown his weight behind a new initiative – to shed some kilos.

The rotund actor whose figure lent him naturally to the many comdey roles he’s played, says he has lost some 12 kilos since going on a scientific and safe way to lose weight.

Appearing on Channel NewsAsia’s Prime Time Morning, the still chubby Lim was proud of his weight loss that’s been gradual and subtle.

Although underweight at birth and a relatively skinny child, Lim revealed that he began piling on the pounds (and later kilos) by the time he started school.

He stamped his public image around his large size and became a gourmet ambassador.

But now, Lim says being overweight is no laughing matter.

Lim attributes his weight loss to a program of light exercise, products from the Xando Lifelong Weight Control range and a change to dietary habits.

Enlisting the help of fellow actor, Fann Wong as his ‘weight loss buddy’ also helped Lim, who started his diet in June under the supervision of nutritionists and dieticians.

Channel News Asia

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