Superstar Shahrukh Says His Next Movie Will Be A Comedy

30 Sep

Indian cinema’s superstar Shahrukh Khan says he has enough of playing nice roles.

He is now aiming for something totally wacky, like a nonsensical comedy!

Shahrukh shared his plans with Channel NewsAsia in an exclusive interview in Singapore.

The heart-throb is in Singapore as the global brand ambassador of India’s second largest bank, ICICI Bank Limited.

He visited the bank’s office in Republic Plaza and Raffles Place, where he met the staff and took questions on his career and his latest movie which is about to be released next month.

Shahrukh also signed autographs and posed for photographs with the staff, most of whom said it was their lifetime dream to meet the actor who has starred in nearly 60 films and has billions of fans from around the world.

Suvek Nambiar, General Manager, Chief Executive of ICICI Bank Limited (Singapore Branch), said: “He’s created a terrific fan following all over the world. His appeal crosses national borders. We feel we are in the phase where we are going out; we’ve been in the international market for three years and the association is going to do wonders.”

Shahrukh said: “As far as my greatest achievement is concerned, I like to get up in the morning and believe I yet have to do it and I truly believe that. I don’t think what I have done, achieved… on it…is going to achieve any purpose. I think you have to wake up every morning and say, ‘ok, today I’m going to achieve the greatest thing of my life’.”

You can catch more of that interview on Channel NewsAsia’s Primetime Morning, soon. – CNA/ir

Channel News Asia

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