Ready For Another Blast

13 Dec

Ready for another blast

Sanjay Gadhvi is set to rock audiences with Dhoom 2, the sequel to the iconic biker film, writes MINI ANTHIKAD-CHHIBBER

ZIP ZAP ZOOM Sanjay Gadhvi (far right) shows the way in the sequel to the smashing bikes-and-babes original

Sanjay Gadhvi went around telling everyone he was making India’s first sequel with Dhoom 2. “Only everyone from good friend Raju Hirani (Lage Raho) to Rakesh Roshan (Krrish) got there first!” Gadhvi says with a laugh in an exclusive interview with MetroPlus over the phone. Dhoom 2, which opens on November 24, has the same crew and part of the cast. While Jai, Sweety and Ali (Abhishek Bachchan, Rimi Sen and Uday Chopra) return, Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu are the new entrants.

“When I made Dhoom, I never intended to make a sequel. The end, with John Abraham’s character, Kabir, going off the cliff and Jai and Ali walking away, is in the classic tradition. The fact that Kabir’s death is not shown led many people to feel that it was an opening for a sequel. There were so many hits on the site — over a lakh — which prompted the producers Yash Raj Films to look at a sequel and bingo here it is!

Contra casting

Gadhvi has indulged in big-time contra casting, with Mr. Nice Guy Hrithik, and little Ms. Plastic Ash walking the wild side. “At present there cannot be a better guy than Hrithik to play the bad guy. We needed someone to do a follow up on John and Hrithik has done a brilliant job. We needed an equally stunning love interest for Hrithik. Which is where Ash comes in. They are the two best-looking people in tinsel town today and what could be better than watching the two share some crackling chemistry? And the good thing about working under the Yash Raj banner is you just have to say it and the actor is available!”

Ask Gadhvi why John is not reprising his role and the director takes off. “Does James Bond fight the same villain in every movie? Did Sherlock Holmes solve the same case twice? Did Mel Gibson and Danny Glover fight the same villains in the Lethal Weapon series? Did Phantom and Mandrake fight the same bad guys in every comic? We cannot afford to get repetitive. And my apologies to all John’s fans out there that there would not be chance to see him bare-chested once more! That is a long answer to your short question!”

The edgy look of the film, shot on the sun-kissed beaches of Rio, is thanks to the brief of keeping it “young vibrant, hot and cool. We all looked like rock stars on the set! I wanted the film to be sexier than Dhoom.”

Gadhvi says: “Being a biker helped on Dhoom. I know bikes and have driven fast with girls sitting behind me. I know the gears are on the foot and know the exhaust from the engine. So it was fun making the film.”

And are there bigger and better bikes in the sequel? “You will have to buy a ticket and see the film to find out! I am not going to say if there are bikes in the film or if Ash wears a bikini!”

Dhoom made a huge impression for the slick technique and while Gadhvi underlines the importance of content, he says: “Content has to be backed by technique to make it work. Anyone who says the event is of prime importance is wrong. If you just put a camera and let it roll to record the events, you might as well make a play. A film is an audiovisual medium and the director decides what the audience should see.”

Gadhvi’s most memorable moment on the shoot was when he jumped off the highest freefall point in the world. “It was 125 meters high and I did the jump twice! I however could not watch the cast do the jump. It was too scary.”

Gadhvi, whose directorial debut Tere Liye (2000) and Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai (2002) did not do too well, says he came to action-comedy movie genre “by default. I left home saying I wanted to make films like Amar Akbar Anthony or Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. But what Dhoom’s success has done is given me the confidence to try out other genres — maybe a thriller or a horror movie. I am 39 and plan to retire at 50. In the meantime I would like to make a seven or eight films, which I will choose carefully. Right now I think I want to take it easy for a bit and go on a Christmas vacation.”

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