Norazela Rosli Sings On Her Own Terms

24 Jan

Although the new crop of Malay singers is obsessed with styling themselves after Siti Nurhaliza and other established songstresses, Norazela Rosli seems determined to chart her own path.

That would explain why it has taken three years since her stint on Suria’s singing competition Anugerah to come out with her debut album, “Di Sini Menanti” (“Right Here Waiting”).

Though she fielded offers both locally and regionally, she rejected them for wanting her to imitate the sounds and style of established Malaysian singer Waheeda.

“They wanted me to do more Middle Eastern-type songs, but I’d rather try all sorts of different styles, like ballads and rock songs,” she said.

“Di Sini Menanti” showcases that eclecticism, with tracks ranging from dance to jazz and even rap.

“I want the album to be a surprise to people and not something that everyone will expect,” she said.

“The important thing is that the songs are easy-listening. It’s an album you can just put on in your car and relax to while you drive.”

To achieve her sound, Norazela worked with producers and songwriters from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Singapore’s Jai wrote the title track, and Malaysia’s Azmeer, who has worked with the likes of Siti Nurhaliza, wrote the music for “Bisanya Amnesia” (“The Pain of Amnesia”).

“We heard a lot of tracks, but we were very specific about what we wanted. So, we worked only with the people we respected,” she said.

Also included in the album is a posthumous duet with the late actor Ishak Ahmat, “Nasib Pengembara” (“Fate of a Traveller”), from the 1970s Emilia Contessa film, “Akhir Sebuah Impian” (“The End of a Dream”).

Excited about pursuing singing as a full-time career, Norazela is wary of making any concrete plans, since the NIE student still has a three-year teaching bond to complete.

She added: “If you ask me to choose between singing and teaching, I won’t be able to. I love both!” – TODAY/so

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