Ezann Lee In Her Most Challenging Role To Date

27 Feb

Is it the end of sweetness and light for Ezann Lee?

In what promises to be a breakthrough role, the 24-year-old MediaCorp actress will play the mentally challenged cousin of Fann Wong’s character in the serious-minded Channel 8 drama series Making Miracles.

Ezann’s role highlights the susceptibility of the intellectually disabled to sex crimes.

One of Asia’s few hospital- related dramas with scenes shot in an actual operating theatre, the show features a cast of veterans that includes Taiwanese actor John Chiang, Terence Cao, Darren Lim and Zheng Ge Ping.

Despite her nervousness at acting alongside Fann for the first time, Ezann said she learned a lot from her veteran colleague.

“She’d guide me along in some of the more emotional scenes we had to play,” Ezann said during a press conference last Friday.

Best known for her role as a lesbian in Eric Khoo’s 2005 film Be With Me, Ezann’s latest role is a departure from the characters she has played in the past.

In researching the role, Ezann spent time observing intellectually disabled students, as well as studying the South Korean film Marathon – which tells of an autistic youth training to be a marathon runner.

It remains to be seen if Ezann can emulate the success of fellow artiste Jeanette Aw, whose role as an intellectually challenged young woman in Channel 8’s Holland V (2003) won her Best Actress nominations at both 2003 and 2004’s Star Awards.

Either way, in an industry packed with promising up-and- comers such as Jeanette, Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin and Jesseca Liu, Ezann plans to continue making the best of whatever opportunities come her way.

“Actually I’m a little afraid of being stereotyped into kids’ programmes with my sweet image,” she said. “But I guess that’s something I can’t change.”

Channel News Asia

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