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Pilates For The Ultimate Workout

28 May


It is popular among young and old alike as it suits many people of all ages, weight and sizes. KARINA FOO tells you how to train problem areas using Pilates.

2. (Intermediate) Rest your head down again. Lift your legs up but keep knees bent. Check to see that knees are parallel to the hips, or that thighs are at a straight 90 degree angle.
2. (Intermediate) Rest your head down again. Lift your legs up but keep knees bent. Check to see that knees are parallel to the hips, or that thighs are at a straight 90 degree angle.

3. Now engage your abs and crunch up.
3. Now engage your abs and crunch up.

4. (Advanced) While in this crunch position, extend your legs up and toes are pointed towards the ceiling. You'll feel it in your lower abs by now.
4. (Advanced) While in this crunch position, extend your legs up and toes are pointed towards the ceiling. You’ll feel it in your lower abs by now.

1 (On your left side) Lie on the mat with your left elbow beneath you.
1 (On your left side) Lie on the mat with your left elbow beneath you.

2 (Advanced) Try to do the same exercise but with your supporting arm straight (but keep the elbow slightly bent). This lifts your body higher and intensifies the exercises making your abs work even harder.
2 (Advanced) Try to do the same exercise but with your supporting arm straight (but keep the elbow slightly bent). This lifts your body higher and intensifies the exercises making your abs work even harder.

FORGET the gym, leave your trainers at home and get a mat out. It’s time to tone your mid section, back and butt. Yes, those common “problem areas” that lots of us complain about can be taken care of with some stretching and resistance training (against your own body weight) with Pilates.

These exercises demonstrated by Celebrity Fitness Pilates instructor, Tara Zewar shows a series of flowing movements that work more than one muscle at a time.

“You gently and gradually go from one exercise to the other. There are varying options for level of difficulty and level of intensity so you can choose which ones to do and challenge yourself from there,” said Zewar.

Pilates is gaining worldwide popularity and is going strong at many fitness clubs.

It is also practised by old and young celebrities alike – Madonna at 49 and 19-year-old actress-singer, Hilary Duff.

Why? Because it’s a form of exercise that suits many people of all ages, weight and sizes.

It comprises slow conditioning movements with virtually no impact at all but helps to increase metabolism and blood flow throughout your body.

You’ll build flexibility, endurance, strength and coordination without gaining bulky muscles, rather, you’ll have a leaner and more toned body.

Pilates is done to engage and strengthen the body’s core, sometimes referred to as the “powerhouse”, which is the abdominal muscles (abs) or torso and mid-section region.

While you concentrate on your muscles working, you also have to focus on your breathing techniques – (inhale through your nose as you feel your rib cage going upwards and outwards, and exhale through your mouth as your rib cage expands outwards).

Expect to see results only if you combine Pilates (at least twice a week) with regular cardiovascular workouts and eat a healthful diet. By the way, the best thing about these exercises is that you don’t need shoes (but do wear comfortable clothing)!

Just remember:

* Consult your doctor if you are unsure about your health condition to perform this series of exercises (or any exercise).

* Avoid abrupt and jerky movements because it’ll strain your joints. Do these exercises in a slow and controlled momentum. Keep the transition between each movement fluid.

* Always keep a straight posture (stomach draws in towards the spine, chest up and shoulders back).

For all exercises starting from a lying down position, check that your lower back is flat on the mat. There should be no gap between it (don’t arch your back upwards). You can place a small towel underneath your lower back for support.


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Naturopathy: Fatty Liver Linked To Alcohol

28 May

I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver. I’m 34 years old and I’m on the heavy side. What can I do to improve my condition?

Fatty liver is not a liver disease. It simply means there are more fats in the liver than normal. It may be caused by various diseases, including chronic alcoholism and obesity. Fatty liver can also occur in diabetes mellitus and in pregnancy (acute fatty liver of pregnancy).
Identifying the underlying cause is necessary in the treatment of fatty liver. For instance, nutritional causes are treated by altering the availability of fat coming into the liver. This is accomplished by providing available carbohydrates or by adding protein to overcome a complete or large deficiency in protein needed to make lipoproteins (proteins linked to fat and not capable of being dissolved in water).
You can reduce the incidence of getting a fatty liver by avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, in order to decrease the rate of metabolism and secretion of fat, leading to the condition. Overweight patients may have a fatty liver, so watch your weight and increase your physical activities. It is a good idea to watch your diet; excess dieting and protein malnutrition can also result in a fatty liver.
Supplementation with lecithin may be helpful. The main constituent of lecithin, phosphatidyl choline, has the ability to increase the solubility of cholesterol and break down the fatty deposits in the bloodstream. A regular intake of high PC-lecithin will help reduce liver damage and protect the organ.
Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that milk thistle can help improve liver function by cleansing it of dangerous toxins, as well as stimulating the formation of new liver cells. Together with milk thistle, dandelion enhances the flow of bile and thus dramatically improves conditions such as bile duct inflammation, liver congestion and a fatty liver.

It could be nerve damage or old age

I often experience pain at the ball of the foot in the morning until I have to limp. My uric acid levels are within the normal range. Please help.

Pain in the ball of the foot may have many different causes (including arthritis, poor circulation, pinching of the nerves between the toes, abnormal metatarsal length and posture problems, and various diseases). However, most often the pain is caused by nerve damage or by an age-related change that affects the foot, called metatarsalgia.
The first step in treating pain in the ball of the foot is to determine the cause of the pain. If improper fitting footwear is the cause, then the footwear must be changed. Unloading excessive pressure in the ball of foot and redistributing weight from the painful area to more tolerant areas with orthotic may be beneficial.
Supplementing with herbs with anti-inflammation properties may be helpful too. Celery seeds have been proven to contain the substances that exert anti-inflammatory properties. Together with guaiacum, which also have the same properties, they can be very helpful in helping people suffering from joints pain.
Antioxidant nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, selenium, zinc and particularly alpha lipoic acid may help to alleviate nerve damage.
Applying an ice pack on the inflamed area may help to control the inflammation and relieve pain. Take breaks.
Alternating repetitive tasks with breaks are encouraged to relieve the pressure on the foot. Don’t perform one activity continuously for hours at a time.

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Jurnal Kembara Haliza Di Eropah

27 May


Menjelajah kota-kota indah di Eropah menjadi impian sesiapa saja. Bagi yang mampu dari segi kewangan dan mempunyai masa, cepat atau lambat impian itu akan pasti terlaksana.

Bagi yang kurang berkemampuan barangkali memilih untuk melancong ke tempat-tempat yang lebih murah atau membiarkan saja impian indah itu mampan di kepala.

Bagi mereka yang gemar melancong, keindahan Kota Rom dan Paris sudah tentu menjadi destinasi yang tidak boleh tidak dipadamkan dalam jurnal kembara mereka. Pelakon Haliza Misbun juga mempunyai impian yang sama.

Berjalan-jalan ke seluruh Eropah, singgah melawat Menara Pisa di Itali, menjejaki laluan air menaiki gondola di Venice dan menyelusuri lebih 200 jambatan di Gent, Belgium… arghh apa lagi yang lebih indah selain dari itu?

Haliza tidak pernah menjangkakan peluang itu datang kepadanya sehinggalah syarikatnya, Halle Pictures diberi kepercayaan oleh RTM baru-baru ini. Halle Pictures diberi kepercayaan untuk menerbitkan rancangan Jurnal Kembara yang bakal menemui penonton pada Julai depan.

‘’Memang saya suka melancong. Sudah banyak tempat saya pergi, tidak sangka pula peluang ke Eropah datang secara percuma seperti ini,’’ kata Haliza yang juga Pengarah Urusan Halle Pictures.

*Jurnal Kembara dokumentari realiti

Haliza bukan sahaja bertindak sebagai penerbit, sebaliknya turut menjadi perantara rancangan yang berkonsep dokumentari realiti itu. Jurnal Kembara singgah di negara seperti Perancis, Belgium, Jerman, Belanda, Monaco, Austria, Vatican City dan Itali.

‘’Dalam kehidupan, apa pun yang saya buat mesti dengan minat yang mendalam. Kerana minat saya melancong, maka rancangan ini selesai penggambarannya dalam masa yang ditetapkan iaitu kira-kira 21 hari sahaja untuk 13 episod pertama,’’ kata Haliza.

Tentunya kita sudah banyak diberi input tentang rancangan bercorak pelancongan seperti ini. Bukan sahaja di RTM, banyak stesen swasta lain juga sudah beberapa kali menghidangkan menu yang sama kepada penonton.

Untuk memberi kelainan, Haliza menyelitkan banyak unsur baru yang jarang digunakan dalam banyak rancangan kembara yang dihasilkan dengan kos melebihi RM200,000 itu.

Turut bersama ialah Penerbit Eksekutif Halle Pictures Abdullah Ayob Basri.

Di setiap lokasi, Haliza memastikan perlu menemu bual beberapa pelajar Malaysia yang sedang menuntut di negara orang.

Selain pelajar, turut ditemu bual ialah petugas-petugas yang berkhidmat untuk pejabat kedutaan Malaysia di luar negara.

‘’Itulah yang menjadikan Jurnal Kembara ini berbeza. Kita dapat menyelami pengalaman, suka dan duka mereka di tempat orang secara langsung melalui Jurnal Kembara,’’ kata Haliza lagi yang sempat merakamkan temu bual dengan Duta Malaysia di Austria, Datuk Mh. Arshad.

Apa yang dipaparkan bukan keindahan semata-mata, tetapi juga sejarah, latar belakang dan keunikan sesebuah daerah di sesebuah negara yang dilawati. Malah aktiviti Haliza dan krew juga dirakamkan untuk menyelitkan unsur realiti.

Sepanjang di negara berkenaan, Haliza dan krew senang menyewa motorhomes untuk memudahkan pergerakan mereka.

Melawat bakal mentua?

Banyak yang sudah maklum mengenai cinta Haliza dengan jejaka Perancis semenjak awal tahun lalu. Sementelah ke Paris, sempat Pancaindera mengusik Haliza tidakkah menjenguk keluarga teman lelaki itu?

Manalah tahu, kut-kut dapat singgah bersua mata seketika, senang urusan perkahwinan nanti kalau menjadi.

Dengarnya juga Haliza sudah semakin mesra dengan keluarga jejaka bernama Cedric itu banyak orang sudah maklum mengenai kisah cinta mereka.

Bagaimanapun kata Haliza, dia hanya sempat mengirimkan SMS dan menelefon kerana keluarga Cedric berada di daerah Vichy.

‘’Agak jauh kalau saya ingin melawat mereka. Perjalanannya sama seperti Kuala Lumpur ke Johor, sedangkan saya ke sana untuk bekerja bukan berseronok-seronok.

‘’Hajat hati memang ingin melawat mereka, tetapi apakan daya. Tidak ada kesempatan. tetapi saya sempat mengirimkan SMS dan menelefon bertanyakan khabar saja,’’ kata Haliza yang kelihatan semakin ceria dengan buah hati barunya itu.

Siapa Oliver Mohd Radhi?

Ketika di Belanda, Haliza yang sedang menjalani penggambaran di satu tempat di tepi kaki lima dikejutkan dengan suara garau seorang lelaki Inggeris.

Dia bercakap dalam bahasa Melayu dan membuatkan krew teruja untuk berkenalan dengan lebih dekat. Lelaki itu ialah Oliver Mohd Radhi berasal dari Belanda dan pernah beberapa tahun menetap di Malaysia dan Indonesia.

Sewaktu menunaikan janjinya mengagihkan gambar kepada Pancaindera minggu lalu, Haliza juga ditemani oleh Oliver. Amboi, sampai ikut pulang ke Malaysia.

‘’Tak adalah. Kebetulan dia ada kerja, dia datang saja ke sini kemudian terus hubungi saya. Ajaklah dia lawat Utusan sekali, tak salahkan?

‘’Perkenalan kami hanya sebagai kawan. Dia banyak bantu krew penerbitan semasa kami berada di Belanda tempoh hari tu,’’ katanya.

Jejaka Belanda itu memeluk Islam pada 1994 dan sangat fasih berbahasa Melayu. Malah, Haliza dan Radhi kini sudah jadi kawan baik yang sering berutus berita dan cerita suka dan duka. Nampaknya jejaka Perancis kenalah bersaing dengan jejaka Belanda pula untuk menawan hati anak Pak Misbun yang seorang ini.

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Konsert Pancaindera Hibur Ribuan Penonton

27 May


TAIPING 26 Mei – Konsert Pancaindera Mingguan Malaysia yang diadakan di Bukit Merah Laketown Resort (BMLR) di sini malam ini berlangsung dalam suasana meriah apabila berjaya menarik kehadiran kira-kira 10,000 penonton.

Konsert berkenaan dimulakan dengan acara memotong kek meraikan sambutan ulang tahun ke-10 BMLR iaitu taman tema air yang popular di Perak.

Acara memotong kek pada pukul 9 malam itu disertai oleh Pengurus Besar BMLR, Jasmi Osman; Pengurus Kumpulan Hotel dan Resort MK Land, Anuar Yang Ghazali bersama kakitangan BMLR serta artis-artis popular yang dijemput menjayakan konsert berkenaan.

Suasana malam bertambah meriah apabila pihak pengurusan BMLR turut mengadakan pertunjukan bunga api selama kira-kira lima minit.

Suasana meriah semakin dirasai oleh pengunjung apabila seorang demi seorang artis jemputan tampil mengadakan persembahan pada konsert itu yang dihoskan pasangan artis, Roslan Shah dan Haiza.

Antara artis popular yang menjayakan persembahan itu ialah Ella, Dayang Nurfaizah, Elyana, Ramlah Ram, Diana Naim dan empat artis kelahiran program realiti televisyen iaitu Faizal Akademi Fantasia 4 (AF4), Rosma (AF1), Bob (AF2) dan Fiq (Mentor).

Faizal menyanyikan dua buah lagu yang pernah dipopularkan oleh Kumpulan Iklim yang kemudian dirakamkan semula olehnya iaitu Suci Dalam Debu dan Blues Senyum Sokmo.

Diana Naim pula menghiburkan penonton dengan menyampaikan dua buah lagu berjudul Bersarang Di Hati dan Duhai Hati.

Sementara itu, Rosma mendendangkan lagu yang dimuatkan dalam album terbarunya berjudul Joget Cinta Sakti dan dua lagu berentak medley, Bilang Saja dan Cinta Pura-Pura.

Penonton yang setia kemudian dihiburkan pula oleh artis remaja, Elyana yang menyampaikan lagu Diriku Tapak Sulaiman dan Tak Tercapai Akalmu.

Artis rock yang baru meningkat, Fiq mendendangkan dua buah lagu berjudul Tiga Malam dan Kedegilanmu.

Sepanjang konsert berlangsung, beberapa penonton bertuah turut mendapat hadiah istimewa tajaan produk kecantikan Aura Seri bernilai RM10,000.

Konsert yang berakhir pada pukul 11.30 malam itu merupakan sisi jelajah kedua sisipan Pancaindera Mingguan Malaysia sebagai menghargai sumbangan pembaca hingga meletakkan Mingguan Malaysia sebagai akhbar yang paling besar edarannya di negara ini.

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Quintessential Cowboy

27 May

Quintessential cowboy

If John Wayne had been alive, he’d have been 100 on May 26. In his absence, a grateful movie-world is celebrating his birth centenary in a host of ways. JANARDHAN ROYE

Photo: The Hindu Photo Library

Symbol of the Wild West: John Wayne’s appeal has not waned.

“As far as I’m concerned, Americans don’t have any original art except Western movies…”

Clint Eastwood

WELCOMING visitors at the airport in Orange County , California, is a statue of a strikingly tall tough hombre in a Stetson, folded long sleeves, buckskin vest, and a right hand ready on the draw. This is the man who lived in the area for many years
and made it his home.

When in late 2006, the reputed on-line Harris Poll asked American adults, between 18 and 26 years, to name their all time favourite 10 stars, many overwhelmingly pitched for this cowboy figure.

Riding tall

John Wayne, who hadn’t made a movie since 1976 and is now embodied in the statue, was again in the eclectic but far younger company of such stars as Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Clint Eastwood, Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson. Riding tall there in the listing at No. 3. Not bad for a star who died in 1978.

Says Time film critic, Richard Corliss, “Forget the youthquake. What America really loves is… old. Whatever Wayne represents — the Old Testament God, a Mount Rushmore face with a permanent scowl, the craggy soul of Fro
ntier or Sunbelt America — he has made the list in each of the Harris poll’s 13 years, and he’s figured in the top three slots eight times.”

That’s quite an achievement considering that the last movie he made was Don Siegel’s “The Shootist” (1976). Already diagnosed with cancer Wayne played a cancer-ridden gunslinger who spends his last days looking for a way to die with “minimum of pain and a maximum of dignity”. Two years later he died.

In a career that spanned more than 200 films over 50 years, John Wayne was noted for his rugged roles in classics such as “Stagecoach” (1939), “Rio Bravo” (1959), “McLintock” (1963), “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (1962), “The Sons Of Katie Elder” (1965), “El Dorado” (1966), “Hatari” (1962), and the Oscar-winning “True Grit” (1969).

Man of action

“He had a handsome and hearty face”, writes author Richard Shephard, “to express much emotion but gave the impression of a man of action, an outdoor man who chafed at a settled life. He was laconic on screen. And when he shambled into view, one could sense the arrival of coiled vigour awaiting only provocation to be sprung. His demeanour and his roles were those of a man who did not look for trouble but was relentless in tackling it when it affronted him.”

How long will the John Wayne legend hold movie buffs? Son Patrick Wayne says, “What I find interesting is there’s a whole new generation of John Wayne fans. They do the Harris Poll in the U.S. every year about who they think are the top actors. My Dad has been in the top seven, usually the top three. None of those kids was even born when my Dad passed away.”

So what makes John Wayne such a tall figure in the movies? Physically, he was imposing: a rangy 194cm who could throw a mean punch when the script demanded it. If Wayne was around on May 26, 2007, he’d have been 100. In his absence a grateful movie-world is celebrating the anniversary in a host of ways.

In Newport, Orange County, there has been a screening of his most famous movies. At the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, Ford’s “The Searchers” (1956) and “Rio Bravo” are being screened.

In his ‘real’ home town, where he was born, Winterset, Iowa, there is a massive celebration in the genre that made him a household name in the movie-world. The 100th birth anniversary events in Iowa include parades, release and screening movie classics DVDs, The John Wayne Century Collection along with a film symposium, recreation of the Old Wild West, country music, rodeo, cowboy clothing and collectibles shop, Western movie stunts — trick riding, steer roping and gun spinning, trick shooting and lariat artists, cowboy grub, and salons with swinging doors where customers can roll up to the bar counter and order shots of bourbon.

Magnetic presence

When Wayne burst through the swinging doors of a salon, all conversation froze, even the salon piano stopped. Card players, cowboys shooting the breeze, and everybody would survey the tall hombre. In the silence, invariably a heavily made-up blonde sizzler woud sidle up to him with a “Buy me a drink, cowboy?”

Well, life off the screen wasn’t too different. Patrick Wayne said, “We’d walk into a room of 100 people and everybody would stop talking and turn around and look at him. He had an incredible presence in real life. But, he also had a very disarming way about him and could make everyone feel comfortable in the room. He was an incredible guy.”

Today 29 years after his death, that magnetic public presence marks John Wayne and his movies.

For more information see:, or

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Remix Man

26 May

Remix man

Neeraj Shridhar on his new album

Photo: K. Ananthan

Face up Neeraj Shridhar

Remember Neeraj Shridhar, the singer of Bombay Vikings fame? The one who popularised ‘Hinglish’ lyrics in India and made youngsters dance to his numbers such as “Kya Soorat Hai”, “Hawa Main Udta Jaye” and more r
ecently “Woh Chali, Woh Chali”?

For Neeraj, it’s been quite a journey since he cut his first album “Kya Soorat Hai”. “To survive in this industry is an achievement in itself,” he says. He is now working on his new album. Three of its songs are ready.

A music composer and lyricist, he has travelled across the world and settled abroad but his heart is in India. “I guess people can never forget their roots,” he says. Shridhar has also lent his voice to an array of Bollywood films. He started with “Rules: Pyar Ka Super Hit Formula”, and sang the title track of Bhagam Bhag.

He has just recorded a song for a Salman Khan-starrer, Sajid Wajid’s film “God Tussi Great Ho” and Yash Raj’s Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Neeraj has performed across the globe and feels every place has its own charm
and culture. “In South Africa, the crowd is so wild that it just wants to rip apart your shirt,” he says, laughing, “especially the girls.” People in the West Indies just love his “angel eyes.”

He finds the Indian crowd quite classy. “This is the thing about the crowd phenomenon, it pushes you to come out with your best performance.” His advice to aspiring singers? “Try to understand the heart of music, feel and touch it, mere singing won’t do much. Learn an instrument or two, it always helps. Understanding the business aspects of this music industry is also important.”


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Nana Tanjung 2 Tampil Dengan 3 Subplot

25 May


TIGA subplot filem Nana Tanjung 2 yang diakhiri dengan kegembiraan iaitu perkahwinan Nana Kassim-Mami Mumtaz (tengah) lakonan Pie dan Sheila Mambo, Akhbar Khan (Saiful Apek) -Khairunisa (Fasha Sandha) (kiri) dan Balkis (Waheeda) – Izad (Isaac).

KETIKA Mega berkesempatan mengunjungi lokasi penggambaran filem Nana Tanjung 2 di Shah Alam tidak lama dahulu, pihak produksi di bawah arahan Prof. Madya A. Razak Mohaideen sedang menyelesaikan beberapa babak terakhirnya.

Antara adegannya ialah Akhbar Khan lakonan Saiful Apek dan Zulkarnain (Jehan Miskin) yang terpaksa menyamar sebagai badut semata-mata untuk bertemu kekasih hati masing-masing, Khairunisa (Fasha Sandha) dan Balkis (Waheeda).

Semuanya gara-gara Nana Kassim, lakonan Pie melarang keras bakal menantunya itu bertemu dengan anak-anaknya.

Jadi dalam usaha untuk merealisasikan impian bertemu kekasih masing-masing, pelbagai helah dilakukan.

Selain menjadi badut, Akhbar Khan dan Zulkarnain sanggup bertukar jantina untuk menjadi orang gaji di rumah Nana Kassim.

“Itu sebahagian elemen komedi dalam filem Nana Tanjung 2. Jika filem pertamanya, Nana Kasiim tidak tahu siapa teman lelaki anak-anaknya.

“Kesinambungannya kali ini, Nana Kassim meletakkan pula syarat yang ketat untuk bakal-bakal menantunya itu sebelum bergelar suami isteri,” ujar Razak.

Semuanya kerana Nana Kassim mulai kurang senang apabila orang sekeliling memperkatakan mengenai sikap Nana Kassim yang cukup sporting membiarkan mereka bebas keluar masuk ke rumahnya dan bertemu dengan anak-anaknya.

Selain tidak dibenarkan bertemu selagi belum berkahwin, Nana Kassim juga meletakkan syarat agar bakal menantunya menyediakan wang simpanan sebanyak RM50,000 di akaun bank masing-masing dengan wang hantarannya sebanyak RM10,000.

Menariknya, pada filem kali ini, bukan sahaja anak-anak Nana Kassim yang berkahwin, Nana Kassim juga bertemu jodohnya dengan teman wanita lamanya, Mami Mumtaz.

Menurut Razak yang juga penulis lakon layarnya, dia menyediakan tiga subplot dalam filem kali ini yang melibatkan kisah-kisah percintaan dan perkahwinan Akhbar Khan-Kharunisa, Zulkarnain-Balikis dan Nana Kassim sendiri.

Ia bukan sahaja dipenuhi dengan komedi tetapi juga pengajaran buat tontonan seisi keluarga.

“Ini termasuklah mengenai alam perkahwinan yang bukan sekadar untuk suka-suka. Sebaliknya merupakan satu tanggungjawab besar dan memerlukan pengorbanan,” jelas Razak.

Dijangka ditayangkan kepada umum penghujung tahun ini, selain Shah Alam, penggambaran yang bermula pada pertengahan April lalu juga diadakan di Pulau Pinang.

Turut menampilkan kelainan daripada segi sinematografinya, kata Razak, Nana Tanjung 2 berakhir dengan penuh kegembiraan.

Pada hari terakhir pengambaran filem Nana Tanjung 2 juga, pihak produksi sempat mengadakan majlis kejutan buat Razak bagi meraikan filem ke-25 arahannya.











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