MediaCorp Raintree Pictures Collaborates With Chinese Filmmakers

18 Jun

SHANGHAI, China: Singapore’s MediaCorp Raintree Pictures has embarked on a groundbreaking movie venture that marks its first collaboration with Chinese filmmakers.

Joining Hollywood superstar Sharon Stone and Hong Kong movie queen Maggie Cheung on the red carpet of the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival was Singapore’s very own Qi Yuwu.

The actor is appearing in the upcoming movie “Painted Skin” with Chinese action star Donnie Yen.

The US$10 million project is the first movie collaboration between filmmakers in Singapore and China, and it will feature a pan-Asian star-studded cast, helmed by heavyweight director Andy Chin of the “Dragon Chronicles” fame and producer Wilson Yip who directed last year’s “Dragon Tiger Gate”.

Qi said: “As an actor from Singapore, I hope this will help others understand Singapore better and discover talents in Singapore. I think it will be great to show Singapore’s works to the world.”

Chan Pui Yin, Assistant Vice President, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, said: “In the past, when our movies like “The Best Bet” and “I Not Stupid” were released in China, it was through a distribution channel. This is our first collaboration in co-production.”

Touted as an action-packed movie with dramatic digital special effects, “Painted Skin” tells the tale of a love-hate relationship between a vixen spirit and a group of humans.

It is expected to be one of 2008’s biggest highlights for the Chinese film industry.

The movie is based on the Chinese classics “Strange Tales of Liaozhai”, a collection of short stories filled with supernatural elements such as ghosts and spirits.

This is also the first time that Chinese film authorities have allowed a film with a supernatural theme to be made in China.

The lead actress for the movie has yet to be chosen and the public has been invited to send in their suggestions.

Among the actresses that are being considered are popular Chinese stars like Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing.

– CNA/so

Channel News Asia

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