Jack Neo's Latest Movie Deals With Illegal Moneylending Business

30 Jan

Tired of Hollywood films? Well, here’s a Singapore-made movie you can sit up to. MediaCorp Raintree Pictures will be premiering a comedy about the illegal moneylending business.

Jack Neo’s latest film, ‘Ah Long Pte Ltd’, is a light-hearted black comedy about the moneylending business and the triad world.

Mark Lee plays Fann Wong’s husband, who tries to turn her moneylending business into one that’s legal and free of violence.

But far from trivialising the subject of illegal moneylending, director Jack Neo has a serious message for his audience.

He said: “At the end of the day, all these people get their punishment. Along the way, these people dreamt that they can actually change the business model. They try to use another method to deal with the debtor.

“You are going to see a very funny way of dealing with debtors, you are going to see a lot of new ideas from our scriptwriter,” Neo added.

‘Ah Long Pte Ltd’ is the seventh collaboration between MediaCorp Raintree Pictures and Jack Neo.

This long-working relationship has given producers the assurance that a sensitive topic like illegal moneylending business will be well-directed.

Daniel Yun, Executive Producer of ‘Ah Long Pte Ltd’, said: “Jack has a way of making every subject matter a family entertainment. This is no exception. And the most important thing is, at the end of the story, there’s redemption and that makes it very good family entertainment.”

‘Ah Long Pte Ltd’ will debut in Singapore cinemas on 7 February and in Malaysia on 13 March. – CNA/vm

Channel News Asia

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