FIRST-TIME VOTERS: Amber's All Packed And Ready To Vote

24 Feb

Amber  Chia is not ruling out the possibility of entering politics one day.
Amber Chia is not ruling out the possibility of entering politics one day.

A model will be flying east to cast her vote and so, too, a veteran singer. Meanwhile, three friends in the capital are awaiting the big day. AUDREY VIJAINDREN talks to these first-time voters

Veteran singer Camelia will be voting for the Barisan Nasional on March 8.
Veteran singer Camelia will be voting for the Barisan Nasional on March 8.

EVERY vote counts and Amber Chia Lee Peng, the model and actress, is not taking any chances with the expected last-minute rush at the airport.

“I have already purchased my flight ticket back to Tawau on March 7 and made arrangements for ground transportation,” says Amber, 26.

Voting day in Tawau is a community affair, where people queue up to place their ballots before enjoying their breakfast together with family members and friends, says Amber.

“I will vote for the first time this year and it will be a proud day for me. I have been waiting anxiously for this moment for years.”

Amber, who will be going to the polls with her father and brother, is not ruling out the possibility of entering politics one day.

She believes casting her first vote will be a positive step in that direction.

“In the entertainment industry, there is ample opportunity to rub shoulders with political figures. I am good friends with some of the politicians in the country, which makes it all the more difficult to decide who to vote for.”

Amber says the government should pay attention to the needs of the smaller towns in Sabah.

“Each time my plane lands in Kota Kinabalu, I notice tremendous improvement in the infrastructure. Unfortunately, when I arrive in Tawau, I notice that things have not progressed as quickly,

“Sabah is blessed with beautiful mountains and captivating islands, but there is so much to enjoy in the rural areas as well.

“The dialect, the culture, the food and the traditions vary from one tribe to another and there is an abundance of things to explore.

“Unfortunately, many tourists do not get to experience this side of Sabah. The poor road conditions make it extremely difficult to get around.”

The small-town girl who started her modelling career at 18 has lived in various parts of Asia and the United States.

“Most of my time now is spent in Taiwan where I am modelling, endorsing products and acting.

“But no matter where I go, there is no place like home. The unity we enjoy in Malaysia is something we should all be proud of.”

Next month, Amber will be travelling to various parts of Malaysia to shoot her second movie.

A wedding and the polls for Camelia

IF at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This has been the motto of veteran singer Camelia for the last two general elections.

After consecutive failed attempts to exercise her voting right in Semariang, Sarawak, Camelia, 33, is determined to succeed this time around.

“Four years ago, I eagerly flew back to Sarawak to vote. But I had to return to Kuala Lumpur disappointed. I was informed that I was not registered.

“It was a sad experience as I did not get to exercise my right as a citizen and I missed the opportunity to support my favourite party, Barisan Nasional.

“The same problem occurred at the 1999 election. I don’t understand why it kept happening to me.”

But Camelia is not giving up on Malaysia’s electoral process. She knows that there is bound to be limitations in every system, regardless of government or country.

“Most people lose hope and feel rejected when they are turned away at the polling centre, but the public needs to realise that there is no perfect system.

“If we all gave up after one failed attempt, how would we ever move forward?

“People need to be patient and understand that nothing in life is 100 per cent fail proof.”

Camelia has another reason to be excited about her trip back to Sarawak: she will be organising her sister’s wedding.

“The wedding was planned to run from March 7 to March 9. But since March 8 was chosen as polling day, we decided to keep that day free for voters and continue with the celebrations on March 10.

“We are still sending out ‘correction cards’ to inform the guests of the change.”

Unlike some who are still deciding on their voting preference, Camelia knows who will get her vote. It was a decision she had made way ahead of the general election announcement.

“Voting for the BN coalition has been a family tradition.”


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A vote on the next 50 years, says Nor Mohamed

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Dr M not campaigning

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Short Takes: Independent disqualified

Election 2008 / Johor: DAP’s husband-wife team

Election 2008 / Johor: Ka Ting’s fate left hanging in balance for 15 minutes

Election 2008 / Johor: She wins unopposed again

Election 2008 / Pahang: Najib faces Malacca union officer in Pekan

Election 2008 / Selangor: Shah Alam trio ready to take on opposition

Election 2008: Ong, Syed Shahir in battle for Pandan seat

Election 2008 / Selangor: Added zest to nominations

Maimun, 89, makes it to liston fifth attempt

Election 2008 / Perak: Tense moments for Rafidah

Election 2008 / Federal Territories: Bird’s nest booster for Carol

Election 2008 / Federal Territories: Bukit Bintang rivals have vastly different views

Election 2008 / Federal Territories: Heavyweights dominate in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan

Election 2008: ISA detainee goes for state seat

Riot has long ‘things to do’ list

Election 2008: Six more seats in Selangor vulnerable, says Khir

Election 2008: Work hard but most of all, be humble

Election 2008: When every vote counts, politicians cast a wide Net

Ghani to contest Serom state seat

Puteri chief takes on Pas challenge

Election 2008: ‘No guarantee of cabinet posts’

Election 2008: Voters have a clear choice, says Abdullah

Wives to help get support

BN Kelantan list changes after two withdraw

No brotherly love or support

Election 2008: Tan and Tan to slug it out for Kota Lama

MIC to face Hindraf in Sungkai

DAP fields five new faces in Malacca

Election 2008: Three rookie politicians all set to make waves

City Hall to assist in polls duties

Shouting’s okay, but no abusing opponents

He’s on the list but sister dropped

Election 2008: Ismail is on, then off, now on again for Arau

Rookie Carol out to slay Seputeh veteran Teresa

Goh to take on novice May May

SUPP determined to keep out DAP in Sibu

Election 2008: Rap song to woo young voters

Dr M backs Mukhrizbut won’t campaign

Salleh, Pandikar Amin pledge support for BN candidates

Rain expected in coastal areas

What goes on inside a nomination centre

Upbeat over wife’s candidacy

Election 2008: Expect some ‘old’ surprises today

PKR fields veterans in Sabah

BN ‘never sidelined any community’

Fan club backs the PM

Marang Umno youth chief to take on Hadi Awang

Devamany draws strength from his constituents

Chan has eye on winning party polls

Pas fields 7 new faces

Party No 1, says Umno stalwart

He has his father’s blessings

Veteran to help wife in Temangan

Najib visits family of boy who drowned

‘BN policies pulled in the votes’

Election 2008: Changes and lobbying nothing new, says Abdullah

4 DAP MPs to defend seats in KL

ISA detainee to contest in Kota Alam Shah

Election 2008: Much-hyped Bersih carnival fails to live up to expectations

Abide by Umno rules, warns Najib

No end in sight to opposition feud

‘I want to work for the people’

Election 2008: Not even mountains can stop Sagan

Election 2008: New faces, young candidates aplenty

Election 2008: Day of shocking announcements

ELECTION 2008: MCA Youth’s sporting approach to woo voters

ELECTION 2008: Two ‘reluctant’ candidates in Kelantan BN

Election 2008: KL voters to follow their stomachs and their heads

Election 2008: Perlis folk see the bigger picture

ELECTION 2008: Johor Umno to field 12 new faces

Aziz gets much sought-after Titiwangsa

Election 2008: Po Kuan makes about-turn

Lions may choke on ikan bilis

Election 2008: DAP may exploit Chan’s decision

Election 2008: Nor Mohamed for Tasek Gelugor seat

Pledge to develop all of Subang

DAP candidates sign oaths

Ti leaves with people close to heart

PKR names ‘Anwar critic’ as candidate

Umno’s oldest candidate raring to go

Election brings together ex-teacher and student

Kurup to contest in Pensiangan

Shahidan supporters create a maelstrom

ELECTION 2008/Next Generation: Continuing a political legacy

Tan to contest Grik seat instead

Liew ready to take on Kit Siang

Suhaili: My ailing wife comes first

‘My focus is Rembau people’

Election 2008: Khairy among new faces in Negri line-up

Dompok to return to Penampang

PKR fields lawyer from prominent political family

Election 2008: From Lingam clip key witnesses to candidates

Brave of Awang Adek to contest Pas stronghold

Election 2008: Keeping in step with changing politics

ELECTION 2008/Comment: Fulfilling the nomination process

Pas changes tack to attract voters

Election 2008: Mukhriz among 23 new faces in Kedah

DAP’s Penang dream team

Election 2008: Kong Choy cites health, declines nomination

PM to present progress report for 2004-2007

Election 2008: BN determined to keep DAP out of Malacca this time

‘Mystery’ Tamil CD selling like hot cakes

JOHN TEO: Effendi proves there’s life after politics

Election 2008: 40pc new faces in Selangor BN line-up

Election 2008/Just retired: Si Cheng has no regrets giving way

Election 2008: Pas’s non-Muslim surprise

Election 2008: Retiree cries foul over change of voting centre

Election 2008/ His motto: Work more but talk less

Election 2008: Connect with the people face-to-face, not via blog

EDITORIAL: Transparency at the polls

ELECTION 2008/MIC: Samy Vellu picks 15 new faces in line-up

ELECTION 2008: Activist Zaitun Kasim declines nomination

ELECTION 2008/Soldiering on: ‘I still have the drive’, says Dr Tan

ELECTION 2008: Ibrahim Ali loses his cool

ELECTION 2008: Gurkhas need a caring rep

ELECTION 2008: Their numbers are small but their impact is huge

ELECTION 2008: I am prepared to go even now, says Samy Vellu

ELECTION 2008: Stop lobbying for your choice as CM, says Koh

ELECTION 2008: Best chance to take Kelantan

ELECTION 2008: Easy-going Kelantanese

ELECTION 2008/Comment: Johor springboard for a great political career

ELECTION 2008: 115 Indian NGOs support BN

ELECTION 2008: Putera MIC goes online

ELECTION 2008: Radzi likens himself to genie

ELECTION 2008/Just retired: Reps told not to overstay their welcome

ELECTION 2008: Nik Aziz won’t apologise over remark

ELECTION 2008: Operations room shut down in protest

ELECTION 2008: ‘We won’t touch civil servants if we win’, says Pas

ELECTION 2008: DAP desperately seeking Po Kuan

ELECTION 2008/Just retired: Bentayan’s Lau fumes over talk of ill health

ELECTION 2008: DAP’s Jenice Lee sets her sights on Teratai

ELECTION 2008: Are Penang folk looking for new direction?

ELECTION 2008: Crowded fight seen in Sabah

ELECTION 2008/Side views: Info age creates new breed of voters

ELECTION 2008/Pahang analysis: Politically-staid state will remain BN stronghold

ELECTION 2008: Pas to contest fewer seats

ELECTION 2008: PKR to try for four seats

ELECTION 2008: DAP to focus on eight issues

ELECTION 2008: Cousins set to battle it out in Tendong

ELECTION 2008: Expect a familiar face in Temiang

ELECTION 2008: MB, councillors’ fate uncertain

ELECTION 2008: Size really does matter to some

ELECTION 2008: DAP stalwart’s son sees future in Pas

ELECTION 2008: Pas confident of winning at least 40 seats

ELECTION 2008: Flag wars heat up in Terengganu

ELECTION 2008/Hot seats: Intense lobbying for Kota Baru

ELECTION 2008: DAP settles for fewer seats in Sabah

ELECTION 2008: Disarray plays into BN’s hands

ELECTION 2008: Fong best person for Batu Gajah, says DAP

ELECTION 2008: People ‘need only see MCA track record to decide’

ELECTION 2008: Simple choice – The best or warlords

ELECTION 2008: The young are our assets, says PM

ELECTION 2008: Veteran politicians roped in

ELECTION 2008/Side views: New breed of voters now more discerning

ELECTION 2008: Protests are healthy, says Pas leader

ELECTION 2008/Comment: Will Nik Aziz’s jingle work again?

ELECTION 2008: Pas ‘seizes’ Marang bridge in flag war

ELECTION 2008: Kelantan bus tickets selling fast

ELECTION 2008: Ready for early votes

ELECTION 2008: PRM struggles on in Johor

ELECTION 2008/Soldiering on: Community comes first for Shahrir

ELECTION 2008/Short takes: Division backs Bakar

ELECTION 2008: Nurul Izzah keen to contest

ELECTION 2008: Straight fight likely in Sungai Siput

ELECTION 2008/Hot seats: Kepong may see battle of two Tans

ELECTION 2008: DAP supporters stage protest to retain Lim, Phee

ELECTION 2008: Aid for poor Mara students from next year

ELECTION 2008: DAP not transparent, says Najib

ELECTION 2008: Will pantun sway outstation voters?

ELECTION 2008: DAP eyeing Sabah’s Chinese-majority seats

ELECTION 2008/Sabah Analysis: State BN to repeat 2004 feat

Just retired: Seah to put experience to good use

PO KUAN CRIES OFF: Batu Gajah MP declines nomination

ELECTION 2008/Short takes: Show of support

ELECTION 2008: March 8 polls yet to generate excitement

ELECTION 2008/Hot seats: Incumbent wants to do more for Bahau

ELECTION 2008/Sarawak Analysis: BN determined to maintain Sarawak as its stronghold

ELECTION 2008: MCA targets all 3 seats in Kota Melaka

ELECTION 2008: LDP rookie may contest

Just retired: Asang wants to focus on business, family

ELECTION 2008: Maarat’s absence at meeting suggests he may be dropped

ELECTION 2008/Short takes: Pledge to build circuit

ELECTION 2008/Hot seats: Two chairmen stake claim in Beruas

ELECTION 2008/Comment: Serious challenge from opposition in Penang

ELECTION 2008: ‘Figures prove economy doing well’

ELECTION 2008: New CM will ensure continued growth, says PM Abdullah

ELECTION 2008: We’ll work hard to win Triang, says Adnan

ELECTION 2008: Lots to offer, but where’s the cash going to come from?

ELECTION 2008: PPP names Jason Goh for Kota Alam Shah seat

ELECTION 2008: The buzz about Nor Mohamed

ELECTION 2008: Aziz hints he may call it a day

ELECTION 2008: Changing of the guard for state MCA

Cabinet agrees to ratify Asean Charter

ELECTION 2008: Make your votes count, fishermen told

ELECTION 2008: BN working hard in Kinta Valley

ELECTION 2008: Why MCA dropped half of incumbents

ELECTION 2008: Sports transcend barriers, says Najib

ELECTION 2008: DAP big guns, MCA reps in marketing blitz

ELECTION 2008: Half of Pas candidates new faces

ELECTION 2008: Teresa to go for Kinrara seat as well

ELECTION 2008/Comment: Election fever? Not so in JB

ELECTION 2008: Advice against using govt premises

ELECTION 2008: Umno members are orang utans, declares Nik Aziz

ELECTION 2008: ‘Umno can blame me for seat swap’

ELECTION 2008/Side views: A new age of ‘maturity and possibility’ in politics

Rivalry that helps keep politics robust

MCA out to reclaim 3 seats

Just retired: Undying love for education sees Hew soldiering on

DAP plays the underdog, Pas and PKR swagger

‘We are defined as Malaysians’

Zeal not enough in Kinta Valley

Azmi ‘fed up’, ready to say goodbye to politics

Hadi to contest parliamentary and state seats

PM: Knowledge key to civilisation

Simply outdated

So you want to be a candidate

Senawang rep: I can do it a fourth time

Johor MIC chief says son not on list

It’s time politics is made simple again

Wee makes bid for Bukit Bintang again

40pc of Negri DAP candidates first timers

Illegal immigrants a hot issue

Ghani likely to defend Serom state seat

New faces part of MIC revitalisation

Pros, cons of ‘dropping bomb’ early

Barisan list to be released soon

BN has 15 seats to worry about in Perak

Die-hard supporters can see the obvious changes

‘Do something to redeem good name’

Rafidah: PM to decide my future

Ex-teacher for Bakri seat?

Orang Asli: What a waste if you don’t vote

Krishnan sees need for young blood

Greenhorn out to prove mettle in Bentayan

Najib: BN wants to treat Kelantan for its ills

Use proper channels, MCA members told

Copies of electoral roll on sale

Koh chooses to remain in Penang

Battle of the brothers on the cards

The young want stability and greater opportunities

Independent bodies to keep an eye on things

‘Holier than thou’ sentiment

Hot contests expected for Klang seats

Just retired: Johor MIC supremo to call it a day

Ka Chuan likely to be fielded in Gopeng

Lucky number features in campaign period too

Comment: Enough time to convince voters

Old and new faces in DAP line-up

Side views: From the outside looking in

Najib to lead Barisan charge

No change to BN seat division

Hot seats: Rasah to see stiff fight between BN, DAP

Iskandar a hit with people

It’s a good day for polls

I have done my best, says Zaid

Effendi makes way for new faces

Najib: No group left out, programmes meant for all

New party to challenge PM

A thorn among the roses

All eyes on looming battles in Penang

‘Claims of 3,000 leaving MIC untrue’

Intense lobbying among many MIC aspirants

‘Simply no room to cheat’

A-G’s Chambers to aid cops, ACA

‘Sarawak factor’ points to fewer no-contest seats

Election 2008: Highlights and controversies

Election 2008: Important bills passed by Dewan Rakyat [From 2004 to 2007]

What really matters in an election

Opposition-held Triang a hot battleground

Parking fee resurfaces as an election issue

‘Don’t take opposition lightly’

State leaders ponder their political future

Shah Alam Umno wants local to stand

Short takes: Call to bury the hatchet

‘No such thing as safe seats’

Samy Vellu: Be prepared for some surprises

MCA list ’90pc complete’

DAP: Malay vote still with Pak Lah

Hadi ready to face Abdullah

Working for bigger BN win

Opposition caught off-guard

Campaigning permits will be approved, says Musa

BN sure of ‘surpassing two-thirds majority’

No revolt in DAP over veteran’s outburst

Annuar: Candidate for MB’s post selected

Pamphlet will create disharmony, say politicians

PM to launch road project

EDITORIAL: Back to the polls

Election 2008: Parliament dissolved, paving way for election

BN revives ‘Blue Wave’ battle cry

Out-of-state Kelantan voters courted

Nasharuddin to contest in Kelantan

Poor health will not hinder Nik Aziz

A message for Samy Vellu

No lack of choices for Putrajaya seat

‘Parliament won’t be dissolved today’

Najib challenges Malacca CM to win back state seats

BN confident of getting Chinese, Indian votes

Opinion: Doing the right thing to win the Indian vote

2 MCA state reps to resign

Penang CM’s post ‘not brokered by Umno’

60,000 cops to be on election duty

‘Handyman’ wants to move

She’s a voter in Kelantan, although she’s never registered

Kit Siang and son Guan Eng may contest in Penang

Outside candidates may derail DAP plan

Michael Chong happy to stay away from polls

DAP’s got a ‘lion’ on its side

PKR, Pas agree

BN youth to ‘spy’ on rivals

Votes will no longer be recounted at tallying centres

Muhammad: Impossible to get perfect candidate

ACA report ‘won’t stop Gerakan giving oranges’

DAP, PKR to finalise seats

View to the Polls: Candidates to undergo scrutiny by 4 agencies

View to the Polls: No seat swap in Penang

Election briefs: Radzi will contest ‘anywhere’

View to the Polls: Is this Fong’s last term?

View to the Polls: ‘We will wrest back DAP seats’

Keep momentum going, in Terengganu, says PM

Abdullah: East coast will see more progress

View to the Polls: Opposition looks to national leaders

View to the Polls: DAP chiefs ‘promoted’ sons

View to the Polls: BN may face Pas in Putrajaya

View to the Polls Blind voters want clear rules on who can help them

View to the Polls: MIC aspirants get close to president for seats

Najib: We will do more for Indians

MIC confident of clean sweep in polls

Tearing up polls chief’s picture insolent, says PM

3,000 who quit MIC join PPP

Polls panel: It is not cosmetic, it is about transparency

Group sees stiff contest in 20 east coast seats

School aid not ‘gifts’, says MCA

Reps’ children want to contest

DAP makes stand on seats in Perak

Gerakan ready to meet any challenge in Penang

View to the polls: Should Samy Vellu stay or go?

Najib: ACA to screen BN election candidates

Mukhriz: My father will never support the opposition

Azmi: My image, dignity affected

Elections brief: Tensions with wakil rakyat inevitable

Activists to contest on DAP ticket

Candidates to be picked based on ability not age

Bridge of flags

Wanita wing to brief voters on latest issues

Kayveas: Let PM decide on seats

Tussle for Bukit Bintang hots up

Mukhriz expresses interest in contesting

Independent rep trying hard to join SAPP

Barisan Nasional to counter allegations

DAP admits it can’t topple BN

Remembering a bitter lesson

DAP-PKR deal on seats in 3 states

Arrest dangerous trend and do more, say ex-MIC leaders

MCA Youth to meet PM

Funny things they do to get picked

Umno confident of city seats

Dr M vows to back ‘deserving candidates’

Get ready to face election, ministers told

Party wants Koh to continue leading state

NewsFocus: Emphasis now on raising productivity

NewsFocus: Inflation, crime top issues for voters

Abdullah to be sworn in as prime minister today

BN leaders express support for Abdullah to continue to lead Government

Azizan expected to be sworn in as Kedah MB this afternoon

Guan Eng will be sworn in on Tuesday as Penang Chief Minister

72pc of voters cast their ballots

BN concedes defeat in Perak

BN forms new Government with simple majority of 132

ELECTION 2008 RESULTS: Pas to form new Kedah government after stunning win

ELECTION 2008 RESULTS: Opposition grabs 30 seats in Perak shock win to form next government

ELECTION 2008 RESULTS: Shell-shocked Koh concedes defeat in Penang, didn’t expect huge loss

ELECTION 2008 RESULTS: Selangor falls to opposition, Khalid may be new MB

ELECTION 2008 RESULTS: Defeat a bitter pill for Samy to swallow

ELECTION 2008 RESULTS: Abdullah wins Kepala Batas, urges everyone to accept results

Pas retains Kelantan Government with bigger win

ELECTION 2008 RESULTS: Lim Guan Eng is next Penang CM, promises fair & just administration

ELECTION 2008 RESULTS: DAP successfully defends Bandar Kuching

Voters attacked, stopped from voting in Hadi’s domain

ELECTION 2008: Polling ends

Bus driver hospitalised after assault by mob

Voting not so great for disabled and elderly

Death, heart attack and diarrhea hits voters

Boat ferrying ballots capsize in Hulu Rajang, voters forced to cast ballots again

Short takes: Behave, EC tells voters

Pas mob stops nine buses ferrying voters

BN workers lose goat to green paint

ELECTION 2008: The other future will bankrupt us

No EC staff at voting area

Mosque officials warned against Friday prayers campaigning

ELECTION 2008/Short takes: Faeces attack on BN shack

ELECTION 2008: An urgent need for 4WD vehicles in Baram constituency

Dr M maintains no guilt over what happened to Anwar

ELECTION 2008: DAP’s success in the past led to greater acceptance of Bangsa Malaysia, says Kit Siang

After ink fiasco, EC chairman finds house splashed with red paint

ELECTION 2008: Karpal hits out at Anwar’s critics

ELECTION 2008: Negri Sembilan BN confident of backing by ‘silent majority’

ELECTION 2008: DAP prepared for ‘uphill battle’ in keeping Kota Laksamana seat

ELECTION 2008: First-time candidate who is no newcomer to campaigns and ceramahs

ELECTION 2008: Promoting the BN manifesto to voters in remote areas

Foundation chief on how Indians have benefited

Short takes: PPP hopes for a seat

PM Club members in ugly shouting match with hecklers

Police probe show indelible ink smuggling could cause fraud, chaos: IGP

ELECTION 2008: Pas warned about hindering voters

ELECTION 2008: Political parties warned not to obstruct voters from casting votes

ELECTION 2008: Kit Siang criticises Johor MB for ignoring opposition views

ELECTION 2008: Perlis all geared up for the vote; security forces personnel set ball rolling

‘Dangerous to use race card’

LATEST!: EC scraps plan to use indelible ink

Don’t stop buses carrying voters, IGP warns political parties

Pas will accept defeat in Kelantan if…

Perak BN chief sees three parliamentary seats as ‘problematic’

Koh denies letter to PM was to ‘bribe’ Motorola

ELECTION 2008: Kepong BN candidate banking on disenchantment of voters on lack of service by DAP

ELECTION 2008: Campaigning a family affair for DAP veteran

ELECTION 2008: Shahrizat’s pledge – Police station for Bangsar

ELECTION 2008: Siti Nurhaliza drums up support for BN, woos army personnel

ELECTION 2008: Pop stars light up campaign trails

ELECTION 2008: Koh won’t name successor until voters decide

ELECTION 2008: BN confident of recapture but Kelantan Pas insists on 29-16 win

ELECTION 2008: ‘Tag-team conspiracy’ claims spices up Stampin seat contest

ELECTION 2008: Tackle poverty, fake ID issue and create more jobs, says Sabah independent candidate

ELECTION 2008: Allegation of opposition candidate appealling for donations

ELECTION 2008: Education aid for schools listed in certificate, says deputy minister

ELECTON 2008: KOH: No decision yet on next Penang CM

ELECTION 2008/Short takes: Cashing in on the polls

ELECTION 2008: BN’s fulfilled promises the envy of Pas in Kelantan: PM

ELECTION 2008: Negri MB dismisses need for opposition check and balance

ELECTION 2008: BN won’t entertain Pas’ demand for public debate

ELECTION 2008/Short takes: Koh still tight-lipped

ELECTION 2008 /Side views: An old car, trusty typewriter and sincere wish to serve

ELECTION 2008: Aljazeera interview with Datuk Seri Najib Razak

ELECTION 2008: Difference between DAP’s rocket and Malaysia’s first spaceman

ELECTION 2008: Experimenting with opposition to rule country will be disastrous: PM

ELECTION 2008: Two 128-year-olds may vote on March 8…but do they exist?

ELECTION 2008/Short takes: State could lose billions

ELECTION 2008: BN wins one more Sabah state seat after PKR withdraws

ELECTION 2008: Hadi exhorts Pas candidates to hurl abuse against BN candidates

ELECTION 2008: Berita Harian reporters assaulted while covering Shahidan Kassim

ELECTION 2008: Najib tells off Kelantan Umno: ‘Stop the sabotage and clannish pride’

ELECTION 2008: The score so far… 10-1

ELECTION 2008: Missing candidate lodges police report

ELECTION 2008: Koding offspring aims to win back seat his father lost

ELECTION 2008: MP with an ‘environmental trademark’

ELECTION 2008/Hot seat: DAP out to win back Bahau

ELECTION 2008: ‘Nerdy’ DAP candidate shakes off his ‘boring’ image

ELECTION 2008: Pas’s ‘gas offer’ if returned to power in Kelantan

ELECTION 2008: Pas dismisses Hadi’s refusal to shake hands with BN candidate as small matter

ELECTION 2008/Short Takes: Pas to file polls petition

ELECTION 2008: BN adds Igan to make it eight

ELECTION 2008: Pas Kelantan, now more media-savvy, confident of staying in power

ELECTION 2008: Preserving the natural environment is part of his manifesto

ELECTION 2008: ‘Imported’ candidate causes division among opposition supporters

ELECTION 2008: BN incumbent strives to prevail in three-cornered fight

ELECTION 2008: BN bringing development to Kelantan, says Tengku Razaleigh

ELECTION 2008: Rain puts a damper on campaign trail

ELECTION 2008/Hot seat: Can Umno rise above infighting this time around to win back Pendang?

ELECTION 2008: The return of ‘Bang Ad’ after seven years outside political scene

ELECTION 2008: A ‘war’ of flags, banners and posters

ELECTION 2008:Three-term incumbent base platform on local issues

ELECTION 2008: ‘Safe’ seats not being taken for granted

ELECTION 2008: PM unveils BN manifesto of security, peace and prosperity

ELECTION 2008: Pas group verbally abuses EC officer

Hadi confident in recapturing Marang seat

Independent candidate ready to make a stand

It’s a gentlemen’s fight in Segambut

Khairy to focus on basic needs

First-timer keen for a ‘cleaner’ Ampang

Lawyers all out to win Serdang seat

ELECTION 2008: Mystery of the vanished PKR Sementa candidate

ELECTION 2008: Pas grabs Kijang state seat, reduces odds to retain Kelantan Government

ELECTION 2008: Oldest candidate alive! Maimun takes on polls challenge at 89

ELECTION 2008: The big fights

ELECTION 2008: Lucky Azalina wins Pengerang seat uncontested…again!

Seven up for BN, Pas grabs one Kelantan state seat

Nomination centres open for contests in 222 parliamentary, 505 state seats

Dawos to focus on development

ELECTION 2008: Gerakan plays chess in Penang Chief Minister’s position

ELECTION 2008: DAP unveils stalwarts in Penang, fields blogger in Jelutong

ELECTION 2008: Chan Kong Choy, Muhammad Taib, Zakaria Deros missing from Selangor list

ELECTION 2008: Malacca BN’s line-up includes 14 new faces

ELECTION 2008/Terengganu: First woman candidate in 34 years

ELECTION 2008: Emotions run high as list is unveiled

ELECTION 2008/Just retired: Putting civic duty above all

ELECTION 2008: Nod for agents to oversee postal votes

ELECTION 2008: Opposition in agreement on seats except in Sarawak

ELECTION 2008: Celebrations offer a platform to ’campaign’

ELECTION 2008: Outstation voters may swing the vote

ELECTION 2008: Guan Eng leads DAP charge

ELECTION 2008: ’Hurt’ Karpal stays put in Bukit Gelugor

ELECTION 2008/Soldiering on: 40 years on, he is the one they still trust

ELECTION 2008/Comment: When ’chah keting’ may derail BN’s campaign

ELECTION 2008/Negri Sembilan analysis: No problem for Umno but allies face challenges

ELECTION 2008: Strong economic showing augurs well for BN, say analysts

ELECTION 2008: Mukhriz to contest in Jerlun?

ELECTION 2008: Shahidan to clear air over rumours

ELECTION 2008: Don’t use kids at rallies, warn police

ELECTION 2008: Book to help MIC candidates

EDITORIAL: Cool it, for goodness sake

ELECTION 2008: Dissatisfaction delays naming of candidates

ELECTION 2008/Comment: Promises from Pas keep coming fast and furious

ELECTION 2008/Side views: New blood will revitalise nation

Penang flavours the night with romance

DAP to host ’perfect couple’ event

ELECTION 2008: Pahang DAP chief quits

ELECTION 2008/Hot seats: Scales seem to favour BN in Tras

ELECTION 2008: See, it’s strong

ELECTION 2008: Pas turns to woman to take on BN in ’tough’ Titiwangsa

ELECTION 2008: Seng Giaw, Kee Kwong set for grudge match

ELECTION 2008: Opposition eyeing nation’s largest constituency

ELECTION 2008/Short takes: Newspaper campaign

ELECTION 2008: PSM threatens to wreck opposition plan

ELECTION 2008: Don’t be fooled by opposition leaders, says Isa

ELECTION 2008: Barisan Nasional opts for renewal

ELECTION 2008: In list of surprises, Terengganu BN drops giant killer who toppled Hadi

ELECTION 2008: Terengganu BN fields woman for the first time in 34 years

ELECTION 2008: Help, yes, but ‘don’t talk too much’

ELECTION 2008: Rain poses challenge to candidates

ELECTION 2008: Refusing to apologise, Nik Aziz remains defiant over orang utan scorn

ELECTION 2008: Pas members turn hostile during flag removal, scuffle ensues

ELECTION 2008: Ibrahim Ali lashes out against reporters, attacks Umno

ELECTION 2008: Final term for Samy Vellu?

ELECTION 2008: Ibrahim Ali to contest under Pas ticket

ELECTION 2008: Klang Valley’s eye candy candidates

ELECTION 2008: Eye candy candidates

ELECTION 2008: Heal Kelantan Year!

Speculation over Johor MB post

Short takes: Hindraf chief won’t contest

ELECTION 2008: 13-day campaign period adequate, says EC chairman

ELECTION 2008: Negri Sembilan Pas to field a woman for the first time

Polling on March 8

Feb 24 Nomination Day, Polling on March 8

Koh slams DAP for exploiting statement on CM’s post

Sarawak DAP happy guessing game over

Status quo on seat allocation in Sabah

Idris to defend Jertih seat

Panel to fix polls date today

ELECTION 2008: EC to announce nomination, polling dates tomorrow

ELECTION 2008: Early March polling date expected after Parliament dissolution

Election brief: All candidates will be vetted

MCA Johor to reveal candidates on nomination day

Pas, PKR DAP could clash in Kedah

DAP offers ISA detainees 2 seats

Students active in politics to lose scholarships

LDP not keen to give up Merotai seat

Pas veteran’s brother joins Umno

Pas plans to field more women

Threat from enemy within

Penang Chief Minister to contest parliamentary seat, who will succeed him?

Khairy nomination gets Umno Youth nod

PM’s visit to boost BN chances in Sibu

Report card will be a factor in choice of reps

No opposition names yet for ACA to vet

It’s tough taking on MCA, says Guan Eng

Speculation Wanita MIC chief will be dropped

Able incumbents ‘can recontest’

Pas leader to contest in Gombak

Hon’s exit to pave way for changes in Negri MCA line-up

Chew: Love is not in the air, I’m too busy

MCA’s election machinery ready

DAP seats in Kinta Valley focus of BN

Gobind eyes Johor seat

Kota Lama may see Tan vs Tan contest

MIC teams to secure votes

BN sets sights on Bandar Kuching

PBS can field ‘one candidate for 2 seats’

Election briefs: Pas to stick to manifesto

PPP confident of winning Pasir Bedamar seat

Gerakan aims for Tanjung upset

All voters are ‘Malaysian’ and not profiled by race

‘We need Samy Vellu’

Nik Aziz wants ballot on his future

Subra tight-lipped about comeback

Pas to contest only 60 seats

Protege touted to replace Serdang maverick Yap

Ezam: I will never rejoin PKR

2 more parties show interest in Batu seat

Allies torn apart by tussle for seats

View to the Polls: Kit Siang confirms Ipoh Timur move

View to the Polls: All hands on deck

View to the Polls Will Pairin, Ongkili still get 2 seats?

Election brief: PKR eyes 14 Pahang seats

New cap and site ruling to ensure ‘fair’ foster war

Perlis MB to propose nomination of Radzi, Azmi

Increase in number of eligible voters in Kelantan

ELECTION 2008: Hadi to take on Abdullah at Kepala Batas?

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