Get High With FIR!

15 Jul

SINGAPORE: August 8, 2008 will definitely be one lucky day for all fans of popular Taiwanese band FIR, who will be staging a one-night only concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, as part of their debut world tour.

For the group however, they are not hoping to reap any extra luck on the day of 8s, a lucky number among Chinese.

In fact, the group believes the supposedly auspicious day chosen for their concert was picked because the date is easy to remember.

FIR, which stands for Fairyland in Reality, with lead vocalist, Faye Zhan, renowned producer Ian Chen (more affectionately known as Teacher Ian), and guitarist, Real Huang (otherwise known as ‘Ah Qin’) have fought off the temptation to hold a solo concert since starting out four years ago.

But four chart-topping albums later and numerous No.1 hits, which have become karaoke favourites, FIR finally feel adequately prepared to take to the big stage themselves.

Having held out this long says something for FIR, especially in an industry where stars often try to capitalise on their fame by pushing multiple albums in a short time, and hastily organise concerts without sufficient material to perform.

In Singapore, there will be more than enough to entertain the fans since FIR say they will be giving audiences a sneak preview of their highly anticipated fifth album.

Singapore was chosen as their first international stop, said FIR, because the little island holds a “special place” in their hearts, with the group’s numerous collaborations with Singaporeans, including singer Stefanie Sun.

Catching up with only two-thirds of a rather relaxed FIR (Real had faced some passport problems and wasn’t unable to make it to Singapore in time for this interview), I found that if there was one thing this group wouldn’t compromise on, it had to be the quality and message of their music.

The other was Ian’s use of his signature sunglasses in public, though he joked that if the crowd get excited enough, he might just take them off during the concert.

Evidently, this is one group that doesn’t take their success and influence lightly.

“We hope to convey a positive message (to our fans),” said Ian.

“I think a lot of the time it is easy to be influenced by your environment, but not as easy to influence it. This is the most powerful thing about our music,” added Faye reflectively.

When asked if Faye and Real’s recent engagement meant that fans won’t be seeing much of FIR anymore, the room tensed up for a very brief moment.

“Music is our life! It doesn’t mean that if you have one thing (marriage), you can’t have the other,” quipped Faye, as Ian chuckled nervously to himself.

“Though some may think four years is already a long time, relative to our lives, it’s not. I still foresee a long road ahead for (FIR),” she added.

As for the concert, fans can expect flamboyant costumes and even a special guest appearance from up and coming Taiwanese singer, Hsiao Jing Teng.

But FIR wants something in return.

“I hope that fans will open their hearts to us…” said Faye excitedly, “and that everyone will be really high… and know the words to all the songs!”

Hopefully fans will transform the concert into one big FIR “celebration”.

– CNA/os

Channel News Asia

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