A Traffic Jam For A Private, Rousing Party

31 Jul

SINGAPORE: The usually quiet lanes of Armenian Street were transformed into a rousing street party last Sunday evening with a 2,200 strong crowd letting their hair down at the second Traffic Jam Party.

Although the gates only opened at 7pm, excited concert goers from all walks of life formed a long queue as early as 4.30pm to join the street party jointly organised by Sony Ericsson and SingTel.

Keeping with the name of the party, Armenian Street was littered with broken-down cars with only the Traffic Jam Street Party logos on them hinting that they were part of the party’s visual delight.

Just for those who were sluggish or hot, there was a tow-truck and imitation car-wash area right in the middle of the standing area!

To provide ‘fuel’ to last through the night, organisers had a makeshift diner offering jumbo hotdogs, fajitas, popcorn and nachos.

All this was side-dressing to the main course helmed by local DJ personality Glenn Ong.

Local act Strikeforce set the mood with a mix of climatic pyrotechnics and lighting effects while Sambiesta, a percussion group beat up a cacophony to get the crowd drummed up and moving to their dynamic rhythms.

More local flavour was injected by home-grown bands like The Great Spy Experiment and EIC, both of whom seemed very thrilled to be performing even though the crowd didn’t respond likewise.

The change came when Jack and Rai of EIC did a cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”, and drew the crowd in to gamely sing along with them.

DJ Aldrin, easily one of the most sought-after DJs in Singapore to date, was next to rule. Commanding the turntables that night, he seamlessly wove his remixed tracks that got everyone jiving.

The crowd which included actor Adrian Pang, Class 95 DJ Jean Danker and local footballer Rafi Ali, finally upped the meter for Daughtry.

After a seemingly endless wait, the American Music Award-winning and Grammy-nominated rock band finally took the stage. Led by “American Idol” finalist Chris Daughtry, the band opened the electrifying set with a new single, “You Don’t Belong”.

The enthusiasm of the crowd grew ten-fold as Daughtry went on to give a rocking delivery of their chart-topping hits such as “Over You” and “Feels Like Tonight”, in addition to three new songs from their upcoming album.

Many girls also swooned to Chris Daughtry’s crisp and emotive vocals as his band gave an intimate acoustic of “Home” and adrenaline pumping number “There and Back Again”.

Finally, all the anticipation and waiting around seemed worth it!

– CNA/jk

Channel News Asia


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