Channel 5’s TV Lineup For The Couch Potatoes

18 Aug

SINGAPORE : Come out and say it – there’s no shame in being a couch potato.

We here at TODAY, for example, spend a significant proportion of our waking hours glued to the boob tube. We bond intimately with our flat-screens, play footsies with the clicker, turn ourselves over now and then so we don’t get bedsores, and occasionally come into the newsroom and muck about so we don’t lose our day jobs.

During the commercial breaks, we put together a guide to TV-watching for the rest of the year, just so you telly fans out there can have a whole lot to look forward to.

We’re talking fast cars and hot girls, intentional karaoke malfunctions, and living vicariously through the adventures of a chubby Latina girl who’s beautiful on the inside; there’s also a guy who wakes up one day to discover that his parents have bartered him away to the devil.

So go on, bust out the microwave popcorn and put aside plenty of money for pizza delivery. Even boy scouts know it’s always best to be prepared.

The information was correct at time of publication, but is subject to change.

Channel News Asia

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