Oriental Whirl: Catwoman Myolie

24 Aug

Myolie Wu piles on the kilogrammes for her 'Bridget Jones' role, co-starring Andy Hui.
Myolie Wu piles on the kilogrammes for her ‘Bridget Jones’ role, co-starring Andy Hui.

GUESS who has nine cats at home? Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu apparently loves the presence of felines around her after work, calling them “relaxing”.

Will Fann Wong's (left) wedding with Christopher Lee be as lavish as a certain Hong Kong celebrity couple?
Will Fann Wong’s (left) wedding with Christopher Lee be as lavish as a certain Hong Kong celebrity couple?

According to one online story, the shy actress lives a quiet life and likes her cats to roam freely around her house. She says she loves cats because they are very independent, “much like her” in real life.

Myolie, who entered the entertainment industry after being placed second runner-up at the 1999 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, has been in the TVB fold all this while, achieving spurts of success after having acted in more than 30 television series.

She first caught the public eye when she played Gallen Lo’s mentally challenged sister in Golden Faith at the turn of the millennium. The role won her the Most Improved Female Artist Award at the 2002 TVB Anniversary Awards.

She was back in the media spotlight when she opted to put on a whole lot of weight a’la Bridget Jones for her 2006 role in To Grow With Love,
starring opposite Andy Hui.

While the series bombed, her role has won her some acclaim, resulting in a steady stream of plum parts in series such as The Drive of Life, Wars of In-Laws, When a Dog Loves a Cat and the coming Burning Flame III.

Like her cats and their fabled nine lives, it looks like Myolie will be around for some time yet.

῕ SINGAPOREAN actress Fann Wong prefers a “big party”, rather than a “dream wedding”, when she gets hitched next year to fellow actor Christopher Lee who, incidentally, hails from Malacca.

Their wedding planner is apparently hairstylist extraordinaire David Gan and top on the list of his must-dos, for now at least, is a guest list which, according to the grapevine, will be a very long one.

Anyway, there’s also talk that the glamour couple is considering a lavish overseas wedding at some exotic locale a la Tony Leung and Carina Lau’s Bhutan bash.

Well, Fann, who plays the lead in new drama serial The Defining Moment, has indicated that she wants to make it a “big party”.

Hmmm… wonder where her dream wedding will be held? What is certain is that it won’t be at the beach as the svelte actress is not a sun-lover.

For those who are waiting with bated breath for the wedding date, mark Sept 9 next year on the calendar as the most likely day!

῕ KOREAN actress Lee Ji Ah was rushed to hospital recently after collapsing during the filming of a scene for Beethoven Virus.

The scene apparently involved the actress staying submerged in water for hours on end and this might have led to her complaining of breathing difficulties.

῕ LANKY Hong Kong actress Gigi Leung and Berlin Chen have some steamy scenes in I Can Love, director Joe Ma’s new film.

In it, she and newcomer Bing Shao will play husband and wife, with Gigi’s character succumbing to an affair with his uncle, played by Chen.

Judging from her public image in recent memory – she gave a very sexy dance performance at a concert late last year, Gigi is certainly moving away from her sweet and demure persona. For better or for worse, I wonder?

῕ WANG Leehom’s Music-Man World Tour Concert will kick off on Sept 19 and 20 in Taipei, with the Taiwanese singer playing superhero for the night.

Expect macho black leather, metallic sheen and futuristic sets, with the Taiwan American singer-songwriter dyeing his hair metallic blue and silver.

Of course, every superhero has his special weapon and Wang’s is a “clef dragon” electric guitar specially designed by Irish guitar design master U2 at the cost of 20,000 euros (RM102,000).

῕ SAMMI Cheng and Eason Chan will next be seen in a movie reminiscent of Infernal Affairs but with the more playful title of Lady Cop & Papa Crook.

The film marks Sammi’s return to acting in two years and is expected to be released next month.

A short trailer released early this month suggests a lot of suspense, tension and strong performances from the leads.

Meanwhile, Sammi’s former boyfriend Andy Hui has hinted that she is still “someone very important in his life”.

Speaking at a variety show in China recently, he revealed that whenever he sings karaoke, he will pick her songs.

Incidentally, the couple broke up about four years ago. Sadly, when Sammi was asked by a reporter at another function which five men were the most important in her life, she only picked two – her father and her brother.

Poor Andy…

New Straits Times

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