FHM Singapore Hits Ten

28 Aug

SINGAPORE : Best known for its sexy pictorials that get the blood pressure rising, FHM or “For Him Magazine” which turns 10 in September, is set to celebrate its anniversary with a bang.

Packed with “the sexiest, funniest and most useful information”, FHM is Singapore’s top selling magazine for men with a readership of some 56,000. Its global publication reaches out to around 10 million men in 31 countries.

If you thought FHM always had skimpy-clothed women on its covers, think again.

Before the onslaught of the Internet, covers were conservative and believe it or not, everyone was covered up. As society became more liberal, the magazine also evolved to become more risqu
 and pushed the boundaries.

Mandy Soong, the newly-crowned champ of FHM’s Girl Next Door, has no qualms about being associated with a men’s magazine, in fact, her nonchalant attitude seems to be working for her.

The 19-year-old student took part in the contest to gain more media exposure and now she’s one step closer to a career in showbiz.

But FHM Senior Editor David Fuhrmann-Lim will have you know that the magazine is not just about hot looks and bodies. “We don’t really set out to objectify anyone, the pictorials glorify the women and they are always accompanied by a very FHM-style interview which in a way showcases the girls’ personalities.”

Besides the beautiful women, which only take up 30 per cent of the magazine, FHM also carries features that cover a wide array of topics, from health and fitness to travel.

However, Fuhrmann-Lim admits that the sexy pictorials tend to overwhelm the magazine, causing people to overlook the other content.

But this very aspect is also part of FHM’s winning formula, which can be summed up in three words – sexy, funny and useful.

“Sexy will attract the people. Funny will make them continue reading, and useful will make them stay as fans,” Fuhrmann-Lim explained.

Part of FHM’s success also boils down to tantalising events held in conjunction with the magazine, which serve as an incentive for readers.

“We tend to be very event-centric because it gets the branding out there and it gets the readers a chance to meet the people at work and of course, the FHM girls. And they know what is going on and it is kind of like a reward for them and for being with us all this time,” said Fuhrmann-Lim.

For FHM’s Girl Next Door, finalists were supposed to come up with a campaign promise which they will fulfil if they won. The more outrageous the promise, the higher the likelihood of garnering more votes.

Unlike other unoriginal suggestions such as letting people lick chocolate off your body, Soong came up with this – making sushi along Orchard Road in her lingerie.

FHM will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in September, and will combine the party with the its signature cover of 100 sexiest women in the world.

In the meantime, you can catch the FHM team and Soong in her sushi act on Friday, 5pm at Tangs Orchard Road.

– CNA/yt

Channel News Asia


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