Party Organiser Cashing In On F1 Buzz Starts Mobile Party Concept

9 Sep

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s inaugural F1 race takes off at the end of September, and cashing in on the buzz is one party organiser who is launching a unique mobile party spot, Aqua, along the Clarke Quay riverside.

While still in the final stages of construction, the concept behind it is simple.

Alexander Hascher, co-managing director of Grandstand, a mobile party venue company, said: “We see a trend, not just in Singapore, but in any big cities, that nightlife has shifted areas. For example, (in) Singapore, (it) used to be Club Street, then Boat Quay, (and) all the different locations.

“Now (it’s) Clarke Quay, maybe One Fullerton (is) next, (and) Sentosa, so there are lots of places here you (can) have… as a bar or lounge. So that is our intention – every 3 months we will move location.”

The concept is made possible as the venue is created out of three shipping containers, which unfold to be set up in a new location within 24 hours.

Costing half a million dollars, the 3-storey structure can take in a few hundred guests, with the middle-level reserved for exclusive parties, like those planned for the F1 racing teams.

Hascher said: “While this area may still be under construction, in a few days, Aqua hopes to transform it and have exclusive parties on this upper deck for some 70 to 80 people, and just above it, on the top deck, will be an area reserved exclusively for performers and deejays.”

After test-bedding the concept in Singapore, Aqua hopes to make waves overseas.

Gerhard Lanyl, another co-managing director of Grandstand, said: “In view of our plans to promote Aqua as a franchise concept, (there’s) strong competitive advantage for our franchisee to shift venue and not take a major location risk.”

To start it off with a bang, one of the first parties organised at Aqua will be for FHM magazine this Friday, when the magazine combines its 10th anniversary party with its signature cover of the “100 sexiest women in the world 2008”.


Channel News Asia


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