'Burn' Blazes To Top Of North American Box Office

15 Sep

LOS ANGELES: “Burn After Reading,” the newest dark comedy by sibling directors Ethan and Joel Coen, was the top weekend movie draw in the United States and Canada, preliminary industry figures showed Sunday.

The film, starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt, debuted with US$19.4 million in North American ticket sales, according to industry tracking company Exhibitor Relations.

In second place was the melodrama “The Family that Preys” by playwright-turned-filmmaker Tyler Perry with US$18 million, followed by police drama “Righteous Kill” starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, with US$16.5 million.

The modern update of the classic film “The Women,” starring Hollywood sweetheart Meg Ryan, was in fourth place with US$10 million.

In fifth was “The House Bunny,” about an ousted Playboy bunny who becomes a college sorority house mother, with US$4.3 million.

The spoof “Tropic Thunder” – Ben Stiller’s movie-within-a-movie about filming a war flick in the middle of a real-life conflict zone – came in sixth place with US$4.1 million in receipts.

“Batman” sequel “The Dark Knight” was seventh with US$4 million. The blockbuster film also claimed the title of second all-time box office champion with US$512 million in ticket sales since its release.

Last week’s box office winner “Bangkok Dangerous,” starring Nicolas Cage as a ruthless hitman on assignment in Thailand, fell to eighth this week with just US$2.4 million in sales.

“Traitor,” a war-on-terror epic featuring Don Cheadle as a former US Special Ops officer and potential international conspirator, was ninth, pocketing US$2.4 million.

In 10th place was “Death Race,” an action-adventure flick about an ex-convict competing against prison inmates in a freedom-or-death car race, with US$2 million in ticket sales.

– AFP/yb

Channel News Asia

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