Wet, Wow And Wonderful

15 Sep

SINGAPORE : There was no lack of babes and beauties at FHM Singapore’s party celebrating their annual poll of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World on Friday night.

The party also commemorated the magazine’s 10th anniversary – no mean feat, noted senior editor David Furhmann-Lim. “So many things have changed in 10 years,” he said. “Ten years ago, we didn’t have iPods. Ten years ago, we just got introduced to ‘The Matrix’. I think everybody took the right pill, because we’re all here tonight having fun.”

True to FHM form, awards were also given out in the quirkiest categories, including a “World Peace” award to popular catfighting bloggers Xia Xue and Dawn Yang, and a “Size Does Matter” award to “881” and “12 Lotus” star Mindee Ong (we’ll let you infer what you will from that).

Among the luminaries who turned up for the do were popular TV personality Utt (Incredible Tales); and MTV VJ Taya, who looked fetching in a sexy blue outfit.

The party was the first to be held at Aqua, a new modular mobile party venue located near Clarke Quay at Merchant Loop. Complementing Aqua’s yacht-like structure, the theme of the night was Wet and Wow – complete with girls in figure-hugging outfits spraying party-goers with Super Soakers.

But nobody appeared more wowed than Andrea Fonseka, who looked surprised that she once again topped the magazine’s poll – she also won last year.

Fonseka beat international beauties, including model Heidi Klum, Chinese actress Zhou Xun, new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko and Heroes star Hayden Panettiere.

“I’m really grateful to David and his entire team because FHM basically kick-started my career in Singapore,” said the 24-year-old Malaysian.

Channel News Asia


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