S'pore's Official Entry For Oscars "My Magic" Gets Lukewarm Response Here

1 Oct

SINGAPORE: “My Magic”, Singapore’s official entry for the Oscars, has had a lukewarm response with local movie-goers. One reason could be its NC16 rating.

However, those who’ve watched the movie had high regards for director Eric Khoo and his cast.

The director and cast interacted with movie buffs at a special “blog aloud’ screening at VivoCity on Monday.

“My Magic” was initially planned for release in Singapore on October 23. However it was brought forward to qualify for the Oscars.

Due to some vulgar language in Hokkien and Tamil, it has been rated NC16 and opened only in three screens.

Even lead actor Jathisweran cannot catch the movie in the theatre, because he is only 14.

“My Magic” which made waves recently at Cannes, is due to be screened at the upcoming Pusan and Golden Horse film festivals, and later in France and India.

Although the movie only collected a meagre seven thousand dollars in its first weekend in Singapore, its producers are far from worried.

Eric Khoo, director of “My Magic”, said: “We have been very fortunate with this film because even before the release we have made a profit, because we sold to many territories overseas. What we should know is that we cannot make a film just for the Singapore market and hope to make a profit.”

Channel News Asia

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