Jay Chou To Star In Action Film 'Ci Ling'

21 Nov

TAIWAN: Taiwanese singer-actor Jay Chou, is set to star in Chu Yen-Ping’s upcoming action film “Ci Ling”, said the singer’s management company, JVR.

A Korean actress will star opposite Chou in this film which revolves around a young couple who travel back in time to Mongolia, in search of hidden treasure.

The movie will cost around S$10 million to produce and Chou is rumoured to receive S$4 million for his role.

Filming is scheduled to start January next year, and is set for a Lunar New Year release in 2010.

Meanwhile Chu who also worked with Chou in “Kung Fu Dunk”, has crushed rumours of a sequel to the 2008 Asian hit.

“We have already brought the combination of kung fu and basketball to the top with ‘Kung Fu Dunk’, and the worst thing for cinema is to be repetitive and stale, which is why we have decided to make a fresh, action-packed adventure,” said Wu Dun, chairman of Chan Hong Films which is producing “Ci Ling”.

– CNA/km/il

Channel News Asia

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