A Meandering Visit

10 Dec

SINGAPORE : A lecturer, Walter, (Richard Jenkins) pays a visit to his second home in the city only to find an illegal immigrant couple, Tarek and Zainab, living in his apartment.

Despite initially chasing them off, he relents and invites them back in. Tarek is a djembe player and his relationship with Walter grows as they bond through the rhythm and percussion. Then Tarek is arrested one day, which provokes a paradigm shift in his life.

Of course, like most paradigm shifts, it takes a while for you to realise that such a shift is happening as this movie moves at the pace of snail taking a Sunday stroll.

We see Walter attempt to get his newfound friend out of the detention centre, and form relationships with Zainab and Mouna, Tarek’s mother. Yes, its one of those meandering stories that’s not big on getting from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible.

The pacing is deliberately drawn out, which is fine – after all, we’ve seen Eric Khoo’s movies – but know that without Jenkins (“Six Feet Under”, “Burn After Reading”) in the lead role, this would probably be a contender for Dull Movie of the Year. –

Channel News Asia

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