Hot Looks, Not So Hot Singing

24 Dec

SINGAPORE : Let’s face it. Some singers are just ironically not cut out for singing. Unfortunately, this is the case for Taiwanese-groomed boy band Fahrenheit.

It’s hence not difficult to imagine the intermittent feelings of agony I experienced throughout the evening during the Singapore stop of the Fahrenheit Fantasy World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Comprising members Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang and Wu Chun, Fahrenheit shot to stardom in Southeast Asia after releasing their first album in 2006.

Acting in multiple hit Taiwanese dramas and aided by their good looks, Fahrenheit has been built on the winning marketing formula of their predecessors, boy band F4, and stands as arguably the most popular boy band in the Chinese music industry today.

So, it wasn’t a real concern of the 7,000 strong crowd full of screaming fans that the boys singing were at best mediocre.

Be it performing fan-favourites like “Little VIP”, “Really Like You”, “New Home” and “Star”, or even rapping to Jay Chou’s “Nunchucks”, one can hardly ignore the numerous out of tune moments throughout the concert.

But, to give the group credit, the singing was actually better than I had initially expected.

Throughout the night, Fahrenheit transported their adoring fans, many of whom flew in from around the region specially for the concert, to their different fantasy worlds.

With elaborate costumes and staging, the boys practically did it all – from wielding light sabres, to donning pilot gear and even swinging swords as ninjas.

Most notably after performing an old school segment which had Fahrenheit decked out in chequered suits and suspenders, performing old songs in English, Cantonese and Chinese, Wang turned to ask the crowd while they removed their jackets, “Did you enjoy our old school segment?”

Amidst the hysterical shrieks from the fans he then rather astutely joked, “You all just like it when we take off our jackets right?”

Mostly made up of young hormonal teenage girls, fans also reciprocated with high decibel screams and bouquets of flowers and stuffed toys of which they tossed on stage to their ever obliging idols.

Chen even noted before performing his solo beat-boxing routine that he had sustained some scratches on his left hand from the overzealous and enthusiastic fans.

There was much to love and definitely much envy as well, when December baby Baoru, the winner of a SingTel contest, got to fulfil her Fahrenheit fantasy as her idols serenaded her on stage with “To Love”.

As the night progressed, Fahrenheit tried very hard to show off their numerous talents. Be it playing musical instruments, Chen’s attempt at deejay scratching or Yan performing the duet “Ti Amo” with special guest Jade Liu, I couldn’t help but feel that their ‘talents’ were somewhat forced and awkward. But I would give the guys an A for effort for even bothering to try.

One talent however, that I must admit came rather naturally, was the four good lookers’ ability to charm and flirt with their adoring fans especially with their runway-like stage that was built right into the heart of the audience.

At the end of the night, while I’d personally prefer seeing these guys on the small screen, acting, as opposed to being on the big stage, singing, I guess that didn’t matter to the true Fahrenheit fans.

After all, Fahrenheit did deliver what they had promised – a lights and stage extravaganza. Not first-class singing.

Channel News Asia

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