Serving Up The Right Stuff

9 Jan

SINGAPORE – MediaCorp TV Channel 5’s newest sitcom “Serves You Right” is all about making the most of yourself. Starring Fiona Xie, Alaric Tay and Cassandra See, the show revolves around the classroom antics of a motley group of adults attending a part-time class to upgrade their service skills.

Fiona plays dedicated instructor Faith Foo, a young, idealistic trainer who has trouble getting her students to take her seriously.

“My approach is very Sarah Palin,” Fiona told TODAY. “I’ve got the hairstyle and the exaggerated smile. I wanted the glasses, too, but they refused to give it to me. They said it’d be too much. So, it’s Sarah Palin upgraded – with contact lenses.”

“My character is the nemesis,” said Alaric, who plays a potential investor of the school. “Kingston is a spoilt brat from a very rich family … Very often, I play the good nerdy guy, but this time I get to play the bad guy.

“He’s annoying, obnoxious, rude and irritating. That’s absolutely a lot of fun (to play).”

Cassandra brings glitter and glam to the show as a getai singer who aspires to manage her own singers. “Everything I wear is gold or silver!” she exclaimed. “This isn’t my usual style, of course!

“I think if I stand on the roof, you can see me from far away … My character is very loud and very colourful.”

The other students include a part-time kueh seller with anger management issues (Fadhilah Samsudin), a mama-shop owner who doesn’t miss any opportunity to hawk his wares (Puruvalan N) and a social misfit who believes he’s a Transformer stuck in a human body (Kun Wai Kit).

It’s “Mind Your Language”, Singapore style, with an important message to boot: There’s always room for improvement. Even if you’re a Transformer.

Serves You Right premieres January 27 at 8pm. –

Channel News Asia

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