MediaCorp's Ch 5 To Hold Auditions For Leading Roles In New Drama "Polo Boys"

20 Feb

SINGAPORE: If you have the pecs and personality, MediaCorp Channel 5’s latest drama series might just be your big break.

For the first time, the entertainment channel is looking for attractive and talented alpha-males to cast for lead roles in “Polo Boys”, on top of extras.

To qualify, you will have to be between 18 and 25 years old and be able to float on water!

“Polo Boys” is about a group of young men brought together by their love for the sport of water polo.

Tempers flare and things do not go swimmingly when teamwork has to come first.

The show features stars like Adrian Pang, Aaron Aziz and Nathaniel Ho. It is set to hit screens in the middle of this year.

If you have no acting experience, do not fret. You can still make a splash at the auditions at the Education Ministry’s Co-Curricular Activities Branch at Evans Road this Saturday. But do remember to go there in your swimming trunks.

More details can be found on Channel 5’s

Channel News Asia


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