Mark Bonafide: Mark His Words

26 Feb

SINGAPORE – TWO years: That’s how long Mark Bonafide, aka Mark Subra, has taken to finally release his debut solo album, The Bonafide Experience.

Why so long? “I was working with Don Richmond, Jason Tan and Taufik Batisah on this one. We kept going back and forth as we tried to pick the songs for the album,” he said.

“It was quite difficult, actually.In the end, we just chose what Don and I really liked. Luckily I didn’t rush it.

“I’d do it all over again.”

This was a solo album, but Bonafide said he couldn’t take all the credit for it. “I see it as a collaboration. It’s my vision, but it’s their (Don, Jason and Taufik) tools. They helped me get to where I wanted to be.”

Speaking of collaborations, the album also features a bonus track, Round and Round, which he performed with singer Alicia Pan. The song is featured in the homegrown musical, Sleepless Town.

“It was a song done by Don and Jason. They wanted a pop song for radio and they got Alicia in to do the vocals, and since I was working with Don on my album, they got me in as well,” said the 29-year-old rapper. “The funny thing is we never met until after the recording at a party. We did communicate by Facebook though!”

“Yeah, we never met during the recording itself,” said Alicia, 24. “I did my part, and Mark did his separately. The Live ‘n’ Loaded show was the first time we performed together in front of an audience.”

Added Bonafide: “Funnily enough, we’re both going to be performing at Mosaic Music Festival, but not together! She’s got one set and I’m following after. Maybe we can segue with Round and Round. If they’re not strict about it, I might just grab a mic and jump onstage with her!”

As for his expectations for his album, Bonafide wants to go all the way. “I just want it to set a milestone in terms of hip-hop and R&B in Singapore. I don’t mean to sound cocky, but really, I hope people hear it and go: ‘I’ve never heard anything like it in Singapore.'”

But, he said, that’s only because he thinks that Singapore has a “great music scene”.

“I think we can kick the international music scene’s butt. I hope that in 10 years’ time, we’ll be at a stage where international acts will envy us!”

The Bonafide Experience is out in shops now. Alicia Pan and Mark Bonafide perform at Mosaic Music Festival March 13, 7.30pm and 8.40pm, respectively, at the Nokia Music Station (Outdoor Theatre). –

Channel News Asia

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