Eastwood And Freeman Get On-Set Doctor

3 Mar

NEW YORK : Producers of Clint Eastwood’s new movie “The Human Factor” have hired a private doctor to look after the director and the film’s veteran star Morgan Freeman on the set of their latest movie.

A doctor has been flown out to the African set to monitor Freeman who plays Nelson Mandela alongside Matt Damon in the upcoming drama. Movie bosses also want to make sure 78-year-old Eastwood is looked after during filming.

Producers are especially concerned about the health of Freeman due to his serious car accident last August that left him with a broken arm and shoulder and a paralysed hand. The passenger travelling with Freeman when his car left the road in Mississippi last August recently revealed that she is suing the actor for negligence following the crash.

“There’s a huge budget for the film at stake,” a source told the New York Daily News newspaper. “These guys are getting up there in age. Sure, they had physicals before leaving; everyone has to. But the private doctor was just an agreed upon decision on all sides of the table.”

Eastwood recently acknowledged he is getting old, but said his passion for films keeps him young at heart.

“I like taking it easy, I like golf and I like Budweiser. All that stuff is fine, but the main thing is I still like working, I think working keeps you young, I think it keeps your mind active. It’s like exercising your body – exercising your brain. Both of them are synonymous.”

– CNA/ap

Channel News Asia

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