Old People Hooking Up

6 Mar

New York jingle writer and failed composer Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman) isn’t having the best of days. He’s in London to attend his daughter’s wedding, but her stepdad’s giving her away instead.

He misses his flight home and is summarily sacked over the phone when he rings his boss. Enter a charming yet sardonic Englishwoman (Emma Thompson) and, what do you know, life’s looking up again.

The predictable story might be wafer thin and schmaltzy. But when the performances come from Academy-Award winning leads – Hoffman plays Harvey with a bemused dexterity that only an actor of his stature can, while Thompson is her usual seemingly effortlessly charming self – it’s still heaps better than the insipid young rom-coms churned out year after year.

Channel News Asia

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