Nick Cannon Denies Engagement Ring Lawsuit

31 Mar

LOS ANGELES : Nick Cannon has vehemently denied reports that he is embroiled in a legal battle over the engagement ring he bought his wife, Mariah Carey.

Reports have suggested that the star was close to financial ruin and was facing a lawsuit from the jewellery store where he bought the diamond band in 2008.

According to reports, the jewellery store was suing Cannon for failing to pay for the US$500,000 ring in full.

However the rapper insists that the rumours are baseless and has hit back at reports by blogging on his official internet blog.

“It was this craziness about me being broke and being sued by my jeweller! Ridiculous! I just got like three new major multi-million dollar deals in the last two months. And I ain’t even finish yet… But now I’m broke, okay!”

“Where do these people get this stuff? First off, I wish my wife’s ring did only cost US$500,000, that would have been a deal!”

“Do your research and you will see how much I really paid for it. When my wife and I first got married people were lying and saying the ring was used or that I re-gifted it! So after we cleared that up, almost a year later they come with some more ring drama,” wrote Cannon.

The rumours have clearly upset the star, and he has said that he has no qualms about confronting anyone who continues to spread these baseless accusations on the net.

In a video posted on he said, “I take respect real seriously and when you cross what I feel like you’re offending my personal space, I wanna give you the full opportunity to say whatever you need to say to my face directly.”

This issue is an especially sensitive one to Cannon who has said he would do whatever it takes to make his wife happy and would never skimp when it comes to buying presents for her.

“I would spend every last dime that I have ever made on my wife, she deserves to be showered with extraordinary gifts and as long as I live I will spend all my money on her and never touch a dime of hers.”

– CNA/ap

Channel News Asia

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