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Amy, Ella Di Konsert Ambang 2010

30 Dec

AMY Search

AMY Search, Ella dan dua kumpulan indie generasi baru, Hujan dan Bunkface antara daya tarikan yang menggamit penonton ke konsert Ambang 2010 pada 31 Disember ini di Dataran Merdeka. Konsert ini kali kelima dianjurkan kumpulan AmBank sejak 2003.

Konsert ini mendapat kerjasama Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL). Sementara itu, Raja Azura dan Zainal Alam Kadir akan memikul tugas sebagai pengacara pada malam konsert yang dijangka bermula jam 8 malam.

TV2 pula akan menjadi penyiar rasmi dan akan disiarkan secara langsung pada jam 10.30 malam. Amy berkata, disiarkan di TV, tetapi ia tidak menghalang orang ramai menyaksikan konsert itu secara langsung di Dataran Merdeka.

“Suasana menonton di depan TV dan secara langsung sebenarnya memberi situasi berbeza. Dalam konsert itu, saya akan mendendangkan empat lagu, antaranya Isabella dan Fantasia Bulan Madu,” kata Amy pada sidang media konsert terbabit minggu lalu di Restoran Seri Melayu.

Bagi Zainal Alam Kadir, dia begitu teruja mengacarakan konsert itu di samping Raja Azura.

“Tak sangka, saya sekali lagi dipanggil AmBank untuk terbabit sama pada tahun ini. Ia satu pengalaman yang indah untuk dikenang dan harapnya ia satu permulaan yang baik untuk saya pada 2010,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Pengerusi Kumpulan AmBank, Tan Sri Azman Hashim berkata, jumlah pengunjung Konsert Ambang 2010 akan daripada tahun tahun lalu yang menyaksikan kehadiran hampir 70,000 penonton.

“Terima kasih kepada DBKL kerana sudi bekerjasama lagi. Selain empat penyanyi utama ini, kita juga mengundang penari pelbagai budaya dan agama dalam konsep yang lebih muhibah seperti penyanyi Permata Negara, Sivakumar, Era, Sokagakai, Bhangra Gold Kartz dan The Singing Shop.

“Penari dan orkestra daripada DBKL juga akan turut sama terbabit menambahkan lagi warna dalam konsert ini. Apa yang kami persembahkan ini sebahagian daripada tanggung jawab sosial korporat kami kepada masyarakat tempatan dan pelancong,” katanya.

Turut hadir di majlis sidang media ini ialah Ketua Pengarah DBKL, Datuk Salleh Yusup.

Salleh berkata, apa yang dilaksanakan AmBank dan pihaknya adalah dalam misi menjadikan Kuala Lumpur sebagai bandar raya berfestival. sejajar dengan hasrat untuk membawa imej baik kepada negara.

“Selain di Dataran Merdeka, sambutan juga akan diadakan di Bukit Bintang, KLCC dan Solaris, Mont Kiara. Cuma di samping kita seronok berhibur, masyarakat harus meletakkan kepekaan untuk menjaga tingkah laku dan kebersihan,” katanya.

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30 Dec

Michelle does a Jolin impersonation for charity but not everyone is convinced
Or will she fall flat on her chest?
By Kwok Kar Peng
December 30, 2009

MICHELLE Chong has played a Japanese geisha, a Filipino maid, a flighty Sarong Party Girl president and a bimbotic newscaster.

Next month, she’ll impersonate Jolin Tsai.

The TV host/actress has been asked to imitate the Taiwanese diva and undisputed gossip magnet for a segment in the upcoming Ren Ci Charity Show 2010.

The show is back after a two-year break.

Hmm… Much as we adore Michelle for her chameleonic transformations, we doubt she can pull it off.

Firstly, can Michelle’s talents fill the cup?

(If you expected us to talk about Jolin’s awesome dancing skills first, you really don’t know us very well.)

Even Michelle, 32, admitted to The New Paper at the media conference yesterday: ‘Everyone, including my co-workers, kept asking me about the difference in cup-size too. Everyone was so concerned about her G-cup. It was only today that I knew Jolin is that size.’

She gamely told us she’s a B or C.

Erm, that’s rather far apart in the alphabet.

‘I can’t see she’s that size. I did one imaging as Jolin and I wasn’t told I need padding,’ said Michelle.

‘Besides, that’s not the main point. Her dancing, expression and overall feel should be.’

In the same segment of the show, which will be televised live on Channel U at 7.30pm on 24 Jan, the usually prim and proper Guo Liang will also mimic Hong Kong God of Songs Jacky Cheung, while radio DJ/actor Dennis Chew will reprise his role as nosey parker Aunty Lucy.

Other performers include Elvin Ng and Felicia Chin, who will play star-crossed lovers in the Chinese classic Butterfly Lovers.

Zoe Tay and Chen Hanwei will draw a portrait as they spin a 1.5m canvas around.

But back to Michelle.

The actress admitted it will be tough impersonating Jolin.

Even after a two-hour image makeover involving several wigs, she admitted she didn’t look much like the 29-year-old Taiwan star.

Instead, she was told she looked more like Taiwanese artiste Patty Hou, who is believed to have broken up Jolin’s romance with musician Jay Chou.

Patty is the only woman Jay has admitted to dating. They were an item in 2005 and broke up the next year.

Oh, Jolin would so not appreciate the dark irony. And to add salt to the wound, there’s a chance Michelle might make a total mockery of her dance moves too.

And that is Michelle’s biggest worry.

Can’t dance at all

She admitted she has no sense of rhythm, and having to learn to dance like Jolin in a matter of weeks is ‘super challenging’.

She said: ‘I initially thought it was a comedic impersonation. That was okay because it’s something I’ve always done and like to do.’

Then she found out that she has to dance the way Jolin does in her concerts.

‘My friends said I was crazy because I can’t dance at all,’ Michelle said. ‘I Googled and watched her concert performances. It’s like a Cirque du Soleil show – she does pole dancing, acrobatics and gymnastics.’

She tried to convince the production crew to let her imitate someone else, like singers Jay Chou, Cai Qin or Teresa Teng.

You know, people who don’t dance.

But Jolin Tsai it had to be, she was told. So for the sake of the charity, Michelle took up the challenge.

She will perform Jolin’s mega dance hit 72 Changes.

Michelle is also trying to rev up the sex appeal to match the sexy Jolin. She practises in front of the mirror, but finds it tough because she has done comedy for a long time and thinks people will laugh when she attempts to be sexy.

She is, however, a comedienne through and through, and hopes to ham it up for the cameras.

‘The producers don’t want it to be hilarious. I must show the difficulty and challenge in the dance, but I think there must be a comedic element in the performance,’ she said.

She confessed that this is her most difficult impersonation to date. Just doing the 15-minute warm-up exercises leaves her panting.

Michelle already has two bruised knees and she hasn’t even started learning the gymnastics in the dance routine yet. She even wondered how she would be able to dance in heels like Jolin.

But there is something that has just given her renewed inspiration.

‘Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao is my current idol but I couldn’t attend his concert in Taipei on Boxing Day,’ she said.

‘So I went online to find out more about him and found a clip of him performing 72 Changes. This is fate, how did he know I’m performing the same song too?

‘But his dancing was horrendous. At least I can dance better!’

No more stunts for Ren Ci show

UNLIKE earlier Ren Ci shows, the 2010 version will do away with stunts and focus on performances.

Ren Ci vice-chairman Seow Choke Meng, who is chairman of the show organising committee, attributed the change to public feedback.

‘(People) feel the stunts can cause injuries to performers,’ he said.

The Ren Ci show had been a TV extravaganza since 2003.

Celebs would sing, dance and perform stunts for telephone donations.

Donations went as high as $7million in 2007.

Past shows had artistes suspended in mid-air strapped to huge ‘rubber bands’ where they did somersaults and other stunts.

The former CEO of Ren Ci, Shi Ming Yi, abseiled down the 45-storey Suntec City Tower Two, and walked across two wooden beams dangling off the side of the 66-storey Republic Plaza.

The show was cancelled after Ming Yi was investigated for financial irregularities in 2007. He was sentenced to 10 months’ jail last month. He is out on bail and has appealed against the sentence.

The upcoming show is expected to raise $4 million for Ren Ci, which has an estimated deficit of $10 million for this financial year.


The NewPaper

Sheen Held Wife At Knifepoint, Threatened To Kill: Reports

30 Dec

LOS ANGELES – Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen held his wife at knifepoint and threatened to kill her before being arrested on charges of domestic violence, official documents published by US media showed Tuesday.

Sheen, the star of Oscar-winning films such as “Platoon” and “Wall Street”, is alleged to have attacked his wife of 19 months, Brooke Mueller, at a vacation home in the exclusive ski resort on Aspen, Colorado on Christmas Day.

The 44-year-old, who also stars in the primetime television comedy series “Two And A Half Men,” was released later Friday after being booked on charges of domestic violence by the Aspen Police Department.

Police have not formally identified Mueller as the victim in the incident. However a court affidavit related to the incident was published by website identifying Mueller.

In the affidavit by police officer Rick Magnuson, Mueller told a fellow officer who arrived on the scene that Sheen, identified by his birth name Carlos Irwin Estevez, had threatened her with a knife during an argument.

The altercation was triggered by Mueller’s threat that she wanted a divorce and would seek custody of the couple’s children, according to the affidavit.

“Mueller stated that Estevez (Sheen) became enraged by this; he grabbed Mueller by the upper part of the throat while straddling her on the bed,” the affidavit reads.

“Mueller added that Estevez then pulled out a knife, holding it to her throat, saying ‘You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you. Your mother’s money means nothing, I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave any trace.’ Mueller told Officer McFarlane she was in fear of her life.”

Magnuson also noted in the affidavit Mueller had red marks around her throat which she said had been caused by Sheen pinning her down on the bed.

Sheen also admitted possessing and showed police a folding knife with a four-inch blade, according to the affidavit.

Sheen was released after posting an 8,500-dollar bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for February 8.

After several entanglements with the law in the 1990s in cases related to drugs, domestic violence and prostitution, Sheen is now one of the best-paid TV comedians thanks to “Two and a Half Men” and “Spin City.”

In 1997, the actor was tried for attacking his girlfriend at his California home. He has also been accused of assaulting his ex-wife actress Denise Richards, a former James Bond girl.

Mueller gave birth to the couple’s twin boys Max and Bob back in March. Sheen also has two daughters from Richards, whom he divorced in 2006 after a four-year marriage and a 23-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

– AFP/rs

Channel News Asia

S.Korean Govt Plans Bigger Push For Korean Wave Products Abroad

30 Dec

SEOUL : It all started with the popularity of Korean dramas, which quickly captivated millions of fans around the world.

Since then, the Korean wave has triggered a surge of demand for all things Korean.

Japan and China are the biggest buyers today and the South Korean government has even bigger plans to boost the wave further.

In July, it opened Star Avenue in Seoul and the memorabilia hall of Korean stars has already drawn more than 43,000 visitors.

On display are costumes, accessories, and various other items donated by the stars such as a leather vest worn by Korean pop star Rain and the hand print of popular actress Choi Ji Woo.

Here, you can get up close and personal with your favourite star, put on the costumes they wore, and even pose as one of the characters or send an email to your favourite star by using a touch screen computer.

“Everyone I know likes watching Korean dramas, my mother likes them, I like them, my sister likes them and all my friends like them,” said one tourist.

Thanks to the Korean wave, sites featured in popular Korean drama series like the Four Seasons House in Seoul have also become some of the hottest tourist attractions here.

It is believed the Korean drama “Winter Sonata” in 2002 started the Korean wave and it is so popular in Asia that the economic benefits generated by the leading actor Bae Yong Joon alone, is estimated to account for 0.1 per cent of the country’s GDP in 2005.

And Korean stars aren’t the only ones who reap the benefits.

The wave has also boosted demand for Korean products ranging from cosmetics, electronics, to automobiles.

Now, the South Korean government is also hoping to ride the Korean wave to polish its national image.

“Brand is collectively what we are… It is to project an accurate picture of where Korea today is, what Koreans are and who we are,” said Samuel Koo, Chairman, Cultural and Tourism Committee, Presidential Council on Nation Branding.

The nation branding council plans to spend 100 billion won, or US$85 million, to correct Korea’s negative image as a divided country choked by frequent street protests.

Organisers have also roped in its citizens to help with the campaign.

“When I get approached by foreigners, I try my best to help them with the directions and everything. You might think there’s not a lot of things an individual can do. But if small changes can come together, we can actually make a big improvement and change eventually,” said one citizen.

“I guess Koreans are very unified citizens, so as a citizen of Korea, I can participate more in the government’s events or help foreigners to look around so that they can feel more welcomed. That way more people will come and more people will know about Korea,” said another.

South Korea now ranks 31st on the Anholt Nation Brands Index, falling behind Japan, China and Singapore. But the council is determined to raise its ranking to 15th by 2013.

– CNA/il

Channel News Asia

Dengarnya…: Pengajaran Kepada Scha

29 Dec

PADA Sabtu lalu heboh kisah tiga selebriti muda iaitu Awal Ashaari, Scha Al Yahya dengan Juliana Evans ditahan di sebuah pusat hiburan terkemuka di Kuala Lumpur. Heboh jugalah dunia hiburan apabila kisah penahanan mereka terpampang di surat khabar. Maklumlah sebelum ini ketiga-tiga selebriti ini mempunyai rekod yang bersih, jadi apabila tiba-tiba mereka ditahan kecoh jugalah dibuatnya.

Cik Normah sempatlah menjenguk ke beberapa laman sembang, habis teruk ketiga-tiga mereka dikutuk terutamanya Scha AlYahya. Selama ini Scha disangka gadis baik dan bersih, tetapi apabila berlakunya kes itu, macam-macam orang mengata.

Dalam Hip semalam, Cik Normah tengok muka Scha sugul habis. Kata Scha dia pergi ke sana kerana nak raikan ulang tahun sahabatnya dari Australia. Kenapa tak ajak raikan kat restoran mamak saja! Senang, selamat dan murah.

Kalau Cik Normah jadi Scha tentulah Cik Normah takut, ialah sedang kerjaya berada di kemuncak tup-tup nama dipalit dengan kisah hitam. Kalau dilihat pergi ke masjid tak apalah, ini ditangkap ketika berada dalam kelab. Apatah lagi Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian bakal berlangsung tak lama saja lagi, Cik Normah takut nanti perkara itu memberi kesan kepada undian Scha pula.

Berbalik kepada kisah Scha pergi ke kelab, dalam Hip semalam, Scha menyebut dia baru saja habis penggambaran Awan Dania. Tapi dari apa yang Cik Normah dengar sebenarnya malam itu Scha tidak terbabit dengan sebarang penggambaran. Betul atau tidak ada penggambaran Cik Normah tak pasti sebab itu apa yang orang sampaikan. Tapi apa motif dia berkata demikian? Adakah Scha nak beritahu yang dia langsung tidak merancang ke kelab kerana dia ada penggambaran tetapi dia terperangkap sebab undangan kawan?

Tak mengapalah Scha, hanya Scha saja yang tahu apa yang berlaku. Apa yang berlaku jadi pengajaran. Cuma, Cik Normah takut populariti Scha merudum hanya disebabkan sedikit masalah sosial. Maklumlah peminat kita ini selalunya sukakan artis yang baik-baik contohnya macam Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, jadi pandai-pandailah Scha jaga nama kalau mahu bertahan lama dalam industri.

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8TV Anjurkan Program Realiti Tarian Showdown

29 Dec

LAM (berdiri tiga dari kiri) bergambar dengan tenaga kerja dan pihak penaja yang terbabit dalam Showdown 2010.

8TV memulakan pencarian bakat baru dalam tarian untuk menyertai program realiti terbitannya, Showdown yang akan mula disiarkan pada Mac depan.

Sesi uji bakat akan diadakan bermula 9 hingga 31 Januari depan. Hadiah wang tunai RM50,000 menjadi ganjaran dan umpan untuk terus memastikan misi mencari bakat tarian ini berjalan. Tarian jalanan atau street dance menjadi genre tarian yang diutamakan dan setiap kumpulan diwakili lima hingga ketujuh orang penari.

Uji bakat terbuka tanpa ada batas usia, namun bagi mereka yang berumur bawah 18 tahun perlu mendapat kebenaran daripada ibu bapa atau penjaga.

Pengurus Besar 8TV, Lam Swee Kim, berkata idea menghasilkan program terbabit adalah susulan daripada kejayaan yang dilakar menerusi program So You Think U Can Dance (SYTUCD).

“Ini peluang kepada mereka yang meminati bidang tarian mengetengahkan bakat yang ada ke pasaran lebih besar. Program ini menjadi pendedahan terbaik untuk mencuri perhatian dan ruang kerjaya profesional pada masa mendatang.

“Kami tak membataskan untuk peserta amatur semata-mata. Peserta profesional juga dialu-alukan,” katanya ketika sidang media program terbabit diadakan baru-baru ini di KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Seperti kebanyakan pertandingan realiti lain, undian SMS juga dipraktikkan. Bagaimanapun peranan juri profesional yang dipilih akan membantu peserta berbakat yang kurang undian untuk mara ke peringkat seterusnya.

“Joe Flizzow dan Maple Loo diberi tanggungjawab sebagai juri kerana kelayakan bidang mereka bukan satu persoalan lagi. Penyampai radio Fly FM, Hafiz Hatim pula sebagai pengacara. Dengan keupayaan Hafiz berbahasa Inggeris dan Melayu serta kelincahannya, dia calon terbaik mengemudi program ini,” kata Kim lagi sambil ditemani penerbit Showdown 2010, Zebedee De Costa.

Sementara itu, Joe Flizzow yang ditemui berkata, usaha yang dilakukan 8TV ini wajar dipuji. Dia menafikan bahawa kerjaya tarian ini tidak mempunyai masa depan dan sekadar suka-suka.

Joe yang mula dikenali menerusi Too Phat, berkata persembahan tarian juga sudah mula berkembang pesat sejak kebelakangan ini.

“Menerusi pengalaman dan pengamatan saya sendiri, ada daripada mereka yang menjadikan bidang tarian sebagai hobi sejak di bangku sekolah lagi. Malahan cabang ini juga dimanfaatkan untuk tujuan berfaedah seperti bekerjasama dengan organisasi tertentu dan penaja. Kalau dibuat dengan konsisten, bidang ini turut boleh jadi mata pencarian.

“Tapi untuk terus mendapat kerjaya yang stabil, mereka perlu berorientasikan bisnes. Saya ada kawan yang sudah boleh membuka studio tarian. Bukan bidang ini saja, bidang lain pun kalau kena gayanya memang akan ada masa depan. Negara kita juga sudah ada wakil penari yang diamanahkan bertanding ke peringkat luar negara.

“Jika dulu bidang ini lebih dikuasai Korea, Jepun dan Filipina. Tapi sekarang, negara kita juga boleh bersaing dan mencapai kejayaan yang sama seperti negara terbabit. Kita sebenarnya ada bakat mentah yang tercicir dan selalunya saya nampak di pertandingan tarian. Harapnya dengan wujudnya program ini mereka boleh mencuri peluang,” katanya.

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Fiffy Cuba Popularkan Irama J-Pop

29 Dec

Oleh Esme Johari Wahab

SESUAI dengan usia serta pengikutnya terdiri daripada golongan remaja, Fiffy Natasya Suhaimi, 16, cuba keluar daripada imej kanak-kanak dengan membawa identiti baru, Pop Jepun atau J-Pop.

Meskipun bakatnya lebih menyerlah dalam lakonan drama dan filem, Fiffy tidak takut mencuba kelainan untuk perjuangannya dalam bidang nyanyian.

Bagi Fiffy, irama J-Pop sesuai dengan jiwa remaja dan dia tampil berambut perang dan stail harajuku, pakaian remaja belasan tahun yang begitu popular di daerah Shinjuku dan Shibuya di Jepun.

Katanya, memperkenalkan imej baru tidak boleh dipandang remeh kerana faktor itu boleh dinilai peminat untuk mengukur kematangan artis memajukan karier seni pada masa depan.

Sebagai muka baru bidang seni suara dan masih setahun jagung, imej J-Pop menyuntik semangat baru terhadap penampilan dirinya.

“Konsep J-Pop adalah cetusan idea komposer muda, Meor Aniq yang mencipta single Kawaii. Imej ini sesuai dengan minat saya dan kebetulan amat meminati bakat dimiliki penyanyi dan aktres terkenal Jepun, Ayumi Hamasaki.

“Sebelum ini, saya tiada identiti atau imej khusus untuk ditawarkan kepada peminat. Saya mahu identiti remaja moden, sesuai dengan irama dan penampilan untuk single sulung. Saya harap peminat menerima imej J-Pop yang masih dianggap baru di Malaysia.

“Sebelum masuk studio, ayah bawa saya jumpa Meor. Beliau mengagumi kesenian Jepun lantas memperkenalkan J-Pop yang dikatakan amat sesuai dengan fizikal dan suara keanak-anakan saya.

“Beliau bersetuju buat lagu untuk saya. Susuk fizikal Meor yang besar membuatkan saya yakin dan tidak fikir dua kali menerima cadangan J-Pop,” katanya.

Anak bongsu dua beradik yang juga pelajar tingkatan empat ini berkata, Kawaii atau Comel dalam bahasa Malaysia adalah projek pertama singlenya dan ia boleh didengari dan dimuat turun melalui Myspace.saya.



Katanya, walaupun rakam satu lagu, kos pembikinan menelan belanja RM10,000.

Kini Fiffy berhasrat merakamkan Kawaii ke bahasa Jepun jika muat turun nada dering Myspace mendapat sambutan peminat.

“Liriknya sudah ada, ditulis rakan yang mahir menulis dan bercakap bahasa itu. Jadi, saya tunggu reaksi peminat dan pendengar. Apapun, saya tidak tahu sejauh mana saya dapat diterima dengan J-Pop.

“Saya mungkin mempelajari bahasa Jepun kerana ia memberi kelebihan jika menyanyi dalam dua bahasa. Cara itu lebih baik untuk menarik peminat luar negara,” katanya.

Ternyata selain pengaruh drama bersiri dan program televisyen, kemasukan irama dan muzik dari Jepun sudah lama mendapat tempat di hati peminat tempatan.

Irama heavy metal antara terawal dipelopori Loudness dan Earthshaker pada pertengahan 80-an sementara Pizzicato Five dan Flipper’s Guitar, dikaitkan dengan J-Rock, juga mempunyai pengaruh terhadap beberapa kumpulan rock Malaysia.

Selain menyanyi dan berlakon, Fiffy yang mendapat keputusan cemerlang 7A dalam peperiksaan Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR), baru baru ini turut menubuhkan kumpulan indie rock, Underage, dianggotai empat rakan lelaki yang menuntut di sekolah sama.

Katanya, kumpulan Underage menggandingkan pemuzik adik beradik iaitu abang main dram dan adik, gitar. Dua anggota lain main bass dan gitar kedua.

“Kami berlatih di studio milik sendiri apabila tiada kelas. Irama kami banyak dipengaruhi Cranberries dan pop punk Amerika Syarikat, Paramore,” katanya.

Kata Fiffy, dia juga mempunyai peminat sebaya hingga sekarang berikutan popularitinya sebagai duta majalah Bintang Kecil.

“Saya tidak lupa sokongan peminat remaja yang mengikuti perkembangan saya hingga sekarang. Saya tidak mahu mengecewakan mereka. Banyak surat diterima memberi kata perangsang dan semangat kepada saya untuk terus menceburi dunia seni,” katanya.

Bakat Fiffy mula dicungkil pada umur lapan tahun sewaktu menganggotai kumpulan nasyid Wardah yang menghasilkan tiga album.

Dia mula mendapat perhatian pengarah filem dan drama dengan membawa watak artis serta tampil dalam beberapa model iklan dan mengacara program kanak kanak.

Sewaktu berumur 12 tahun, Fiffy bergerak solo dan menghasilkan album sulung bertajuk Kawan. Dia merakam semula lagu Panti Asuhan nyanyian penyanyi Indonesia, Hetty Koes Endang yang dimuatkan dalam album itu.

Fiffy memegang peranan kanak kanak dalam dua filem. Dia diberikan peranan sebagai Erra waktu kecil dalam Cinta Kolesterol dan Waheeda waktu kecil dalam I Know What You Did Last Raya. Antara drama dibintanginya adalah Situasi, Hadiah Murni dan Misteri Syakila.

Wajahnya dapat dilihat melalui iklan televisyen seperti Simfoni Syawal dan Courts Mammoth. Selaku pengawas dan pembaca ikrar perhimpunan pagi di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh, Fiffy cemerlang dalam akademik.

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