Just Amazing, Says Gushing Bride

31 Jan

Just amazing, says gushing bride
January 31, 2010

ONE day after her wedding banquet at Swissotel The Stamford, TV host Charlyn Lin, 31, was obviously still gushing with happiness.

She rattled on so fast over the phone I had to beg her to slow down.

The wedding was amazing, she said.

But no, wait, she caught herself.

That wasn’t the right word to describe how she was feeling, she said.

‘It’s hard to put it in words because there are a lot of thoughts and feelings in me,’ she explained.

The champion of the 2005 reality competition SuperHost celebrated her union with personal trainer Alfred Tang, 32, with a swanky banquet for more than 1,000 guests on Thursday night.

Local stars like Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Chen Hanwei, Cynthia Koh, Zheng Geping, Nat Ho, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Zhenhuan, Joshua Ang, and Mark Lee attended the wedding.

And the evening was special not only for the bride and groom, but also their parents.

The two elderly couples started the night with their own wedding march-in, complete with soaring music and spotlight.

Charlyn said her mother didn’t have a grand entrance for her own wedding.

‘My mother looked teary before she made her entrance,’ Charlyn recalled.

‘I asked her if she was nervous but she replied that there were many things going through her mind.’

Friends and colleagues were asked to come in ‘fun and colourful’ attire. (Not many did.)

There were large cardboard standees of the wedding couple, their families and wedding helpers in the reception area and the banquet hall.

The couple even had their caricatures engraved on blocks of ice, printed on wedding invitations, menus and red packets.

At the end of the dinner, guests found thank-you cards stuck on the bottom of their chairs, with a four-digit number.

‘You know what to do if you win the lottery, eh?’, Mr Tang winked at me after the dinner.

Kwok Kar Peng


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