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Nelly Kini Lebih Berhati-Hati

31 Mar

Ditulis oleh Nonie

Ketika Wardina menyifatkan artis Malaysia tidak layak dijadikan idola, muncul pula gambar artis baru yang membintangi Spa Qistina, Nik Zaris Nellyda, 16. Selepas kecoh aksi ‘bercium’ dengan seorang jejaka yang dikatakan teman lelakinya, muncul berita panas Nelly bersosial di salah sebuah kelab di luar negara.

Walaupun hanya ditemani rakan-rakan wanita, namun persoalan yang timbul, mengapakah dalam usia muda sedemikian, Nelly berani menjejakkan kaki ke tempat seperti itu.

“Nelly sendiri terkejut bila gambar tu keluar dalam internet tapi Nelly rasa ok je sebab bukannya gambar Nelly tengah minum atau buat apa-apa yang tak elok.

“Lagipun Nelly pergi kelab tu dengan kakak masa kami bercuti ke Bali. Nelly tak tahu siapa dan tak mahu tuduh siapa yang menyebarkannya tapi Nelly akan lebih berhati-hati selepas ini. Tak mahulah kalau orang kenal Nelly sebab kontroversi,” ujarnya yang masih menuntut dalam tingkatan empat di Subang.

Masih Mencari Ruang

Meminati dunia seni lakonan sejak kecil dan pernah membintangi iklan ketika berusia 9 tahun, anak ketiga daripada tujuh beradik ini masih mencari ruang yang selesa untuk terus bertapak dalam industri hiburan tanah air. Peluang bergolek apabila Redza Fahmy Suib mengenalpasti bakatnya dan mengenengahkan Nelly ke dalam Spa Qistina.

“Saya sangat bertuah bila Abang Redza bawa saya masuk dalam Spa Q dan dia banyak mengajar selok belok lakonan. Saya berani terima tawaran kerana jadual lakonan tidak mengganggu waktu sekolah saya. Watak di dalam Spa Q juga setakat ini ok lagi dan tak seksi sangat.

“Walaupun emak tidak menggalakkan sangat untuk masuk dalam dunia hiburan sebab masih bersekolah, namun ia bukanlah masalah kerana pelajaran saya tetap fokus utama,” luah Nelly.

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Shawn 'Budak Nakal' Michaels Mahu Bersara

31 Mar

PENGGUSTI veteran World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) yang mendapat jolokan ‘budak nakal’, Shawn Michaels, dikatakan telah memberitahu rakan-rakannya bahawa beliau mahu bersara selepas acara WrestleMania.

Sumber Wrestling Observer Newsletter melaporkan kontrak Shawn dijangka berakhir tidak lama lagi dan beliau kini berura-ura mahu menghabiskan lebih banyak masa bersama anak-anaknya yang sedang membesar.

Sebelum ini, Shawn, atau nama sebenarnya Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, kerap menyatakan bahawa beliau ingin sekali bersara sehinggakan WWE pernah menghasilkan skrip itu secara berseloroh tidak lama dahulu.

Selepas beliau mengambil cuti pada 2008, Shawn melahirkan hasratnya mahu bersara.

Tetapi seperti pada masa-masa lalu semasa beliau mengambil cuti panjang, syarikat WWE akan memanggilnya supaya kembali.

Semasa satu wawancara radio tahun lalu, Shawn, 44 tahun, berkata beliau telah memberitahu WWE tarikh persaraannya (yang merupakan tarikh acara WrestleMania berlangsung).

Tetapi, pada masa yang sama, Shawn, yang juga dikenali sebagai The Heartbreak Kid, pernah melahirkan hasrat mahu terus bergusti sehingga usianya mencecah 50-an tahun meskipun hanya satu atau dua pertarungan setahun.


Style Takes Flight At Awards

31 Mar

The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards
Style takes flight at awards
By Germaine Lim
March 31, 2010

THEY aren’t your average girls, but they received the loudest catcalls.

EYE-CATCHING: Ivan Heng and Glen Goei of The Importance Of Being Earnest. TNP PICTURE: GARY GOH

Yesterday afternoon, stage directors Glen Goei and Ivan Heng turned up at The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards as Singapore Airlines stewardesses.

It took two hours to put on their beehive wigs, heavy make-up, and heaps of padding to transform their male physiques into svelte, curvaceous kebaya-clad SIA girls.

The glamour pusses strutted and pouted at every photo opportunity.

‘You touch’, offered Glen, and he promptly took my hand to feel his padded bottom.

‘Very hard, right? It’s all cushion. I can sit longer more comfortably,’ he said.

Glen was nominated for Best Director for The Importance Of Being Earnest, an all-male adaptation of the 1895 Oscar Wilde play.

In that play, Best Supporting Actor nominee Ivan Heng played a woman.

Glen said: ‘We decided to dress as SIA girls to follow through the cross-dressing theme in the production.’

Raise eyebrows

The pair weren’t the only ones to raise eyebrows at the annual event, which honours the best in the local theatre scene.

Costume designer Moe Kasim and hairdresser Ashley Lim appeared in an all-black ensemble, save for Moe’s fire-engine red mohawk.

Inspired by titular detective Sherlock Holmes, Moe wore a deconstructed double-breasted jacket while Ashley had hairpieces for shoulder pads but he said he had no idea why he did that.

Then there was local designer Frederick Lee, who won Best Costume Design for The Importance Of Being Earnest.

He didn’t have a name for his pants-skirt-culottes bottom which he had made himself, but admitted it was ‘obviously very salah’ (wrong in Malay).

Frederick said: ‘I think it’s rather Japanese and looks like coolie trousers at the same time.’

During the two-hour ceremony, onstage couple Adrian Pang and Wendy Kweh, took home Best Actor and Best Actress respectively for Much Ado About Nothing.

They played sparring lovers in the Shakespearean comedy.

The afternoon’s top prize, Production of the Year, went to The Importance Of Being Earnest.

Taking the stage, Glen stayed firmly in character.

He said: ‘Glen and Ivan aren’t here. But I have to put these (glasses) on to read his acceptance speech.’

Now into its 10th year, the event was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore.

Mr Lee Suan Hiang, an executive director at the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts and Nominated Member of Parliament Audrey Wong also attended the event.


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McCartney's Ex Mills Made Life A Misery: Nanny

31 Mar

LONDON : Pop legend Paul McCartney’s former wife Heather Mills was “bitter” and made her staff’s lives a misery following their split, her former nanny told an employment tribunal Tuesday.

But campaigner Mills, 42, broke down in tears, saying she was “devastated” by the allegations, which she claimed were being levelled at her “purely to make money”.

Sara Trumble, 26, is seeking compensation from Mills on the grounds of sex discrimination and unfair dismissal. She also claims she suffered changes to her employment terms following her maternity leave.

Trumble claimed Mills made her feel uncomfortable by moaning about McCartney.

“I wasn’t the only person who felt that at that time. It’s just that nobody else will stand up,” she told the tribunal in Ashford, southeast England. “I decided to take action and fight this for myself.”

“Heather was very bitter towards Paul. I was, I believe, a great source of comfort and support for Heather at this time,” she added.

Trumble began working for Mills in 2004. She was paid 260 pounds (390 dollars, 290 euros) a week to look after Beatrice, now six, the daughter of Mills and McCartney.

The former nanny said Mills became rude and bad-tempered after she split from the former Beatle in 2006.

Trumble said Mills made her feel “awkward” by making her lie to McCartney about where the former model was when she met him to collect or drop off Beatrice.

She revealed McCartney gave her 10,000 pounds as a gift after she resigned in September 2008 “for my dedication and hard work with Beatrice” and had declined it “several times” before eventually accepting.

“Paul did not want anybody to know that he gave me this money,” she said.

“I don’t want to get Paul involved so it’s difficult to talk about this money.”

Mills said she was “gobsmacked” when Trumble handed in her notice. “I do not accept that I discriminated against Sara in any way or that I treated her unfairly,” she said.

“I am still devastated by her claims and feel that I’ve been deeply betrayed by someone who I considered a dear friend, not just an employee.”

The tribunal is expected to conclude Thursday.

– AFP/il

Channel News Asia

Jeanette Aw On Life, Death And Acting Awards

31 Mar

SINGAPORE : Singapore actress Jeanette Aw looked a little under the weather while she sat on a horse in an elegant tube bridal gown, during a beach wedding scene for her upcoming drama serial “New Beginnings”.

A very good icebreaker in almost all situations is to talk about the weather, so I decided to go with that when I caught up with Aw on the set earlier this month. I didn’t expect to get a reaction from the usually composed star.

“When we were waiting down there, right at the end [of the beach], waiting for the cue to start moving, our backs were like burning, the sun was so hot and we were not moving, so we [she and co-star Jesseca Liu] were like ‘Okay, we are sun tanning over here’,” said Aw.

“I applied [sun block] already but I think it’s not working,” she said with a frown as she pointed to her slightly red forearms.

Fortunately, that was the last day of shooting for the show and her skin will heal. What stuck with her, however, were the experiences she had when she researched her role in the show: A woman who gave up her studies to help her father run a funeral home and put her siblings through school.

The 30-year-old actress spoke to two funeral directors to learn about their lifestyles and experiences.

“I had this thought ‘Maybe I have to be very sad because I have to deal with death everyday’,” said Aw.

But the reality could not be more different.

The funeral directors have encountered so much death that they have adopted a very nonchalant attitude towards it and sometimes even joked about it, she said.

And their stories and way of life have changed on her views on mortality.

“At the end of the day, when you leave the world, there is nothing to bring along with you. And there is really nothing to feel so sad or feel so scared about because this is something that happens to everyone at some point in time,” said Aw.

She added that she did not need a grand funeral when it is time for her to depart, but would instead prefer to be cremated and have her ashes scattered into the sea. She also did not want her descendants to trouble themselves and pay their respects every Qing Ming festival.

“I thought it [scattering of ashes into the sea] was a very nice way to just end it all, it was very simple,” she said. “I don’t need the future generations to keep going to pray to me, to like pay their respects and to go visit me every Qing Ming. I really don’t need that.

“As long as they are happy in their hearts, I think that is sufficient.”

Channel News Asia

Taiwan Host Jacky Wu May Leave "Guess Guess Guess"

31 Mar

TAIPEI: Veteran television host Jacky Wu said that he might quit “Guess Guess Guess” if ratings for the long-running Taiwan variety show do not improve by May or June, reported Chinese media.

This comes shortly after his co-host A-ya, who had been hosting the show for the past 12 years, announced Tuesday that she will be leaving “Guess” due to the poor ratings.

For the past year, “Guess” had consistently been at the bottom of the heap in terms of ratings compared to other shows in the same time-slot.

“We have recently been fighting [for ratings] with our lives. If we still cannot reach our target ratings, then I may follow in A-ya’s footsteps and leave,” said Wu.

“It won’t be surprising if A-ya and I appear on another station,” said Wu emotionally.

“Since the ratings have not improved, and I can’t help much, I might as well say goodbye,” A-ya said during her Tuesday announcement. “I won’t be a rice weevil.”

A-ya is one of the longest serving co-hosts on the show, which has seen other artistes like sisters Barbie and Dee Hsu, Matilda Tao, girl band S.H.E and Rainie Yang partner Wu.

“Guess” had a dismal start in 1996 and suffered poor ratings until Wu turned it around when he took over as the main host.

Wu went on to receive a Golden Bell (Taiwan’s Emmys) for Best Variety Show Host in 2008 for hosting “Guess”, an honour he shares with A-ya.

However, ratings have dropped steadily since August last year. Busty Taiwanese artiste Yao-Yao was brought in as host to save the ratings but the show continued to tank.

The show’s current ratings are reportedly only 10 per cent of what they were at the height of it’s popularity.

– CNA/ha

Channel News Asia

Don't Call Me BABE

30 Mar

Don’t call me BABE
Christy Yow says she’s just a shy girl
March 30, 2010

MALAYSIAN actress Christy Yow may be famous for her curvaceous figure and ample assets.

But don’t stereotype her.

While the 24-year-old has no qualms striking sexy, sultry poses in front of the cameras, she says she is actually conservative by nature.

‘I’m not as liberal as a lot of people think I am,’ said Christy.

‘When I started out on the entertainment scene, I was shy, an introvert. I didn’t like talking to strangers.

‘However, as I became more familiar with the intricacies of this industry, I realised that artistes inevitably have to co-operate with the media to secure publicity.’

While her voluptuousness has made her the favourite poster girl of lad mags such as FHM, she politely declined to go into details of how she achieved her enviable 36C cup size.

Instead, she preferred to talk about her favourite pastimes.

‘I love beaches, sun-tanning and swimming,’ said Christy.

‘But the weather has been super hot recently. I haven’t swum in a while.’

This wasn’t the case when she was a kid growing up in Ipoh.

Every day, she and her younger brother would hit the swimming pool, rain or shine.

She recalled: ‘Once when my swimsuit was still in the washing machine, I couldn’t resist the temptation to go swimming, so I ‘stole’ my mum’s swimsuit!’

It was too large for Christy’s then thin, tiny frame.

‘I swam a few rounds and started feeling uncomfortable wearing it. After a while, I just had to give up.’

So, has she ever skinny-dipped?

‘Oh, never ever!’ she said with a chuckle, looking slightly embarrassed.

‘If I own a house with a private pool, I might consider doing it.’

Christy, who is currently filming the movie Ge Ai (literally translated as Cut Love) with veteran MediaCorp actress Zoe Tay, will play the lead role in director Eric Khoo’s The Charming Rose in June.

But the curvy girl admitted she wasn’t always confident about her body shape.

‘Years ago, before I started modelling, I didn’t dare to wear bikinis in public,’ she said.

‘Back then, whenever I went sun-tanning, I would wear a sarong over my bikini and remove it only when I reached my destination.

‘Now that I’ve loosened up, no more sarongs! Instead, I wear shorts or put a beach dress over my bikini.’

Like most actresses, Christy takes great pains to make sure she looks good. One of her monthly routines is to go for a Brazilian wax.

She said: ‘The first time I did it, the sensation was painful beyond words. I felt like I had to hit someone to release the pain!’

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