Carrie-Ing On At The Merc-Benz Center

31 May

Fly on the Wall

Sex & The City 2 post-screening party
Carrie-ing on at the Merc-Benz Center
By Sylvia Toh Paik Choo
May 31, 2010

THE Bombshell, the Fashionista, the Player, the Socialite. Well, you have to have had cable.

To have been impressed by four girls living and loving – and occasionally working – in New York City.

The television series of Sex And The City was ground-breaking for about half a season, so naturally, it had to have its movie franchise.

Except that on a far wider screen, you close in on how the girls have aged. And to begin with, they aren’t really that attractive. In fact, SJP is quite ugly.

Ohwhoamikidding. Isoenvythatlifestyle.

A taste of which coupla hundred moviegoers got to experience at the SATC2 film screening and post-event party.

From Sex etc in VivoCity, ticketholders were bussed (I know) to the Mercedes-Benz Center in Alexandra Road for a Moet & Chandon night of bubbly.

The champagne company designed four cocktails for the occasion, hence those four names, after Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Carrie. The mixes are enough to make that Benedictine monk Dom Perignon weep. (FYI Moet & Chandon owns DP.)

Never be the first to show up at a party, never be the last to turn on your heels and leave.

You arrive first and no camera flashes pop, uh-oh. Last to go means you have no other life.

Don’t make an entrance, unless your Mr Big is a real-life Mr Big. Instead, blend in with those who arrive in a bunch.

Tips from Carrie?

No, more like tips from Scarrie.

General consensus for SATC2: You must go with low expectations, you must not care about story, you must just love fashion and clothes, and Liza Minelli was the best thing in the movie.

Party animal

‘Er, I didn’t see it, I’m here for the party.’

Among the sexy city folk we toasted, MsMarion Caunter, host of E! News Asia. The Penangite beat off 500 who auditioned, ‘not counting those who sent in DVDs of themselves’ and says she so loves what she’s doing she can hardly call it ‘a job’.

There was Irene Ang and Rebecca Tan, David Gan and Ashley Isham, Francis Cheong and Dawns Yeoh and Yang, Jade Seah, and Andrea De Cruz and Pierre Png, and Dominic Lau, Marion’s co-host who is from Hong Kong and is hot and hunky.

David said he could style all four girls’ hair, but if he had to choose one, it would be Carrie’s.

Oh, here’s another tip: Use the elevator in the Mercedes-Benz Center, please. Walking up the see-through spiral stairs in your SATC baju is a definite no-no.


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