HK Actress Linda Chung Recounts Lowest Point In Career

31 May

SINGAPORE: Hong Kong actress Linda Chung described the period she was shooting the drama serial “The Legend of Pu Song Ling” as the lowest point in her career during a press event in Singapore on Thursday.

The 26-year-old actress grimaced as she recounted how she suffered from severe insomnia during the two months she was working on the drama last year.

Chung’s character was embroiled in a love triangle in the show and ended up being the one who had to make sacrifices in the relationship.

“I was really unwell during the shooting of ‘The Legend of Pu Song Lin’ because I had insomnia. My health deteriorated and I couldn’t focus during filming,” said Chung. “I almost went crazy.”

“I really don’t know why, maybe my hormones were out of whack, and the show was so tragic.”

The former Miss Chinese International added that her doctor had prescribed her sleeping pills but she refused to take them despite contracting the flu and suffering from fever as well as headaches due to sleep deprivation.

Fortunately, her co-workers were very supportive and all wanted to help her overcome her insomnia, though they were a little overenthusiastic.

“They were recommending this doctor and that doctor, and various medicines,” she said with a laugh. “I told myself I shouldn’t listen to all of it or I would get really confused!”

Eventually, it was rest and Chinese herbal remedies that snapped her out of it.

Chung managed to recover after taking a week-long break from her work before playing a carefree model in the dramedy “Twilight Investigation” opposite Hong Kong actor Wong He.

Although it has been months since the incident, Chung still remembered how frightened she was at the time.

“Everyday, you have this fear. When I laid down on my bed, I was afraid that I won’t be able to sleep.

“Maybe it was the stress. I just couldn’t stop thinking about work and even rehearsed my lines in my mind as I laid in bed,” said Chung gloomily.

“That was the lowest point in my career so far. I couldn’t sleep at all.”

Channel News Asia

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