28 Aug

S’pore’s ‘most erotic movie’ premieres to mixed reception
By Tan Kee Yun
August 28, 2010

AFTER two months of hype and fuss, selected members of the public finally got to watch Hush in its entirety.
PREMIERE: Director Jeremiah Oh (with cap) with guests at the gala premier of his short film Hush on Tuesday night. A still from the movie.

Touted by its film-makers as “the most erotic movie ever made in Singapore”, the 20-minute local short film was screened for the first time on Tuesday night at Filmgarde Bugis Illuma.

The 248-seat theatre was packed. The premiere was an invitation- only event and the audience was made up mainly of film industry types, celebrities as well as journalists.

Hush, directed by Singaporean Jeremiah Oh, created waves in June when a Facebook page was set up to publicise the film.

Oh had highlighted that the movie features several scenes of sexual activity, including a brief full-frontal shot of one of its actresses.

It also appeared to break new ground by being promoted as the first local film to depict group sex.

Hush, which passed uncut with a R21 rating in July, is about a dysfunctional family whose members hide dark secrets from one another.

It stars local actresses Evelyn Maria Ng, Natalie Faye and Canadian-Chinese actor Darren E Scott.


After the gala premiere, Hush will be screened in September at Sinema Old School.

Before that, a minute-long trailer was available on YouTube, although it had been edited such that all the nude scenes were cut.

So did Hush live up to its hype? The overall reception seemed to be mixed.

Some, like Mr Richard Ho, a music production manager in his 40s, did not bother to hide his disappointment.

“It certainly lived up to its marketing tagline (“the most erotic local film”), but aside from that, I feel that it lacks substance,” he said.

“The storyline wasn’t very clear, I don’t get the message the director was trying to convey with the nudity and bed scenes.

“Personally, I feel the film’s just trying to be provocative.

Well, it did succeed in provoking our senses.”

Echoing Mr Ho’s sentiments was Mr Zac Koh, 23, a movie buff who had recently completed his national service.

He found “some of the sex scenes too distracting”.

“I think the director tried to say too much in 20 minutes. As a result, the sex scenes failed to add much (value) to the film,” said Mr Koh.

Local TV actor Paul Foster, 29, one of a handful of entertainers spotted at the gala premiere, disagreed.

He said he felt it “conveyed a good story” and “took the level of local film-making up a notch”.

“It’s extremely raunchy, more so than anything we’ve seen so far in Singapore,” he said.

“I must say that the cast did a great job with the bed scenes.

“It must have been difficult to shoot those at first, what with the camera crew around. They were really convincing.

“Given the chance, I might consider doing a film like that, as it’s challenging and pushes you as an actor.”


Freelance artiste Mr Jae Leung, 25, felt the cinematography deserved praise.

Former Singapore Idol finalist-turned-actress Maia Lee, 27, felt that while Hush was “definitely something new for the local film industry”, the risque factor fell a little short of her expectations.

At the premiere, director Oh also revealed the trailer of his debut feature film, the horror-themed Mea Culpa (latin for “My Mistake”), which is currently in the midst of production and slated to go on screens in 2012.

He told The New Paper that he plans to package Hush together with Mea Culpa for commercial release then.

The NewPaper

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