It's So GOOD To Be BAD

29 Aug

It’s so GOOD to be BAD
Jeanette Aw vamps it up in latest drama but says she has done sexier scenes
By Kwok Kar Peng
August 29, 2010

JEANETTE Aw pole-dancing seductively in a skimpy black skirt.

KAP-AW! Jeanette gives the pole a twirl as extras look on.

That is so not The Little Nyonya, you say.

The actress famously remembered for her stoically righteous roles like that in the above-mentioned drama has tapped into her darker side for the new Channel 8 drama Breakout.

In one scene, she gyrates sensuously on stage and in another, she fondles actor Darren Lim in a car.

Yet, as saucy these scenes sound, they are actually not the worst that she’s filmed, a cool Aw told The New Paper.

‘For one scene in my very first drama, Touched (for MediaWorks’ Channel U), in 2001, I straddled actor Wang Yuqing and sat on his lap in a car,’ the 31-year-old recalled.

‘I also kissed him on the lips. I was so new, shy and embarrassed then, although Yuqing was very nice and made sure that I was relaxed.’

In Breakout, which debuts on Dec 6, Aw is part of a family of misfits. Her character, Nianqing, suffers from multiple personality disorder, one of which, Aw said, is that of a ‘cold-blooded killer’.

The drama also stars Christopher Lee, Elvin Ng, Guo Liang, Dai Yangtian and Zhou Ying.

Aw was speaking to The New Paper on Wednesday at a club in Orchard Towers in between takes for the pole-dancing scene.

In the scene, Nianqing drops by the club for a drink and on impulse, decides to get up on stage. The actress was dressed in a white shirt, a tight black skirt, stockings and black heels.

Even though co-star Lim, who plays lawyer Lianzhou, and around 10 extras were present, Aw appeared relaxed and at ease throughout the two-hour filming.

She said she had only about two hours of pole-dancing lessons a few days before the shoot.

‘The director didn’t want the choreography to look professional because he wanted it to appear like a customer just got up and danced impromptu,’ she said.

Aw, who learnt gymnastics as a child and took up ballet at 13, also didn’t bat an eyelid at her costume for the scene.

‘I’ve worn even more revealing costumes in my university dance events, like bikini tops,’ said the actress.

The sexiest, she said, was a mesh top worn over a nude-coloured top and shorts, which made it appear like she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

She continued: ‘To me, it’s just a performance and the outfits bring out the character.

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s too revealing, as long as I know that I’m fully clothed, and that I won’t reveal anything.’

But she said she wished she could have done more for the scene.

‘It’s a pity that I couldn’t do the more difficult moves like twirl around the pole because of space constraints.’

She had learnt how to wrap her legs around the pole and twirl down the pole.

As for the scene where she fondles Lim in a car, Aw said she felt comfortable as she is familiar with him.

Aw and Lim have co-starred in dramas like The Defining Moment and The Little Nyonya.

Nothing risque happens in the scene though; it ends with a drunken Nianqing vomiting on Lianzhou.

‘Darren’s a very funny guy and we joked a lot, especially about the part where I threw up on him in the car,’ she said.

‘He also made a lot of noises during the scene and the director had to tell him not to breath so hard.’

Lim, 38, also gave Aw the thumbs-up for her pole dancing.

He added: ‘She’s a natural dancer and I don’t think it was a challenge for her. And yes, it was sexy enough for the scene.’

He added that it was just work for him, not enjoyment.

‘I was away having a drink for most parts of her dance,’ he said.

The actor also played down their raunchy scene in the car.

‘She touched only my chest and my shoulders. Of course, it was all above the waist. This is Singapore, where did you think we can go?’ he joked.

Still, such risque scenes are not what viewers normally associate with Aw, who has played mostly feisty and kind-hearted women.

This is the first time in her 10-year career, she said, that she gets to play a baddie.

Nevertheless, she is cool about having to play naughty characters as she has done saucy scenes before .

In 2008 drama The Defining Moment, her character strips down to nothing during a dance performance.

Aw said: ‘I had to bare my entire back to give the impression that I had stripped off all my clothes.

‘So I wore a pair of boxer shorts and covered my front with a tube top (stuck to my body) with lots of masking tape.’

That, she said, was more daunting than the pole-dancing scene, because ‘it was filmed in a small studio with 80 to 100 extras sitting less than a metre away from me’.

‘I felt very, very stressed.’

Not easy

For the pole dancing, she said: ‘I had my personal space and the audience was further away.’

Yet, her role in Breakout is no walk in the park.

Aw admitted to breaking down and crying at home after the first day of filming as she couldn’t handle Nianqing’s emotional ups and downs.

‘Nianqing can go from being cool to scared to crying in a matter of seconds,’ she said. ‘It’s very extreme and quite intense, and I feel very tired afterwards.’

Some of the challenging scenes include two suicide attempts – one where she slashes her wrists and one where she attempts to jump off a building.

Aw is also preparing to film a scene where she goes berserk, and tortures and almost kills Pan Lingling’s character.

‘Even though it’s tiring, I’m enjoying the whole process because I’ve never tried being a baddie before,’ she said.

The NewPaper

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