Queens Of The Beauty Regime

30 Aug

Queens of the beauty regime
The New Paper New Face finalists learn how to put their best faces forward
By Kenneth Goh
August 30, 2010

MOST girls would avoid fast food and chocolate when it comes to keeping their skin radiant for a modelling competition.

But not this New Paper New Face finalist, Eliza Tan, 19.

The media studies and management student from Nanyang Polytechnic does not believe in shunning french fries. She also enjoys a chocolate bar every day.

Her skincare routine is also fuss-free.

Said Eliza: ‘I wash my face with facial foam once a day. If there is a pimple breakout, I will apply pimple cream.’

She is one of The New Paper New Face 2010 finalists, who attended a skincare workshop earlier this month, conducted by Clinelle’s consulting skincare specialist, Ms Jasmine Tham.

The two-hour workshop consisted of determining the girls’ skin types, followed by a hands-on session of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising their skins.

Beauty nap

The girls also had time for a 10-minute power nap while letting their facial masks set.

Eliza discovered the importance of keeping her skin hydrated to achieve a healthy glow. She plans to get a moisturiser after attending the workshop.

But the Nanyang Polytechnic student admitted to a bad habit: squeezing her zits.

‘I find it annoying and gross to leave them alone, so I have the itch to remove them,’ she said.

Another finalist with pimple woes was fashion design student Noor Kamilah, 20.

The NAFA student suffered a severe case of acne in secondary school. The cream she used left her skin dry and peeling.

‘I wash my face three times a day and apply a blemish cream that hides dark pigmentation before I sleep,’ she said.

Her biggest enemy: finding more time for facials during her hectic school schedule.

‘I would love to sit down and take an hour to try out all the facial products used today,’ she said.

Proving to be luckier in the skin department is CHIJ (Toa Payoh) student, Petrina Ann, 17.

She didn’t have to grapple with breakouts, but that did not mean that she took her good skin for granted.

Said Petrina: ‘I wash and moisturise my face five times a day, which includes recess time and before I leave school. I also scrub my skin three times a week.’

She credits her mother for inculcating good skincare habits.

‘My mum would spend hours shopping for skincare products and she would compare the ingredients used in different products and share them with me,’ she said. ‘Somehow, I subconsciously followed her lead.’

Petrina, too, managed to pick up some tips from the workshop.

‘I used to apply toner around the areas near my eyes. Now, I know that it is bad for the sensitive skin there,’ she said.

For behind-the-scene exclusives, visit http://www.tnp.sg to go to The New Paper New Face 2010 official website.

Also look out for the finalists on the New Face 2010 Facebook page or on Twitter (#newface2010).

If you’re serious about skin…

CLINELLE products ease skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation and premature ageing. The skincare products are free of artificial fragrance, colouring and skin-damaging irritants.

It’s all about keeping the skin happy.

Clinelle is one of the sponsors of The New Paper New Face 2010 and will be giving out a subsidiary title called Miss Clinelle Happy Face.

So what are they looking for?

The winner of the title should have a fresh-looking and healthy face. And because beauty is more than skin-deep, she should have a pleasant and vibrant personality to match her radiant skin.

The winner will be revealed at The New Paper New Face 2010 finals on Oct 7 at Takashimaya Square.


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