Hungry Little Ghost Festival

31 Aug

Taiwanese singer-host Alien Huang, also known as Little Ghost, will perform here on Saturday
Hungry Little Ghost Festival
August 31, 2010

IT’S probably fitting that Taiwanese singer-host Alien Huang has so many projects going on during this Hungry Ghost Festival.

MINI-CONCERT: Singer Alien Huang is performing at Dragonfly in St James Power Station on Saturday night.

Fans of the 26-year-old would know that his nickname is actually Little Ghost.

In an interview in Taipei, Huang said: ‘It’s the Hungry Ghost month now, so naturally, it’s time for Little Ghost to shine.

‘I have a new idol drama, an upcoming album and will be holding my first paid gig in Singapore soon.’

On entertainment news programme 100 Per Cent Entertainment, he plays sidekick to fellow host, Mandopop star Show Luo.

His debut pop-rock album Love Hero, released last December, earned rave reviews.

Local fans can see him perform at Dragonfly in St James Power Station on Saturday night.

‘It’ll be a mini-concert and I’ll be singing more than 10 songs over an hour,’ he said.

‘Over the past few weeks, whenever I have a break from filming or hosting, I’d stay at home and force myself to memorise lyrics.

‘I really don’t want to slip up on stage and disappoint all my Singapore supporters.’

The moniker Little Ghost was coined by Taiwanese director Niu Cheng-Tse several years ago, when Niu was directing him on the set of a drama series.

‘Director Niu noticed that I was very playful and had an offbeat sense of humour. I would tell jokes with a deadpan face and make everyone laugh.

‘There’s a Chinese saying – ‘ren xiao gui da’ (referring to mischievous kids with many bright ideas), so he coined the name ‘Xiao Gui’ (Little Ghost) for me.’

Huang said the name stuck.

So, has Little Ghost experienced any spooky, supernatural encounters in real life?

Huang said: ‘I’m not the superstitious sort, but well, there was once when I was sleeping in my room and one of my 4,000 toy figurines and collectibles started acting crazy.

‘It lit up on its own and produced funny noises, it freaked me out then.’

His elderly relatives, who were ‘more versed in dealing with unexplained occurrences’, suggested he ‘cover the figurines’ eyes with cloth’.

Battery problem?

Huang refused and managed to convince himself that the incident was an isolated one.

‘It probably happened due to a battery problem,’ was Huang’s explanation.

Currently single, Huang said getting a girlfriend isn’t easy.

‘As an artiste, it’s even more difficult as I work irregular hours and can’t go on dates as often as other guys do,’ he said.

‘Also, I’m a public figure. If I land myself a girlfriend, it won’t be possible for us to hold hands in the open.

‘It’s hard to find a girl who understands this predicament of mine.’

He doesn’t set very high demands for his partner-to-be though.

‘I don’t believe in fitting people into categories. It doesn’t matter if she is thin or fat, or has long or short hair.

‘As long as she is pleasant-looking, that’s great. More importantly, we need to be able to communicate well.’

This article was translated from the latest issue of U-Weekly. For more news on Asian entertainment, get a copy of U-Weekly, for only $2, out on news-stands today.


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