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Playground Showdown

26 Aug

Playground showdown
Heated argument at Orchard Road shopping centre leads to police report
By Kwok Kar Peng
August 26, 2010

IT WAS supposed to have been a fun day at the playground for the young son of model and television host Linda Black.
NO FUN: Model and TV host Linda Black at the playground where the incident took place. Her domestic helper and son are in the background.

But the day ended with Black’s domestic helper in tears and the 35-year-old American having to give a police statement.

Black, who has lived here for seven years, told The New Paper that she was having lunch with her friend, Mrs Paula Robinson, at Tanglin Mall last Tuesday.

Black’s helper, Ms Margarette Laya, and son Ewan, two, were at the playground at Paragon Shopping Centre.

Black, who is married to Hong Kong-born Briton Oli Pettigrew, 29, also a model and TV host, said: “(During lunch) we got a call from Paula’s helper asking us to go down immediately.

“When we got there, my helper Margie was distraught, red-faced and crying.”

Ms Laya told The New Paper that a woman had shouted at her at the playground.

The 36-year-old Filipina said: “An older boy was swinging from a horizontal bar and his legs were about to hit Ewan,who was behind him.

“I held up my arm to block the boy. Then a woman came up behind me and poked me hard on my shoulder. “She pointed her finger close tomyface and toldme loudly, ‘Don’t touch my child’.”

Ms Laya said she tried to explain twice what had happened but the woman did not listen.

“She told me that I am only a maid. I cried when I heard that,” she said.

Ms Laya insisted she had not raised her voice at the woman.

But she alleged that the woman continued shouting at her.

She added that by then, several parents at the playground had gathered to watch the commotion. Some had to comfort their shocked toddlers, she said.

Ms Laya said the incensed woman then called the police.

When the police turned up, Black, who had also arrived at the scene, said the matter was resolved.

She added: “The police took statements from myself, Margie, the woman and three other witnesses at the playground.”

When The New Paper visited the shops near the playground last week, a sales assistant who works nearby said she had heard loud shouting from the playground.

The 29-year-old, who declined to be identified, said: “A woman was shouting ‘You shut up’ to a maid at the top of her voice.The maid was crying.

“When the police interviewed her later, she was still crying hysterically.”

When contacted, a police spokesman confirmed that a dispute between two parties had broken out at an Orchard Road shopping mall around 3.30pm on Tuesday.

The spokesman added that both parties have been advised on their legal recourse, and they may wish to lodge a magistrate’s complaint if they wish to pursue the matter further.

The sales assistant claimed that last month, the police had to also be called down to the same playground to settle a dispute between two parents.

Black, who is a host for programmes like Heritage Hunter, and for channels like Food Network Asia and HBO Family, called the incident “silliness”.

“Margie is a valued member of our family…I trust her with Ewan. She’s incredible, organised and never raised her voice at Ewan,” she said.

She added that Ms Laya, who has worked in Singapore for nine years, has been under her employment for close to a year.

Black added that her own mother used to work as a maid in Panama.

“She looked after children and did the household chores. I cleaned homes too in the United States when I was 26. You take on any work to pay the bills.

“My parents taught me that any job is noble because you have put in an honest day’s work. Cleaning (for a living) doesn’t make you less a person.”

Black said she has told her husband, who was in Japan for work, about the incident.

He told The New Paper via SMS that he found incident “appalling”.

The NewPaper

YouTube Made Him A STAR

25 Aug

YouTube made him a STAR
Singer David Choi racks up 65 million hits online and is in town to play at live gigs here
By Juliana June Rasul
August 24, 2010

FAME at the click of a mouse? It’s not impossible. If former video game “nerd”

Waheeda Dengan Fesyen Berpurdah

24 Aug

Ditulis oleh Rosli Manah

Semasa bernikah dengan Akhil Hayy, penyanyi Waheeda pernah memberitahu yang dia akan memberi tumpuan kepada keluarga dan bakal bersara daripada dunia hiburan.

Sebab itulah selepas berkahwin jarang nampak kelibat Waheeda. Hanya beberapa program yang diatur awal sahaja dipenuhinya. Sekarang dia hanya menjadi penyokong kepada suaminya yang masih aktif sebagai pendakwah dan juga penyanyi lagu-lagu keagamaan. Waheeda juga sudah berubah penampilan diri.

Sekarang penyanyi itu tampil dengan fesyen berpurdah. Hanya matanya sahaya dipertontonkan kepada khalayak. Inilah fesyen Waheeda semasa menemari suami ke satu majlis pratonton program istimewa Astro yang turut melibatkan Akhil. waheeda sedia merakam gambar bersama suami, namun wajahnya bukan lagi menjadi tontonan.





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Friday The 13th So Lucky For Lee Hom

24 Aug

Friday the 13th so lucky for Lee Hom
Taiwan star releases album and directorial film debut on same day to great success
August 24, 2010

FRIDAY the 13th this year was hardly an unlucky date for Wang Lee Hom.

Not one to believe in superstitions, the 34-year-old Taiwanese singer-actor chose to release his latest Mandarin album The 18 Martial Arts, as well as his directorial film debut Love In Disguise on that same day.

And the day turned out to be one of Wang’s most memorable days in his 15-year showbiz career.

Not only did The 18 Martial Arts top the pop charts in Taiwan, Love In Disguise emerged a box-office winner in China, taking in 30 million yuan (S$6 million) in four days.

Equally fearless is Wang’s attitude towards the barrage of gossip he has had to endure over the years.

He had once argued: Why should he behave differently with his female co-stars just to avoid inane relationship rumours?

Now that you’ve directed your first movie, a romantic comedy, have you started brainstorming ideas for the next one?

Of course, but it definitely won’t be something similar to Love In Disguise.

I relish new challenges and I don’t like rehashing stuff, be it in music or film.

Every time you work with a female actress, for example Shu Qi (guest star in your music video The First Morning) and Liu Yifei (female lead in Love In Disguise), there will be talk in the tabloids that you are interested in her, or that both of you are dating.

Have you considered treating your female co-stars colder in the future, so as to avoid gossip?

Does that mean I have to cut myself completely from women? (Laughs). I don’t think it warrants such a serious act.

Personally, I think it’s natural for co-stars to develop a liking for each other on the set. It shows that you’ve put in genuine emotions in developing your character.

In your new album, you’ve kept up with your usual style of blending Chinese traditional sounds with R&B. Is this a deliberate, conscious effort on your part to inject Chinese flavour into your songs?

Yes, I believe that music should always display an artiste’s distinct identity, as well as his or her roots. If you listen to Indian pop music, you’d know instantly it’s from India, that should be the way to go.

I won’t want foreigners making comments about our music such as ‘Hmm, this sounds like the Britney Spears of China’. It’s wrong.

It’s tough for Chinese musicians to break onto the international stage, isn’t it?

The situation is getting better. Recently, Usher (American R&B singer) held his concert in Beijing and invited me to be a special guest. He even sang my composition, The One And Only, with me.

It was a great honour and a tremendous morale booster, as Usher is currently one of the world’s best-selling entertainers.

Which would make you more miserable – critics saying that you can’t sing or that you can’t make movies?

Actually, as long as the criticism is constructive, I’m happy to accept it.

But if you’re referring to complaints with no substantial material to boot, I’d ignore them.

I’m planning to show Love In Disguise to veteran filmmakers like Jackie Chan, John Woo and Ang Lee. I’m all prepared for their sharp, incisive comments.

This article was translated from the latest issue of U-Weekly. For more news on Asian entertainment, get a copy of U-Weekly, for only $2, out on news-stands today.


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Are You Really That Innocent?

24 Aug

Are you really that innocent?
After all the controversy over our previous Miss Singapore World, this year’s winner says she’s squeaky clean. We ask…
By Jeanmarie Tan
August 24, 2010

DO NOT count on digging up muchdirt on this year’s newly-minted Miss Singapore World Anusha Rajaseharan. In fact, she’s the antithesis of Ris Low.

That controversial beauty queenbeauty queen, who won the same title last year, stepped down once when her credit card fraud conviction was exposed and single-handedly tainted the local pageant’s credibility within one fell swoop.

When we asked Low’s successor if she had any skeletons in her closet or if she feltels she projected a wholesome image, Anusha sounded puzzled and said she didn’t understand the question.

It seemed like a spanking new concept to the 21-year-old, 1.69m-tall marketing executive.

‘I don’t care if I’m boring’

Could she really be that innocent?

“I’m clean

He Has A Sense For Scents

24 Aug

He has a sense for scents
Big spender or penny-pincher? Stars speak their mind on money matters
By Kwok Kar Peng
August 24, 2010

WHEN he was only 13 years old, celebrity make-up artist Clarence Lee had already bought his first bottle of fragrance from Lanvin at $20.
PRIDE AND JOY: Celebrity make-up artist Clarence Lee shows off his collection of perfumes and sunglasses, including his limited edition 1992 Yves Saint Laurent scent called Love

The 37-year-old told The New Paper that he had to take it home stealthily so as to avoid his mother’s detection.

Mrs Lee thought her son was too young to start on extravagant stuff like perfume.

But his secret hobby

Anne Hamid Tumpu Keluarga

23 Aug

Ditulis oleh Rosli Manah

Sudah lama tak dengar cerita bekas pencaraca Muzik Muzik, pelakon dan penyanyi Anne Hamid. Ingat lagi pada lagu Zapin Berkasih (ada juga namakan lagu itu sebagai lagu Nyiur Gading) nyanyian Anne? Dunia glamor Anne hilang terus selepas mendirikan rumah tangga lebih sepuluh tahun lalu.

Malah kelibatnya juga jarang dilihat dalam mana-mana majlis glamor. Baru-baru ini apabila pihak TV3 membuat rakaman program Melodi Raya dan majlis berbuka puasa bersama puluhan artis dan bekas selebriti TV3, Anne turut muncul memenuhi undangan.

“Kali ini saya tak dapat mengelak apabila kawan-kawan undang ke majlis ini,” kata Anne apabila ditanya khabarnya.

Anne akui dia terpaksa menghilangkan diri untuk menguruskan rumah tangga. Apatah lagi menjaga anak kecil Airis Umairah yang baru masuk dua tahun. Anak sulungnya Arif Hasanal kini sudah berusia 10 tahun. Anne mencipta nama dengan program Muzik-Muzik pada tahun 1995 hungga 1999. Selepas berkahwin Anne berehat sementara.

“Selepas memiliki seorang anak, saya muncul semula dalam program Muzik-muzik pada tahun 2001, tapi pasa masa itu saya tak boleh memberikan komitmen kerana mahu menguruskan rumah tangga lalu mengambil keputusan berhenti.

“Tak sangka dalam diam-diam itu sudah sepuluh tahun saya tinggalkan segala bidang seni. Bukannya tidak ada minat, tetapi saya harus beri keutamaan kepada rumah tangga dulu.

“Suami saya sebenarnya tak pernah menghalang, cuma dalam keadaan sekarang saya kena pilihlah mana-mana undangan yang sesuai. Suami saya membina sebuah bilik muzik untuk saya kerana dia tahu saya suka menyanyi.  Jadi di bilik itulah saya melakukan aktiviti yang saya sukai itu

“Saya tak kata mahu meninggalkan bidang seni sepenuhnya. Kalau ada tawaran saya akan pertimbangankan. Semestinya tidak boleh macam dululah. Saya rasa program hiburan pun mungkin sudah tidak sesuai dengan saya lagi,” kata Anne kepada Mangga Online.

Bercerita pasal perancangan menyambut hari raya, Anne dan keluarga merancang beraya di kampung orang tuanya di Pahang beberapa hari sebelum pulang semula ke ibu negara untuk berhari raya di rumah keluarga mentua di Gombak.






Mangga Online

Meet Our Girls

23 Aug

the new paper

Meet our girls
August 23, 2010

IT STARTED with hundreds. And now 20 girls have been selected to be finalists of The New Paper New Face 2010.


And of these 20, one will emerge the winner at the finale on Oct 7 at Takashimaya Square. She will win $10,000 in cash, and join a short list of beauties who have won the title.

The New Paper New Face is a modelling competition in its 18th year. Many big names in modelling and entertainment are former New Faces, such as actresses Dawn Yeoh and Julie Tan; top models Nargis Musaawir and Christabel Campbell; and beauty queens Colleen Francisca and Jessica Tan.

This year, the competition is presented by Subaru MotorImage and co-sponsored by LEVI’S, InnerShine Berry Essence and Clinelle.

But before we get to the finals, we have the fashion spreads to showcase our finalists. Catch the top 20’s fashion spreads from tomorrow onwards.

Just to whet your appetite, here are the top 20.

The NewPaper

Strong And Silent Wins The Race

23 Aug


2 Wheels Good
Strong and silent wins the race
The Kawasaki KLX 250 can handle both open roads and dirt tracks with equal ease
By Zaihan Mohamed Yusof
August 23, 2010

FEW motorcycles boast true dual-purpose capabilities.

SLIM AND SMOOTH: The Kawasaki KLX 250 is housed in a package with manageable power delivery.

Some are good road bikes, but once the terrain gets loose with gravel or dirt, such bikes can’t cope.

The 2010 Kawasaki KLX 250 is an exception.

This lean and green dirt machine will swallow open roads while tackling some off-road madness at the same time.

Just ask the Royal Malaysian Police based in Johor Baru.

Its Ninja Squad, tasked to nab robbers or traffic offenders, is equipped with the formidable 250cc KLX dirtbikes.

The squad has been successfully catching fleeing offenders, all thanks to the flexibility of the KLX 250.

It’s agile in the streets and also over obstacles like stairs or even potholes found on dirt tracks.

With a 135kg wet weight (fully fuelled), the slim KLX is light, perfect for handling corners.

Making steering corrections while the KLX is tipped over in bumpy corners becomes a forgiving exercise.

Its low seat height also means that most riders will not be tip-toeing.

This boosts confidence and makes the KLX easier to ride compared to more focused dirtbikes.

Its dual-purpose tyres ensures that it can perform road duties and some intermediate off-road riding.

Other factors, like its smooth power delivery, make the electric start Kawasaki stand out.

Its six-speed gearbox doesn’t stutter when the bike accelerates.

When ridden below 6,000rpm, it feels as though you’re riding an automatic scooter, allowing you to lazily chug along city streets.

The almost silent exhaust will deceive newbies into thinking that the KLX is impotent.

Get the revs over the 7,000rpm mark and the engine starts to sing with urgency.

Higher up the rev range is where the KLX makes most of its power before hitting its 10,500rpm redline on the digital dash.

To squeeze every ounce of performance on fast trails, the bike should be ridden with the throttle wide open.

But don’t expect any body-jolting torque from the KLX.

After all, it’s only a 250cc bike.

Still, its suspension is perfectly tuned for the road as you will barely notice bumps that you have ridden over.

In off-road situations, some fine-tuning is required.

We increased the front and rear rebound damping to calm the KLX when the bike was ridden hard off-road.

The brakes on the KLX has a more progressive feel to them, unlike other braking systems which have a stronger initial bite when the brakes are activated.

Naturally, there are trade-offs compared to bigger capacity dirtbikes.

A medium-sized bike like the KLX has excellent mileage, unlike its bigger fuel-guzzling siblings.

But getting a little more oomph from the futuristic-looking KLX, which is equipped with pointed headlights and brakelights, will not be difficult.

Just add an aftermarket, slip-on exhaust pipe and you’ll likely see some increase to the KLX’s mid-range performance.

Another way is to replace its current 42-tooth rear sprocket with a bigger one.

This will give it more boost during acceleration, but at the expense of some top speed.

In its standard form, the KLX will cruise at 100kmh at 6,500rpm in sixth gear.

Top speed is in the range of 120kmh.

And its 7.6litre fuel capacity is claimed to be good for 220km.


Model: Kawasaki KLX 250
Price: $11,600 (machine price only)
Transmission: 6-speed
Weight: 135kg (wet weight)
Power: Estimated to be 30hp
Fuel range: 220km

For inquiries, call Looi’s Motor at 6743 1072


The NewPaper

Lure Of The Monster

23 Aug


2 Wheels Good
Lure of the Monster
Jump on the Ducati Monster and you’ll realise why it has fans from all over the world
August 23, 2010

THE calls came fast and furious.

FIRST LOVE: Newbies usually start their Ducati experience with the Monster.

I was on vacation recently when friends and acquaintances frantically tried to reach me on my mobile phone.

Strangely, they all had the same request: ‘Brother, can you save copies of The New Paper cover page for me?’

Naturally, I was puzzled at first.

Why had I suddenly become a ‘brother’ to so many in one day and why only the front page?

Later, a call to a colleague confirmed my suspicions.

The New Paper had been advertising the grand prize of the TNP$ auction.

POWERFUL: In its present form, the Monster 696 has the highest horsepower output per cc of any Ducati air-cooled engine.

Yes, that gleaming red Ducati Monster 696.

Anyone would want to jump at the $24,000 Italian motorcycle. I know I would.

Sadly, I would have to decline the request made by my ‘brothers’ as doing so would be against contest rules.

It would also be unfair to those who religiously collect the TNP$.

So what’s the lure of this monster that makes grown men squeal like boys in a candy shop?

For one thing, it has to be the Monster’s good looks.

As a naked bike (because of its exposed engine) it’s sexy.

The trellis frame – a signature of all Ducati models – cages a powerful motor.

In its present form, the Monster 696 has the highest horsepower output per cc of any Ducati air-cooled engine.

The L-twin engine, distinguished by the low grunt it makes, churns about 80hp at 9,000rpm.

The Monster series launched in 1993 has legions of fans around the world.

Then, it used to come in different engine sizes ranging from 400cc to 900cc.

The latest Monsters have 696cc and 1,100cc engines.

Familiar traits

From the first time it was introduced, it still retains familiar traits and looks which enthusiasts adore.

And a testament to the Monster’s fame is its 2005 sales figures.

That year, sales figures for the Monster accounted for over half of Ducati motorcycle sales worldwide.

Maybe it’s a lifestyle thing?

Or perhaps it’s the way the seat height is lower and more forgiving to most riders.

Usually newbies start their Ducati experience with the Monster, said Mr Mirko Bordiga, Ducati Asia Pacific CEO.

At an exclusive interview during the opening of the new Ducati showroom in Kaki Bukit, Mr Bordiga had said: ‘The sole icon in the Ducati family is still the Monster.

‘In Asia, people buy Ducati motorcycles based on the rider’s skill levels. They tend to be more assured starting on the smaller Ducati Monster.’

That’s understandable, especially for a brand known for its exploits in world-class racing like Superbike World Championship and MotoGP.

Trying to pilot a big capacity sportsbike like the Ducati 1198S without any riding experience can be a scary affair.

In the first three gears, the 1198S will lift its front wheel easily.

But not to worry, the Monster 696 is much easier to ride, we were told.

And today, the Monster has also evolved.

No more carburettors, it’s all electronic fuel-injection.

There’s also an option for anti-lock brakes.

I can still remember a time when the original Monster had two exhaust pipes – one on each side of the bike.

Later, they crept up with two exhaust pipes positioned on one side.

On the latest incarnation of the Monster, the 696, you would be able to feel the soul of the engine as the dual, underseat exhaust pipes sit close to the rider’s bum.

Now that has to be hot.

But some lucky winner will get to look cool.

Stay tuned as we will soon give you a review of the Monster 696.

The NewPaper