On Reality Show, She Is Host And Agony Aunt

23 Oct

On reality show, she is host and agony aunt
October 23, 2010

SHE’S not just a television host, Belinda Lee realised while filming the second season of Channel 5’s reality show RenovAID.

She also has to play agony aunt.

Said Lee: ‘I have to do lots of counselling…and make the profiles feel secure and comfortable.’

She is referring to the under-privileged families featured in the TV programme whose homes are refurbished.

The new season debuts on Sunday at 10pm on Channel 5.

Lee said she had sleepless nights worrying about one particular family whose home was very cluttered.

‘I thought a lot about how to help the family, to educate them and change their mindset about hygiene,’ she said.

‘I have to gain the families’ respect and be firm as well as gentle with them…The show is more than just furniture.’

Most of the families featured live in small quarters and she could empathise with their lot.

She disclosed that when she was young, her family – her parents, an elder sister and an elder brother – lived in a three-room flat near Bedok Reservoir.

The three children shared a bedroom.

Said Lee: ‘I felt suffocated growing up. As a teen, I yearned to have my own room and my own study table…

‘My siblings and I quarrelled over space as we accumulated more books and shoes over the years.’

She recalled how her brother would return from taekwondo lessons and ‘practise’ the moves he learnt on her in their room.

The family moved to an executive flat with four bedrooms when Lee was 15. She still lives there with her parents.

Lee said she gives advice to the kids she meets on the show.

She added: ‘I talk to them as friends. I tell them papa and mama aren’t doing very well now, so they must study hard, earn more money in the future and take good care of them…I want to influence them in whatever way I can.

‘I’m a jiejie (older sister in Mandarin) who cares about them, not just an artiste who goes to their home to change their furniture.’


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