Classily Carted By Cartier

25 Oct

Fly on the Wall
Classily carted by Cartier
By Sylvia Toh Paik Choo
October 25, 2010

MY KINGDOM for a limo! And so granted, in lieu of a horse, guests were treated to limo-and-buggy for Cartier’s high jewellery dinner.

Cartier, the name richly and famously associated with high end jewellery, held a pair of dinners for 60 couples over two nights at the starred Guy Savoy restaurant in Marina Bay Sands.

The jeweller’s spokesperson said: ‘We cannot let our guests in their gowns and heels walk all the way up there.’

A line of cream limousines picked up the couples, fetched up to MBS, deposited the black tied-twosomes on the red carpet, where a train of buggies – rented by and bannered with Cartier – glided the guests through the shopping gallery to the elevator to the resto.

HOST & GUESTS: Mr Christopher Kilaniotis, regional managing director of Cartier,
with Mrs Arunee and Miss Preerati Pirohbakdi. Marion Caunter enjoying a buggy ride to the restaurant, courtesy of Cartier.

Very glam and very cool.

The world-renowned restaurant – one in Paris, one in Las Vegas, latest in Singapore – was turned into a jewel-box of five tables, all white roses and white candles.

The room was aglow with black and white portraits of the most beautiful women of another era.

Top 1920s model Daisy Fellowes, Princess Grace Kelly, old Hollywood’s Gloria Swanson and the fiery Mexican star Maria Felix.

All had commissioned pieces from Cartier Paris – from 12-carat engagement rings to platinum bracelets to snake and crocodile earrings.

The salsa-hot Felix had shown up in the Paris boutique with a little box which uncovered a pair of live baby reptiles. ‘I want you to make me a pair of earrings of two crocodiles hugging each other.’

They obliged and the aforementioned lobe lovelies are now in the Cartier museum.

Low profile

Mr Christopher Kilaniotis, regional managing director of Cartier, said: ‘There are a few Singaporeans who have commissioned jewellery from us, but they are low-profile and prefer to be quiet about it.’

Among those ooh-ing and ahh-ing the collection of diamonds flown in for the occasion was Marion Caunter, the E! News Asia co-presenter. She is marrying her Malaysian businessman boyfriend of five years in December. ‘I’ve already got my engagement ring, but there are a few pieces I’m eyeing.’

Only a few?!

‘I’m trying not to be a bridezilla about my wedding!’ said the personable girl.

Between Guy Savoy’s signature dishes like artichoke and black truffle soup, married with top wines, models showed off blinding dazzles of Cartier diamonds.

One of the surprise performers was Norleena Salim (ex-Under One Roof) who sang Fever in temperatures-rising fashion. Encore!

The night which celebrated ‘romance, passion and diamonds’ came to a Cinderella end with buggies and limos awaiting.


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