Breathing Life Into Sentosa's Spooks

27 Oct

Breathing life into Sentosa’s spooks
By Syahirah Anwar
October 27, 2010

FOR the past two months, the lives of four girls have been filled with ‘wandering spirits’.

But no, the quartet aren’t psychics trying to communicate with ghostly beings from the afterlife.

They are the brains behind this year’s Sentosa Spooktacular.

If you were at this Halloween event last weekend and were one of those screaming at the top of your lungs, then you’ve got interns Gillian Tan, 20, TanWeilin, 19, Joyce Leow, 20, and Yvonne Soh, 21, to thank (or curse) for the frightful fun you had.

FRIGHT FEST: The four interns with the ‘spirits’.Intern Tan Weilin putting make-up on one of the spooks.

The four are from Temasek Polytechnic’s Diploma in Leisure and Resort Management course and they have been working for the past two months to make sure that thrill-seekers who venture into Sentosa’s ‘haunted’ trails are spooked.

Miss Tan told The New Paper: ‘We’re really glad to be given this chance by Sentosa to work on this project… To see our work come to life on such a large scale is an amazing feeling.

‘It’s so different from doing event proposal plans for assignments… We learnt first-hand how a real event operates.’

But this opportunity did not drop into their laps.

The girls, who are in their final year of study, had to submit a proposal for a Sentosa family event and compete against 40 other teams last year to land this two-month stint.

It is part of the Sentosa Apprentice programme which Sentosa has carried out annually with students from Temasek Polytechnic’s Diploma in Leisure and Resort Management course since 2008.

Said Miss Tan: ‘There were so many other good proposals… So we were surprised to emerge top.’

For Sentosa Spooktacular, the interns were encouraged to be ‘as crazy as possible’ when it came to the storyline of each haunted trail and the appearances of the different ‘spirits’ roaming the trails.

Miss Leow said: ‘Whatever idea we had, Sentosa tried its best to make it happen.’

Scare factor

The team took three weeks to conceptualise the storylines of four trails, which boast varying degrees of scariness.

The Haunted Asylum revolves around a witch doctor; The Dead Or Alive Wax Museum features wax figures that come to life; The Cursed Island tells the tale of mythical sea creatures haunting the Merlion area; and The Tower Of Fear centres on spirits lurking beneath the Carlsberg Tower.

The entire production involves a cast of 100 performers, make-up artists and costume designers, and features digital sound effects, special lighting effects, professional costumes and realistic make-up.

But the girls’ job didn’t just stop at planning the event.

Miss Soh said: ‘We were also involved in doing the make-up, managing the talents, handling the crowd and logistics among other things. So this gave us a full perspective of running an event.’

Added Miss Tan: ‘It definitely wasn’t easy. It was very tiring. But when we hear the screams, it makes everything worth it.’

The girls are also looking forward to walking through the trails themselves and seeing their ‘spirits’ in action.

‘We do look forward to being scared by our own creations.’ said Miss Tan with a laugh.

Sentosa Spooktacular is on from Friday to Sunday, 7pm to 11pm. Tickets are available at $38 at any Sentosa Ticketing Counter.


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